2018 Indonesian police terror report - 25 terrorists shot & killed - 400 arrested
Venezuela - socialist idyll

Peter Dutton explains the decision to strip an Islamic State terrorist of his Australian citizenship


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Thank God for the conviction of Peter Dutton.

One member of the Government whom we can trust to have our backs.

Not interested in being cool just interested in being right.

Wayne Shaft

Peter Dutton A K A Big E T should be PM With the Right Policy's he could rally the Base , All Down Hill with SMUGGO Now . 👽👽👽


Thank you, Mr.Dutton.


How pathetic that he has to "explain" it. No doubt the celebrity lawyers are circling for an earn. Wouldn't it be good if they had to put their citizenship on the line to defend him, you lose, you leave. :-)


Sensible talk from an almost PM. At least one of them is looking out for us.


Our enemy is already living among us, Mr Dutton. Yet you fail to adequately address that concern. Thank you for your actions in regard to those who allow the fundamentalist aspect to their 'religion'- jihad - to take hold and cause them to become the terrorists you describe, but the the fact remains, there is only one 'religion' that promotes Jihad and Islamic terrorism. And while you say your priority is to protect Australians from such terrorist activity, I have yet to see a drastic reduction to zero in our immigration policy of allowing Islam and its followers to settle here.

It is also a well known fact, that for every Islamic terrorist, there is a network of assistance, including family, who actively promote such fundamental Islamic behaviour, and that needs to be urgently addressed.


Well done Mr Dutton.
Let’s hope there will be more strong decisions made for the safety of all Australians.

Julie of Geelong

3 cheers for Peter Dutton - well done!!

Now to boot the Africans gangs and their families in Melbourne out of our beautiful country!!!


Good onya Dutto, keep 'em coming!!!!


That is a good start...now how about the other 50,000 or so country shoppers from the middle east that are busy enjoying our hospitality while they plan how to wreck the place.

Mike G

Good on Peter Dutton. I fear what will happen when Shorten takes over as PM next year. The boats will start again and he may waste our money on trying to repatriate scum like Prakash.

Doubtful John

Too many words. He put the maggot as far away from us as he was able that we might enjoy safety and peace.


I hope Get Up and Labor/Unions are not successful in defeating Peter Dutton at the next election - we need people like Peter in Parliament. Maybe Get Up could get rid of some of the traitors, including Pyne, Bishop etc etc. We all need to offer our support to Dutton and Abbott and all the others that Get Up are targeting. The thought of Bill Shorten frightens me - he will let the Illegals in as they will vote for Labor.

Roy Folley

How right you are.
Your last paragraph spells out the underlying enormity of our self inflicted stupidity in allowing islamists to reside in our country.
I’ve had more than enough!
This catastrophe must be reversed immediately.


Six months after Bill Shorten takes up residence in the Lodge, five will get you ten that this person’s Australian nationality will be reinstated.


At last some common sense. The safety of law-abiding citizens means that Islamic terrorists should be deported back to their/or their parents country of origin. The barbarian in this case has his father's country of birth, Fiji, and his mother's country of origin - Cambodia where he could be deported to.

Another option, since he has clearly demonstrated that he has fully embraced Islam & the koran - he should be sent to any Arab/Islamic country where he could easily assimilate with like-minded people.


Leave the ISIS scum where he is, though we did bring his wife and kids who were holding up served head up for the camera back to go on the Gov't drip feed, housing and dollars, she and her lot should of been left there as well,

Up The Workers!

With his C.V., I expect that he'll possibly become co-host of "The Project" on Channel 10.

Up The Workers!

How disgraceful is it, that views and actions such as those embodied by Peter Dutton are now a rarity in our Parliaments.

Parliament these days is an odious place where dozens of oily, anti-Australian solicitors (some 70% of Parliamentary A.L.P. representatives these days are legal shysters) club together for their own pecuniary financial gain.

Terrorist sympathisers vote Labor(sic) (they already control some 14 Federal Labor seats), so Labor wants to import more and more of them, with the assistance of their co-collaborators, the rich people-smugglers who did such a roaring trade the last time Labor were running amok in Canberra, ostensibly trying to do the same job that Dutton is now ACTUALLY doing.

Ironically, Labor actually stopped more illegals arriving here than Dutton so far has, but that was only because Chris Buffoon, Labor's comically incompetent "Minister for People Smugglers and Porous Boarders" managed to drown up to 2,000 of them in his Timor Sea swimming lessons (possibly planned on the back of the same airlines drink-coaster as Stephen Conjob from Footscray Council used to design the world's slowest, most expensive, most dysfunctional laughing-stock landline telephony system).

