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Informant 3838, GILLARD and Bernard MURPHY

The Gillard proxy MTDA wasted no time in jumping on the Victoria Police Informant 3838 issue:

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Thank you for that comment - you've prompted me to write a fairly rare response to you.

Gillard and Murphy weren't Wilson's defense (sic) lawyer.

Gillard and Murphy were lawyers for the AWU.

They were fiduciaries to the AWU.

They were partners in Slater and Gordon with a duty to the AWU.

Wilson disclosed to them that he'd misappropriated monies which Gillard said "had the character of union monies" - ie the property of the union.

Murphy noted that Wilson had received secret commissions - ie monies to which the AWU had a legal claim.

Murphy also noted that Wilson had "involved the firm (Slater and Gordon) in criminal wrongdoing".

Let me help clear up the Gillard/Murphy responsibility at that point - it's easier if we substitute say the Commonwealth Bank for the AWU.

Imagine a senior official of the CBA who deals regularly with the external lawyers for the CBA.

He becomes involved in a romantic relationship with a partner in the CBA's law firm.

He embezzles money from CBA customer bank accounts.

He tells the law firm.

The law firm doesn't report him - it attempts to help him return money to the customers to cover his tracks.

It doesn't report his thefts to the police.

How would that go down at the next law society dinner - or on the front page of the Financial Review?

GILLARD and MURPHY had a responsibility to the law and to the AWU.

Instead of stopping Wilson in his tracks and reporting his crimes, GILLARD and MURPHY helped to further the criminality.

Thanks for the comment MTDA - keep them coming.


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