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Happy New Year to all our readers, contributors and supporters!


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I hate to be the spelling Nazi, but that's now how you spell Religion.

Graham Smith

This is ignorance at its best , coming from under the banner of a church???


And these 'Christian' fools want open borders!

Michelle Two

A lot of false prophets are masked in the church robes... it is what is in the heart that shines or not.. Politics and church has never mixed in any century.. but then the Anglican church is not founded on spiritual belief but politics.. I linked the connections ages ago..
He seems to thrive on the social media attention and advocacy he promotes..
Father Rod Bower is famous for the thought-provoking signs outside his church at Gosford, on the New South Wales Central Coast.

They are often a reaction to the day's news, and recently he has had trouble keeping up with the political upheaval in Canberra.

Julie Coker-Godson

As someone who actually lived on that island at the then Naval Base HMAS Tarangau from 1960 to 1963, can I just say what a load of serious rubbish this article is.


How do you spell “ NOT’ ?

Dennis Thompson

Dear Stupid,

Illegal immigrants were placed into offshore detention centres, they are not prisons.

The detainees are free to leave at any time, and if they need a travel document the Australia Government will provide it, on-way home. If an application for asylum is rejected it is done so in accordance with UN HCR guidelines but one appeal against the decision is permitted. Many illegal immigrants who failed to meet the asylum requirements did return home and the government even offered taxpayer's monies to them as an incentive to leave.

Please note that most who were offered resettlement to the USA rejected the offer when they were told there would be no welfare assistance and that they must work for a living in the USA. In other words, they are determined to one day get to Australia to join the far too many others who after a decade on welfare have not found a job.

Australia is ranked third behind the USA and Canada, Norway is fourth, on a per capita basis for resettling genuine refugees sent by the UN HCR from their refugee camps. These countries are in the minority of countries as refugee resettlement programme participants.

That sign is disgraceful.


Has Anglican Pastor Rod Bower ever paid taxes? Does he pay Council Rates, Land taxes? If not why not? If he was in any Islamic country he would be flogged/beheaded - no worries.

So Rod Bower approves of foreign citizens who country-shop, pay people smugglers/criminals to transport them to Western countries with the most generous taxpayer funded welfare handouts, free education, free medical services, no intention to assimilate & contribute to the country that accepts them & provides everything - without any mutual obligation?

He is encouraging and inciting human trafficking and disregarding Australian Immigration laws, national security, terrorism, risking the safety of Australian citizens.

Looks like Rod Bower, the lefty socialist, is trying his best to get a free ride on the taxpayer funded gravy train.


Why so surprised?


Must be on a direct line to The Pope, Macron, Trudeau, Guy ver Hofstatd & Angela Merkel.

i.e full Global Government & no National Sovereignty

ver Hof from EU [NWO Lite] in action @ 2:52

Jambo (WA)

This guy is a NUTTER and needs a lot of help


How many people attend this clown’s services every week?


Correct, Dennis. It makes me ashamed to be an Anglican, pleased I don’t reside in his Parish!


How about all your family and friends are murdered Rod "the moron" like most of my family were then we'd be close to even di ck head.

Rob Greer

I've done a little checking and as far as I can find there is absolutely no evidence supporting the statement on the church notice board. It was actually bombed by the Japanese late in WW2 whilst Hitler was still in Germany however, there is plenty of evidence that a person of similar disposition to the person who authorised the Bill Board wording was the main protagonist in the said Holocaust. Drunk with power and mentally un-stable.

FB Of Perth

What a silly man trying to further his cause with a lie.

seeker of truth

Father Bob Maguire is now a silly old man being manipulated by others. He is 84 years old, and to believe that he is a user of twitter is asking a bit much. Someone probably operates the account under his name. I see that the very nasty Mike Carlton sprang into action to support Father Bob's comments

As I said, someone else is writing Fr Bob's tweets. We all know that
the Manus Island asylum seekers have freedom of movement and are not detained behind barbed wire. They moved to new accommodation early in 2018. Check out Bob's tweet and the images with the activists piling on

A charity has been set up in his name called "Fr Bob Maguire Foundation". Here is its latest financials.

Nearly half its income is expended on wages and rent. The Catholic Church or another benefactor didn't see fit to donate premises to Father Bob whose foundation has been operating since 2003. It has three full time and two part time staff and operates out of 91 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park.

