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The quotes from Jane Caro in this story are the greatest load of gobbledygook you'll read in a very long time.

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Media commentator Jane Caro was considering running against Tony Abbott in Warringah, but she's now leaning more towards supporting another candidate.

On Tuesday night Ms Caro, who was confirmed in October she was considering running as an independent candidate in Warringah, said she was leaning more towards supporting another candidate in the seat.

"I think I'm probably at the point where I'm saying, I think there is probably more use I could be by not running," Ms Caro told AAP.

Ms Caro, who spoke earlier in the evening at an event run by non-partisan organisation Voices of Warringah, flagged issues including that she is a dual citizen who doesn't live in the electorate.

She spoke on a variety of topics including the current state of democracy and climate change.

"I don't have a particular expertise, like I was saying about (recently elected independent MP for Wentworth Kerryn Phelps), some of the people whose names are in the ring, they do, and so my thought processes is I want to do whatever it is I can, to do all the things that I was talking about in that speech," Ms Caro said.

"The whole point of this is not to get me into parliament," she said.

"(What got me to this stage was) thinking that, when I'm out in the world I can be as outspoken as I want, and there is a role for an agent provocateur, but whether that's what you can do in parliament, I don't know and I think I don't have a passion to do it, and I think if someone else has a passion to do it, maybe that's the person who should," Ms Caro said.