Before they were Governors General
Russell Street bomber operating distressing Twitter account from Barwon Prison


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Julie of Geelong

But Michael, Yassmin says it’s the “most beautiful religion”!!!!!


Thats the funniest thing I have seen for a long while, it would leave Monty Python for dead.

Michelle Two

Who let the (feral) dogs out??
That means a cue for music doesn't it!!!..

They have much to look forward to in their belief don't they...
I have heaven on earth to look forward to with a lot of love and peace.. freewill don't you love it.. fear or love it's up to your soul..
God's gift to humanity!!
Psst!! fear is a creation of humans that live in a lower consciousness..


Good grief what an evil ideology. Who in their right mind would want to be a part of it. Tens of thousands of ropes. Tens of thousands of angels. Hellfire and Mohammed on a donkey flying in and out for inspiration. The sun also sets in a mud puddle at the end of the rainbow. Extraordinary nonsense and our govt and others around the world allow this crap to be used in mosques to incite hatred and violence. Beam me up scotty


And the most feminist. Who can ever forget that ungrateful whining apologist

Stan M

I wonder if his asylum knows he has escaped?

Wayne Shaft

Gimmmeee Jimmy Swaggart any Day ! 👻

Michelle Two

Do you realise this is the last Sunday in the year of 2018... as you look back and reflect on your year see how much soul has grown, and still has more expanding to do as we shift further into the light and the darkforce gets exposed for what it is.. and it is all because of your light, your knowledge in the truth and walking in integrity that we can see the darkness that was always there but hidden because we have become more self aware of fear and love and its consequences .. but also that other souls choices are not our own but their freewill to go down a dark path as they don't understand the light and fear its path because the feeling of love at such a deep level can be frightening as it is an unknown energy on earth.. so only those that have seen the darkness can feel the full strength of the light as it slowly gets introduced to soul, because you can't feel it will walking in the old patterns of how you perceived life or creation to be, as you have completed what you came here for, well almost as the best is yet to come when all karmic ties to the current situations are severed and come to a conclusion in the year of the 3 (trinity and union so a uniting of the light forces and the birth of a new paradigm) so steady as she goes and welcome in 2019 leaving the past behind as you start again with new beginings and a fresh start to another year, time flies so fast as we have moved the energy timeline and felt every bit of the shift as is the mission to raise the frequency for all souls to follow the path of light.. as it is all about freewill, love, peace and compassion for those who have not reached these frequencies but will one day as the light will never be shut down for that is our true spiritual soul and the path we all walk is one that leads to a place we all call home.. that garden of Eden is earth .. "As above, so below" we create our own reality.. from the wisdom of the ages and having walked and experienced everything and aspect of earth there is which is where the inner knowing and wisdom comes from, and having done this before part of the mission is to remember it all and open up to the Christ consciousness which is the lightcode of soul (Divine Love it is eternal) and remembering why you came here.. soul knows the way so be at peace and never feel guilt over any of your life choices as all was done out of love, for love and to help you grow to this point in time, you are where you are meant to be and will move forward in time divine time, as soul knows the way trust it.. love and light xx


i was born 43 and went to a Catholic school in a small country town this clown takes me back to the early 50s and an a strong Irish priest similar message especially regarding Protestant religions .Most religions have now changed but Islam is not a religion same ideals as Communism and Nazism total control mind and body no freethinking total submission and obedience and no thought given to any consequences of any action or deed done for that so called religion.The followers seem shocked when they are punished for what they have been guilty of and the rest of their life locked up .What a waste and the Iman idiot scores a few browny points and no punishment they are the key to the problem and need to be dealt with for this type of incitement.


I thought I was listening to this bloke...

Ali G Show - Religion | Uncensored


Yeah right Mo are you going to pay the dog registrations for that many dogs.

Michelle Two

Do they know dog spells "God in reverse" they show unconditional love and loyalty..
Dogs are dirty in some cultures but it wasn't always that way..
A bit of history of the canine and Middle Eastern populations divorcing them.

seeker of truth

Even his fellow Mullahs think that this guy is a joke

The lunatic preacher is Dawah Man (aka Imran Ibn Mansur). He had a failed career as a rapper.

Up The Workers!

Blokes like that raving nutter now control at least 14 Federal A.L.P. (Allah's Local Party) seats.

While the rest of humanity has seen the light of reason and progressed out of the blind ignorance of the Dark Ages, that bloke and his likes are still firmly ensconced in the 6th Century A.D.

the thought offender

That's the trouble with fables. Some weak personalities accept them as real.

Is this animated young man aware of the crucifix in the center of his chest?

Rob Greer

This is what Sharia Shorten wants for Australia!


...does this dipsh!t realise that the way he is wearing his mic that at times in the video it looks like a cross? If allah sees this then Im guessing the 70,000 angels (not one of the 72 virgins among ém) will each have a copy of his mugshot and be looking for him.

Liz of Vic


Somei idiot in government many years ago went wrong, when they allowed this race of people into this country and allowed them to build the Lakemba Mosque.

That’s. Is when we made the biggest mistake.

Doubtful John

What's his name? Ali Lujah?


More about the ideology of peace. The piece by the woman at the end is particularly telling. That just one person could be this evil is too much. Hard to believe our government allows such animals in. But they stopped David Irving from entering because he would speak truth. We have our own swamp in Canberra.

Doubtful John

I shake my head in disbelief that his was the dominant sperm. We breed more intelligent beasts for protein.

warren raymond

Islam is not a race.



Woof-Woof alright !

"Someone Left the Door Open & The Wrong Dogs got In" !

Is this el-creepo, on "The Watch-List" ?

If This raving salivating & out of control fanatic does
not like us or hates it here,
then go back to Syria,Iraq,Iran,or Afghanistan
& leave us alone !
Piss-Off,.. you horrible Grub !

Michelle Two

Aren't maggots a good source of protein???
They love shit as well it attracts them and that is where they grow to be pesky blow flies..

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