As for that goose and perpetual stirrer Rev Rod Bower, he is a sick joke who loves dividing the community. He is an attention seeker. His type will be pressuring a Shorten government to have an open borders policy.


Thanks for the warning Fr.Bower. I hope we can rely on you to let us know if and when the next government starts building ovens and gas chambers there.

The man is a nutter!!!

Julie of Geelong

Please Michael spare us from this crap!!!

“HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE”🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂🍻🥂🍻

Michelle Two

Happy New Year everyone .. stand up and be yourself .. its time to show your true soul power and you only ever have to be you!! and stand up for what you believe in and don't let anyone shut you down for any reason... No one has the right to control you through the countries laws or tell you how or what to think.. you are gifted with many aspects and attributes that makes you unique so shine through your own expression.. love and light xx

You don't owe anybody anything soul is free!!!.. make it so.. Create life as you go by following your heart as it knows the way forward, trust it.. the energy is still a bit heavy so some soul lifting to do.. the way you limit your soul is to give yourself labels that you have to box yourself into ... lose all labels to be totally free from the human constraints of judgement of others it doesn't matter what anyone thinks of you it is so superficial to play identity politics with souls lives in order to control through ego and fear .. love you always xx
This is me!!

Michelle Two

Just to put things into perspective bring to your mind how intolerant this Friars congregation must be if he has to come from the pulpit with such political statements..
Rod Bower must not have the trust in humanity that I have as I look for the light in others not the judgements or identities that divide but what unites us all and that will always be LOVE, PEACE and FREEDOM as it is the intention of every soul on the planet to fulfill.. many souls get lost on the way because of the doctrine of fear being preached by those that should know better if they take up a spiritual mantle as their vocation.. but in reality preach socialism.. which is as oppressive regime and doctrine to be teaching anyone..

seeker of truth

As for my comment on the Father Bob Maguire Foundation and renting premises at Albert Park, I discovered this article written in 2013.

"and we have set up the Father Bob Maguire Foundation, which has been working with the disadvantaged since 2003, in a former real estate office in Albert Park. The Electrical Trade Union pays the rent; we built a small apartment into it so I can live there, too..."

I ask what's going on here. If this is the same premises on which Fr Bob Maguire Foundation now pays annual rent of $86,000 from the income of the charity, I don't think charity laws permit the use of charity funds to pay for the private accommodation of the Executive Chairman.

A bit more where Father Bob sources donations - article in 2014. He is very close to the Unions.

"...I want to acknowledge my Life Membership of the MUA. I want to acknowledge that the ETU pay my rent. I want to acknowledge that the CFMEU pay for the food van which enables me to feed the poor...."

A plea from Unions Victoria to raise funds in 2015 for donations for the Foundation's office and Bob's accommodation -

"Since 2003 the Father Bob Maguire Foundation has been working tirelessly to feed the hungry and house the homeless. The foundation funds schoolchildren from underprivileged backgrounds, a "hope mobile" feeding the hungry, supports young people at risk of homelessness, and provides outreach and case management.

But the foundation is in need of your help!

Father Bob's Foundation needs to raise $60k to keep their office space and Father Bob's back of shop accommodation.

Trades Hall is asking for help to crowd-fund the Foundation's needs.

$17,568.85 raised (GOAL: $18,000.00)"

Please explain.

Up The Workers!

The cretinous idiot who made that offensive statement should stick to money-gouging the gullible for his puerile fairy tales of allegedly invoking spirits (both 'holy' ones and otherwise) to cure all ills, raise the dead and to repay all the pilfered cash "in the next world".

Perhaps he might also like to cast his mind back to all the the mass murders, rapes and pillaging done by King Henry VIII, his army and the Reformation in the name of the organisation that HE is a part of today and solemnly reflect on the biblical words of the Book of John, 8:7.


Baalam had a smarter ass.

The Inside Line

This was my reply to Father McTilty over on Tim Blair's Monday Chatterbox. Initially the mods refused for some reason to post it but a plea to Mr Blair saw it resurrected.

[Well actually McTilty, this is more like the start of a holocaust:
“Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”, according to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who told an audience in Berlin that sovereign nation states must not listen to the will of their citizens when it comes to questions of immigration, borders, or even sovereignty.
Altogether now, Heil Merkel.]



Doubtful John

Manus is self defence. The holocaust was a brutal attack.


