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Judith Sloan warns about union control under Labor's IR policies

Professor Sloan writes in The Australia today about the IR settings if Labor gets back behind the wheel, we should expect:

a hybrid arrangement in which unions will be able to pick and choose whether industry-wide bargaining, single-enterprise bargaining or award adjustment based on compulsory arbitration will be the preferred stratagem depending on the particular cases. In the first 100 days of a Labor government, the slightly reduced penalty rates ­ordered by the Fair Work Commission will be abolished and the previous higgledy-piggledy award-based rates for Sunday and public holidays will be restored. So much for respecting the independent umpire, but no doubt Labor will dream up a set of rationalising words.

The FWC will also be tasked with achieving “gender equity in wage determination” through bureau­cratic means. There will be an additional member of the FWC, a panel to help and more research.

The idea is that pay of workers in overwhelmingly feminised industry can be raised by fiat and there’ll be no downsides. We’ll see.

The Australian Building and Construction Commission, which has barely kept a lid on the appalling behaviour of the Construction Forestry Mining Maritime and Energy Union — noted time and again by Federal Court judges — will be abolished because the ­unions demand this.

And watch for the re-establishment of a version of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal that will finally drive self-employed mum-and-dad drivers out of the industry — again because the ­unions demand this.

And who stands to benefit?

People just like this.

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