Criminals, home invaders, car-jackers, muggers, thieves, drug-dealers, rapists, child molesters, etc. all vote Labor(sic), so Labor(sic)-appointed "little maaate" Magistrates, Bail Injustices, Judges, D.P.P.'s solicitors and hand-picked blind, deaf, dumb, bought and bent Police Commissioners and their Seeing-Eye Dogs all go lenient on recidivist crims, putting them back on the streets 80, 90 or 100 times on bail or parole before their first case comes up for trial, because Labor(sic) lawyers get fat and happy on the gold-mine of rorting squillions in taxpayer-funded Legal Aid - and yet if the victim or their bereaved family dare want Legal Aid, they are knocked back, as only recidivist crims and their legal shysters-on-retainer, need apply.

There is a biblical parable about Jesus chasing the money-changers out of the Temple. We need to chase the modern-day money-changers, the rich Leftard legal shysters out of our Parliaments so that Parliamentarians can get back to representing us once again and not be a gathering-place for all the crooks and dregs of humanity who occupy it today for their own pecuniary benefit.

Good on you Peter Dutton - but don't rest on your laurels after rejecting Neil Prakash. Just remember that the food products supplier, "John West", didn't make their enviable reputation by rejecting just one fish - they reject LOTS of them, which is why the ones they accept, have a far better reputation.


I sense a very angry man behind that comment - and rightly so!

I believe the time for talking about our national security concerns is long over, as anything now legitimately raised is treated with contempt by those who refuse to see our very valid concerns.

I think it is time to don that yellow vest!


A mother of one of these African thugs said that it was ok to steal because welfare was not sufficient to look after her growing brood, so I'm sick and tired of hearing that the problem 'was born here'.


An enemy that Labor invited in, for the future votes. No other reason.


So why then is it so hard to round up Africans and throw them out of the country? Start slow with the current troublemakers, then move on to the future troublemakers if necessary. Africans so far have done more damage to this society than the Middle-Eastern Muslims have done, and at least Prickish was over there, not here.


It looks to me that it will be up to us, the people, to begin the process to take back our country.

Those who control our government, I would assume, are watching what eventuates with the Gilets Jaunes rebellion in Europe. Whether those who control and their puppets have plans with which to shore up their own positions, so as to insulate themselves from the people's wrath, should such a rebellion occur here - and I would be all for that - only time will tell, but I would imagine that there are some pretty nervous enablers for Globalism in this country who would now have the jitters concerning their future because they know they are on the wrong side of history.

There is a valid reason for why our security services now have complete access to all electronic and land line media, and without warrant - the government and it's controllers have much to fear - but not from those they have deliberately imported into this country with which to cow the rest of us, through their terrorist actions into submission, and by whose actions we will become compliant into accepting even more draconian and unconstitutional laws for 'our protection' that do not protect, but are really put in place to take from us our inalienable human rights.

As an American Founding Father once quoted, 'Those who give up their liberty for security, deserve neither liberty nor security'.

Folks would do well to take that quote on board because the government of today is all about removing whatever protections we have and had to shed blood over centuries to acquire, and that freedoms are not given by governments of Men, but are given through God as an inalienable right - a birthright.

More and more Aussies are waking up to what is really going on. They are getting more angry by the day, so I cannot see how a rebellion will not come about in this country sometime during 2019.

I say bring it on!


Good news by Peter Dutton .
However I think it’s “too little too late “

Stan M

One down...50000 more to go . At least it's a start

Old Codger

Should have been done years ago, and to 100 others, but my bet is the High Court will reverse it and he will be home for ramadan.


He shouldn't need to explain it, I would have thought it was self explanatory, but I guess it was for the benefit of those left leaning activist types who can't see past the end of their noses.

Dennis Thompson

Is the Andrew's Labor Government of Victoria acting as puppets for the UN HCR and applying the Compact on Migrants despite it being rejected by the Morrison Coalition Government?

Why is the ABC assisting with covering this up?

I know that Minister Peter Dutton has spoken out against the people of African appearance gangs and anti-social behaviour in Melbourne but that is obviously not enough.

When will the AFP and other Commonwealth authorities deal with this disgraceful situation?



Why did Australia abstain from the vote on the UN Compact on Refugees? This cowardice has really disgusted me and the reasons concern me.