He gives Anglican a bad name!
He should hang his head in shame.

Michelle Two

I've just drawn the message for today using the "Work Your Light Oracle" deck.. the first card is a "Yes" just repeat that with out overthinking whatever the question the answer is yes keep moving forward.. the second message is about releasing the karmic energy of the Ancestral patterns and healing and rewriting the future.. so not looking backwards at the past to determine how the future will turn out because you always create and live in the present moment the future will always take care of itself with the choices you make in the present because that is where your current reality and belief lie, in your present consciousness which is energy and the soul energy of spirit you carry with you in any form that soul is in, you are learning and creating the future not only for you but your soul tribe that are in spirit form so they are always with you guiding you and loving you so you are never alone that card has the message of "Breaking the Chain" so don't tie yourself to the past or the fears that you came to heal from, as those stories have been completed now let soul heal with the knowing you are creating something better for yourself and you never have to repeat the dark stories again as you learned what you had to learn and gained your courage through adversity.. You know when you reach the higher frequency and break the karmic chain that controls soul you do it for the soul tribe that travels with you, so your friends, family and any other soul that has been on your path in any incarnation are no longer tied to you emotionally so you may feel detached from the souls that are no longer here to serve you or your soul purpose they will leave your life, so you never have to feel guilty over the part you played in the ending of any of those relationships as they no longer are a part of your soul evolution as it is time to move forward with your own soul plan and those other souls know it.. so all will be forgiven what is left then is to forgive yourself and allow the next step to come in as it will in divine time when soul is ready..
The final message is one from the Pleaiades whom seeded all of our souls for living life on earth so are the light masters and angels that watch over our progress on the planet earth they never interfere but do send guides and angels to help uplift the energy and help us ascend to the higher frequencies of who we really are.. "Double mission. Channeling and uplifting humanity." these angelic beings are our protectors and the protectors of the light.. so they help with everything when called upon to protect and help lift the energy from soul when it feels a bit heavy and you are having doubts, they want to assure you that you are doing everything right and will assist further when called..loving light masters and mother teachers.. They speak in light codes that get deciphered by soul when you awaken to your true purpose.. love and light xx

Sounds like that overthinking ego needs to be put in a box, any negativity doesn't serve soul at this time.. release it and you will feel yourself and a whole lot lighter..time to realign soul and pick up the new frequencies which are still coming in..


The idiot must have a relative at the Station st, Indooroopily Anglican church here in Brissie. They always have similar signs out the front. It is an insult! The Anglican church must have a left green leaning hierarchy!


The need to be here so the ALP can offer them taxpayer supplied lifetime welfare before becoming lifetime ALP voters as a copy of the US Democrats who also don't care about anything but winning elections in order to collect a free ride

Rob Greer

That's a bloody great question Tom.

Perhaps it's a case of empty vessels make the most sound.


The Nazi murderous final solution applied selctively to Jews and to a lesser extent gypsies and some unfortunate invalids who were LOCAL residents and who fell under the German war-invaded and barbarous controls.

Of the six million targeted people wilfully murdered by the Nazi regime during 1939-45, I am sure each and every one of those victims would have desperately swapped places with today's foreign people who tried to COME TO Australia by evading Australian immigration security, were stopped and placed in Nauru and Manus Islands where Australian authorities provide ongoing full care while offering them a free flight to home or to another country of their choice who will accept them.

Absolutely disgraceful analogies with Nazism and clearly based on the cheapist political rhetoric from both of you far-left activists Bob and Rod!


The Anglican Church should sack this father Rod - what a disgrace he is to the Church.

Wishing Michael and all the contributors to this site - a Happy, Healthy and Successful New Year and may we finally see justice with the AWU Slush Fund Scandal.


Remember this all embracing person is considering to stand for parliament as a "Green"
This is just one big publicity stunt


GASP, I am lost for words, how on earth would a “normal person” vote for this evil piece of #### who accepts ,sharia law, FGM and everything associated with it? Thank the LORD at 85 I won’t see much change in the near future. I do, however, feel for my children and my grandchildren and sincerely hope that they have SMOOTH sailing into 2019 and beyond.

Up The Workers!

And when all borders and nationalities are abolished - despite the wishes of the citizens of those countries - does this Leftard clown believe that all religions - including the one he rattles the collection plate for - will still stand separate and distinct?

If Leftards take over, their preferred "religion" is the vile misogynistic 6th century creed of terrorists, wife-bashers, eyeball-pluckers, paedophiles and head-loppers - certainly not benign Anglicanism or Christianity.

How happy will he and the so-called "Father Bob" be when their respective 'firms' are both compulsorily placed 'under new management' and he is generously offered the option (if at all) of conversion or beheading?

Up The Workers!

The holocaust started because Socialist idiots like him (specifically 'Nationalist Socialist' idiots) wanted to wipe out all those races they thought 'inferior' - EXACTLY the same as those who now want to abolish today's borders and nationalities without any vote and establish a socialist 'one-world government'.

This god-bothering fool is now looking to recreate the holocaust with himself and other such airheads, wearing the jackboots.


Religious nutcase.

marg of nambour

In making that foul comparison, how Fr Bowers belittles the dreadful fate suffered by the poor souls involved in the Holocaust.
What an insult to their memory, and an insult to the victims' children and grandchildren as well.


Do GetUp members profess faith in anything that does not have green serrated leaves?

Up The Workers!

The holocaust started when good "socialists" like himself, started valuing human lives as having a worth lower than that of animals.

There is a direct parallel today with Leftards, P.E.T.A., Greens and other such religiously anti-Australian clue-phobics attempting to sabotage the livelihoods of Australian farmers by stopping live animal exports due to the barbaric cruelty of how those animals are often slaughtered once they reach their destination in countries blighted by the socialists'own favourite "religion of peace".

The lefties insist that the (four legged) animals slated for slaughter all be electronically 'stunned' before being slaughtered.

In contrast, the same 'progressive' Nazi-like lefties can see no problem with industrially secateuring the limbs off hundreds of thousands of unborn, non-anaesthetised, human babies for monetary profit in A.L.P./Green-approved abortion abattoirs thereby killing unborn babies in a fashion more barbaric than the one they prescribe for cattle and sheep.

Why are they happy for the arms, legs and heads of living, non-anaesthetised human babies to be secateured off in the clinical surroundings of a taxpayer-subsidised abortion abattoir charnel house in first-world countries by the hypocritic-oaf butchers who are the modern-day successors of Dr. Mengele, yet they protest in the streets whenever they become aware of cattle and sheep being similarly hacked to death with machetes in third-world Muslim countries?

In similar vein, lefties are against capital punishment being administered to scum-of-the-earth terrorists, murderers, child molesters, rapists and drug dealers, but are loud-mouthed advocates of it being not only widely done, but taxpayer-subsidised when done thousands of times every day to innocent, unborn babies in numerous A.L.P./Emily's List-supported abortion abattoirs and human dismemberment centres around Australia.

Up The Workers!

There used to be a saying: "Spare the rod, and spoil the child."

The air-headed bible-bashing dingbats running what the Anglican Church has become these days, need to: "Sack Rod and save the child."

Can you imagine the people of Gosford willingly sending their children into the pastoral care of a Labor(sic)-voter like this clue-phobic clod?


Great to see all the fireworks world wide - smoke and Sulphur galore, apparently it doesn't count for the climate loonies when they are spending other peoples money and having a good time - climate change my arse.

Wayne Shaft

Bet this Ponce has never done a hard days work in his Life ! So many ways to Shear the 🐑 Sheep WITHOUT working up a Sweat 💦 😏😏😏

Michelle Two

Good morning xx How are you? I woke up feeling awful from the dream I just had where I felt alone, rejected and not wanted.. There were a few sections in the dream the first scene looked like in an open paddock so some sort of farm where everyone was chosing a partner but no one wanted me,that was the feeling of being alone and rejected.. the next part was about working and it was in a setting of a large hardware store they were making concrete, painting and doing things like that so workers were around doing all sorts of things again I had the feeling of being alone while I painted something.. (this was a message about building the relationship) then the next section I was sitting in a Centrelink office and my body was making all sorts of noises, my work colleague was also sitting in the centrelink office I had a feeling she was moving and looking for assistance.. I was insisting I had a job and was just waiting on the contract, so I was also laying down on the seats trying to stay awake but I was also cleaning the centerlink office while I waited for the paperwork to be filled out.. There was also a baby in a cot it looked like a doll, and the centrelink lady was filling it with water for the baby to play with.. that could be the message about new life and the emotional content..