Political speedbump

True True Roy , the underlying tragedy is it takes so so long for our pissweak leaders and cuckolded authorities to find their balls on these issues ,that is most times to little to late , its good news Mr Dutton ,but how many atrocities could have been avoided and strong message sent out , if authorative action had been swift and severe at the outset .

Besides Mr Dutton , if your Party of pussies led by Labor groupie Turnbull and now Morrison had any guts at all , you could have wiped crushed the Labor party with the TURC findings 2 years ago ,even wiped them of the political map and into Jail if The Commissioner and his front bench had not been so corrupted in order to Protect the senior players .

Then you would have zero opposition to not only impliment policies to protect the community, but could have denied Labour its policy to buy terrorist and criminal votes with its favourable illegal immigration stance

...but you all chose to bury your heads in the sand ..massive shame on you so give the self backslapping a rest Lad .

Political speedbump

On face value ,Its good news Alice , but lets not forget its taken almost 5 long long years from having his passport cancelled to being stripped of his citizenship...and thats so painfully and dreadfully slow on any scale , the public servants involved in the nuts and bolts of the process should undergo their own investigation .A strong leader would have cut thru the Bullshit .


Thank you Dennis - another graphic example of the kind of person who should not be in any kind of authority position.

Apologists and cultural relativists will get us all killed!

Dennis Thompson

Do some research on what the Compact contains.

Dennis Thompson

Considering the position of Merkel and Macron in Germany and France who both want to end the sovereignty of nations and central control by the EU, including opening the external EU borders and providing foreign people who are now illegal immigrants the right to come and go without a visa, if Australians choose Shorten Labor for government our future is bleak.

Julie of Geelong

I reckon Peter Dutton nailed Mr Trumble today with his comments on his leadership!!!

Julie of Geelong

Wait till Billy & Barbie get the keys to The Lodge - they will be inviting them around for dinner!!!!

Julie of Geelong

Agree - Billy & Barbie will be inviting them to dinner at The Lodge!!!!

Julie of Geelong

Me too Robyn I’m sick of the excuses!!!

They all need to be booted out of the country whether they were born here or not - could not care less!!!

Julie of Geelong

Too little, too late, unfortunately for Peter Dutton and the Liberals. Should have been tough like this earlier.

Shorturd has the key in the lock of The Lodge and is about to let himself in.

Sad state of affairs.


Your comments about scum lawyers in parlament is so true. One of them, who represents a very conservative area in the Bible belt of Queensland. Stood outside of parlament on the day of the same sex marriage vote and said into the cameras "I voted for the bill, because my daughter is a lesbian and I want her to be happy". It did not matter that his confused offspring did not live in his electorate, and his vote was against the wishes of his electors. This NLP scum laywer did not cunsult with electors , but treated his power in parlament as his own personal feif.


I have no idea as to what sources you use for your info Dennis, but I can assure you that Shorten is a non-starter as the prim monster of this country come the next fed election.

Even the fake fortnightly polls reflect his un-electability with the general public. From the last polls taken before Christmas, I think he is 20 points below that of Scomo, and even Scomo is struggling to get elected.

And regardless of what the voter has been 'educated' with over the last one hundred years, the voter in most instances will almost always vote for the Man and not the party.

There is a reason for why Gillard signed on with the Greens prior to her lie filled campaign for election - Labor Party polling had her as losing. So power means everything to these people and everything else is irrelevant.

And Shorten's handlers - like Ludwig, disregard one very important aspect to their anointed one taking the Lodge - that TRUTH will always prevail, even if there is a deliberate agenda to hide it by those who live to deceive the majority from it, as both our major parties do.

Criminality will always display itself because the criminal believes he or she is above the law, and no matter how well the more discreet criminal, such as most of our elected politicians wishes to hide such wrongdoing, their willful criminality will always be publicly exposed by their actions.


Lisa Neville got to where she is through her union comrades & her former husband, Richard Marles a Union leader & Bob Shorten's bestman at his first wedding. Its about jobs for comrades.

The Victorian Govt is actually a govt led by the trade union lefty socialists. They need to learn lessons on how Argentina & other South American countries got themselves into poverty stricken failed states they find themselves in. Greece & Italy are not far behind.


Wayne Shaft.   👽

WE didn't do it , our UN Controlled Political Puppets sold us Out ! 👺👺👺


At least we didnt have a Turd in office he like that other idiot across the pacific would've given him 19 million

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