At the moment since the new contract was signed for the company we all have to sign a new personal one as well, so in the process of doing that to email to the company we have a time limit to get the information back to them..So I wonder if they won't be signing her on till it runs out in 2023 its expiry date.. time will tell what that dream means..

Release any self worth and negative energy that may be coming through soul at the moment as that energy doesn't belong to you, it will feel like it is yours but from the message last night about the ancestors soul chose to help them release their karmic energy for their souls, so the ancestral bloodlines will be cleared that is why I keep mentioning you don't owe anybody anything because your own karmic energy line has been cleared, surrender to ego and don't let it control your thoughts because the energy isn't souls..
Soul is in transition this might be why the baby entered my dream even though I picked it up and it looked like a doll, this may mean fakeness as well and false nirvana and breaking that chain of old patterns and thoughts.. Time to move forward if it is only on the esoteric level and letting go of what no longer serves soul, having faith that everything is being put into place and will fall into place once soul has lifted all this energy that doesn't belong to it as a part of the mission was to help the ancestral bloodline which would be a part of our own soul incarnations where they had emotional attachments and were a part of the soul journey.. It is time to create that new paradigm which means welcoming in the higher vibration of soul and stepping forward to manifest and create it for others to follow as we lift the collective consciousness and frequency of the whole along with it, many in our position are doing the same all over the world so soul covers a big distance by having soul fragments in different parts of the world, we all have our own regions to share the light and shift the energy but it converges into one as soul is never separated on the esoteric level and always connected to source energy (spirit)... It is just a matter for soul to stay in tune with that frequency as it is second nature to do so always be aligned not always in balance that is a part of the mission to stay at peace and always come back into alignment with whatever lightcodes and frequencies are that keeps soul as one energy.. This may be too much for the human mind to comprehend how the soul and energy works as one but can be in many different places at once..

"In the Near Future" is the message this morning so things will start moving again soon, keep the faith and just ride through the emotions while you release what no longer serves soul, you are never stuck just in transition so it is a passing phase.. raise soul higher by focusing on the love and light that unites and go fill your heart up with what you love to do, which may mean going outdoors and just chilling out and tuning into soul, while you tune out the rest of the crap around you .. As you need to fill your cup to stay balanced and at peace by listening to your heart and feeding that inner child with love, laughter and lifting it to the core of souls foundation.. You are loved beyond measure and never alone it is just the energy passing through so live in the present and make choices for the future by being yourself and respecting soul by listening to your heart when making choices so you are always in alignment and in the right place at the right time meeting the right people that will assist you in any endeavors that soul is undertaking for it will all come together in divine time.. Put your trust in soul and in the divine timing as soul is working with source energy to bring it altogether when soul is ready.. love and light xx

Rewrite the stars another song from "The Greatest Showman", I might have to see if I can get a copy of this movie going to Wagga on Sunday with my daughter maybe then..
Destiny awaits us all.. Shine that light and share the love to bring it all together .. love you always xx

Dennis Thompson

"Ethnic Branch Stacking".

Sheik Hilaly the Egyptian Muslim about to be deported by ASIO and Immigration and Labor PM Keating overturned the order and allowed him to settle in Australia where he headed the huge Lakemba Mosque and founded the Youth Group from where the infamous Bankstown Boys gang was formed.

Dennis Thompson

They worship a foreigner name of Soros I understand.

Old Digger

He's not the only one -

seeker of truth

Thanks for that tip; I hadn't caught up with that news. The ABC wrote a piece on it in October. Bower proposes to run for the Senate as an "independent". No doubt he will have a preference arrangement with The Greens or the ALP. Bower describes himself as a "centrist" and he hit us with this one "what he offers is a true non-partisan view". He's good at lying.


I know you shouldn't ask the question unless you know the answer but can the Reverend advise how many refugees his church supports by providing accommodation , food & money for living expenses for the last 10 years. i would have thought that there are many deserving people in his parish who would welcome the same level of support. Alternatively maybe he should become a missionary and go and live on Manus Island to minister to all those still living there. He forgets that the only reason they are on Manus is because they tried to come through the back door. I assume that he keeps his back door on his Rectory and the Church locked for the same reason


There's the unelected Catholic Fr Bob Maguire & the Anglican Gosford pastor Rod Bower - who have no regard for the rule of 'Separation of Church & State' - religion meddling in national politics.

Then there's socialist/marxist ACTU/trade unions who have their own global/international 'charitable org' - APHEDA (tax exempt) which has dealings with DFAT foreign aid too.

Why do unions involve themselves in global politics - climate change, refugees etc when their political arm, the ALP/Labor Party/Labor politicians are already involved in those issues?

Australia, unlike many other countries, has 3 levels of govt (Local Councils/State Govt-Parliaments Lower & Upper Houses/Federal Govt-Parliament: House of Reps & the Senate). Then there's the out-of-control, unaccountable, tax-free Trade Unions.

Australians are being taken for a ride by those that are elected to serve them. Here's the Unions straying into UN's global warming/climate change -


APHEDA - trade union international/global charity!

Michelle Two

In that dream there was also a couple of obese souls they may have been male, they were in a tinny or small boat not sure who they were or why they made an appearance I think they were waving and having a great time.. so may be a message for someone so they know they are still around and light xx

Michelle Two

Manus is a half-way house for those who come here illegally but are eventually allowed in after much activism..

Michelle Two

I was curious of the stats of Manus Island and how many did come to Australia or get processed to return to the homeland (because we paid them to go home)..
Here is the refugee council stat page..
Sounds like most from Manus ended up in Australia for medical purposes and never returned to Manus.. (494 came to Australia for medical reasons and 460 still remain) ...
So what bullshit does this man spread for his congregation.. or more like self publicity for the globalist causes..

3,127 people have been sent to Nauru or PNG as part of offshore processing arrangements
As of 21 October 2018:
1,278 people (including 52 children) are still on Nauru or PNG (note: this number is constantly changing with transfers, with the latest estimate by refugee groups being 27 children as of 5 November 2018)
415 people have been resettled in the US, and 188 people have been rejected for US resettlement as of the same date
By far the largest number of those refused are from Iran (91), although 16 Iranians have been accepted
There are 495 recognised refugees left in PNG, and 541 recognised refugees on Nauru
There are 107 families on Nauru, including 52 families with minors
There are 15 nuclear family units split between Australia and offshore processing, with 61 people split across Australia and offshore (30 in Nauru, and 31 in Australia)
As of 21 May 2018:
Since September 2012 to May 2018, 646 people have left Manus and 165 from Nauru ‘voluntarily’ to their country of origin, and 20 people were forcibly removed from Manus
494 people have been transferred to Australia for medical treatment, and 460 of them were still in Australia as of 21 May 2018 (based on official information that 294 people had left for the US as of 30 April 2018 and reports of another 121 people resettling in the US since then)
7 people had left for Cambodia

Then you get stories like this year after year, and they don't make the full connection..
The NSW Health Minister wants to force all tourists visiting Australia to take out health insurance, so taxpayers don’t have to foot their medical bills.

Every year, New South Wales taxpayers fork out $30 million to pay for the medical bills of people visiting Australia.

The Daily Telegraph reports one uninsured Chinese national, who suffered a brain hemorrhage, spent over two months in a NSW hospital with their bill exceeding $200,000.

Taking out health insurance is already mandatory for foreign students and some working visa holders.

But the state’s health minister Brad Hazzard believes the rules should be extended to include all temporary visas, so every day Aussies don’t have to foot the hospital bills of foreign visitors.

“At the end of the day we are a very fair society here in Australia, particularly in NSW,” Mr Hazzard tells Chris Smith.

Old Digger

McTilty gets around in a rainbow stole, so I suspect his back door is open to all who mince down that path to paint a face on the back of his head.

Old Digger

He won't go to Heaven.

Michelle Two

Soul feels more in alignment tonight, forgot to mention I have been getting headaches, nothing drastic that you need panadol for just a dull throbbing every so often .. so changes may be happening with the crown chakra and third eye area ask for clearing from the angelics better do it for all energy centres to bring full healing then soul may need grounding also.. I had distance Reiki done also yesterday or the day before by someone on FB that offered so that may of brought things up within soul also to and light xx


The not so smart reverend needs to go back and read the unedited history books. Based on his comments he failed History at school, even before they were rewritten to be more politically correct.
Bower is living proof that "...they walk amongst us...".

 Very Old & Tired Grey Coat


The first meetings by Karl Marx & Co were held in a Church Hall in !
England ,last Century

Not sure where the first meetings of The Fabian Socialist "Crew" were held
but ? In AU: (probably, in Melbourne..somewhere) ?

Bobby Hawk was once a "top-dog"" in the Fabians & also spoke at their meetings
& as usual, these sly groups of clandestine operatives..always love a
(supposedly respectable) cover. (there are hard-line & soft front.. ones)

& all part of a "hazy-fog" to hoodwink and con .. lot of "The Sheeple".

PS; Do we all just watch & sit there & do nothing ..or What ?

(Knowledge without any real action .. is just simply going around
& around in circles).

seeker of truth

Fr Rod Bower said it appropriate that he put those words on the Church's billboard because of this -

"He said he came to the thoughts behind the sign after meeting Holocaust survivor Inge Woolf in New Zealand early last year.

“After having told her that I was deeply concerned about Australia’s treatment of refugees she pointed to the photos of the Holocaust and said ‘you are right to be concerned because this can happen so easily’,” he wrote. “Her chilling comment will remain with me for the rest of my life.”

Bower is just an attention seeker. In view of his upcoming candidacy for the Senate, the Anglican Church should remove that billboard structure from his Gosford church and tell the Father to do his political advertising elsewhere but not on Church property. Then we would know if his conviction for social justice is that strong if he has to put his hand in his own pocket to pay for his advertising. The Anglican Church is being used and is showing how weak it is with what is currently happening.


Has the clown ever been to Manus?


kj, believe it or not, there are regular posters here and on similar sites who post daily saying that everything you cite above never happened. They insist there were no death camps, no gas chambers, no mass killings, just "a few thousand" poor unfortunates who fell ill with typhus and similar maladies whilst being cared for by God-fearing, church-going SS guards who did everything possible to save them.


Do Fr Bob Maguire Foundation's 'disadvantaged' clients vote in political elections? Branch stacking in favour of Unions/Labor?


Each State (NSW, VIC, QLD, WA, SA, TASMANIA) has 12 Senators & 2 Senators for each Territory (ACT & NT).

Senators are elected to represent the interests of their State in the Federal Parliament. If Rod Bower becomes a NSW Senator then whose interests will he be serving in the Australian Senate - NSW OR ROD BOWER?

It is time that Senators were made accountable by each State & Territory Parliament. If Senators are NOT representing the State but representing their own political interests - then the question has to be asked - WHY ARE SENATORS BEING PAID TO PROMOTE THEIR OWN PERSONAL INTERESTS & IDEOLOGIES?

Rod Bower would be more suited to join the Red Cross/Amnesty Int/Salvos/Vinnies or other charitable org. as a Volunteer.

Australian taxpayers & voters have a right to know why they are paying Senators over $200,000 p.a. plus other allowances & privileges - to sit in the Australian Senate in Canberra, if they promote their own personal interests against the interests of the State of NSW.

Dual citizenship rorts were finally exposed when a number of politicians lied or were careless in their election nomination forms. When elected, they then swore an Oath of Allegiance to Australia while at the same time holding the rights and privileges of a second country. Divided loyalty.


Correction Dennis’,they worship a foreign billionaire named Soto’s.

Wayne Shaft

The Group that left for America now begging to be returned to Manus ! You expect us to What ? WORK ! 😖😫😩😩😩😛😝😜

Claire Voijent

There weren't six million Jews living in the region at the time. This doesn't make the murders any less heinous but do some genuine research on the subject without your blinkers.
Why do Zionists live here? Why don't they live in Israel, the Jewish State, since they believe Israel comes first, Australia after that? Could it be they wish to control Australia as well? They already run the Liberal Party, after all. Talk about a national security risk. Infiltration by a foreign ideology, indeed.


Nice comment



What a lot of People don,t realize is that Multi-Culturalism
means Multi-Religionism ,so a once basically founded Christian Nation
has now been turned into a now, some sort of Polly-Glot free for all..

This has all been done to us in a most deceitful & sly way by
"Party-Politicians" who selfishly seek advantage by doing this
& pursued(apparently) by all The Major"Parties"
(ie)..... "LibLabGreeen" etc.
& it looks like this (horrible) new situation is firmly now
(unfortunately) with us. ..,without a lot of People realizing it !

Watching this ranting & raving maniac, means we now have a totally
alien group with this type of dangerous philosophy dumped on us by
"Party-Politicians".... Gee Thanks !

& Hey Smarties, What do you think about ""Globalism ?

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