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Peter Dutton's insights into Team Turnbull

It's slightly comforting to know that at least one person in the parliamentary Liberal Party understands the damage Turnbull did.  Comforting, but not much else.

It's just a start on a huge and probably lengthy project to rebuild the party.

Here's some of what Peter Dutton said, published in full in The Sunday Mail here.

Incompetent, spiteful: Peter Dutton unleashes on Malcolm Turnbull

PETER Dutton has spectacularly broken his silence to accuse Malcolm Turnbull of spite attacks worse than Kevin Rudd’s, and lambasted the former prime minister for running a “paralysed” government caused by his own political incompetence.

He said Mr Turnbull did “not have a political bone in his body”, took the Government’s message from three-word slogans to “3000”, and alienated rusted-on Liberal Party supporters. Mr Dutton predicted the Coalition would have lost 25 seats if Mr Turnbull remained prime minister.

Mr Turnbull has regularly denied wrongdoing, but has privately briefed some MPs on what he was planning as prime minister, reaffirming the views by some that he is trying to destabilise and kill off the Government.

“I am the first to defend the legacy of the Turnbull government. Malcolm was strong on economic management, borders and national security, but Malcolm will trash his own legacy if he believes his position is strengthened by seeing us lose under Scott,’’ Mr Dutton said.

“Walking away from (his seat of) Wentworth and not working to have (Liberal Wentworth candidate) Dave Sharma elected was worse than any behaviour we saw even under Rudd.

“In 2016, Malcolm ran the worst campaign in Liberal Party history, and we ended up losing 15 seats and were left with a one-seat majority which just made the Parliament unmanageable. We were paralysed.

“Countless opportunities to strengthen the Government or nail Shorten passed us by because Malcolm couldn’t make a decision.

“Malcolm is charming and affable but he doesn’t have a political bone in his body and it’s not a criticism, but without political judgment you can’t survive in politics and he didn’t.

“Malcolm had a plan to become Prime Minister but no plan to be Prime Minister.

“He didn’t have John Howard’s touch or judgment nor his ability to convey a message. We went from three-word slogans under Tony (Abbott) to 3000 under Malcolm and our achievements weren’t effectively communicated as a result.”

Malcolm said to me on two occasions, ‘This Government only survives because of Scott, Mathias, you and I’.

“The reality is along with a number of senior colleagues we all did everything possible to make the Turnbull government work — we did not leak or undermine and we backed him up at every turn, but there was only so much we could do.

“The Liberal Party had become unrecognisable to our supporters. People who had voted for us for years had switched off.

“Energy policy had effectively become the “greatest moral challenge of our time” and version after version just didn’t work.

“Marginal seat members across the country believed we would lose the election and in the end MP’s couldn’t walk down the street without people saying you have to get rid of him.

“People thought they had a good local member but wouldn’t vote for us whilst Malcolm was leader.

“It became clear after we had lost 38 Newspoll’s in a row the government was going to be wiped out under Malcolm and that was the view of many based on discussions with their constituents.

“I have no doubt Malcolm will rue the day he stormed in to the party room and declared the leadership open expecting to get a resounding vote.

“His low vote destroyed him without any challenge necessary. It was then only a matter of when, and he used every trick to delay the vote but it would have been untenable to leave Canberra that week without the leadership question being settled.

“I challenged Malcolm for a number of reasons - one was Bill Shorten was certain to be PM if Malcolm was still in his job, so I declared my support for Scott from day one because he is a better person than Bill Shorten.

“(Scott) is a good economic manager and strong on border protection and national security.”

There's plenty more in Renee Viellaris's story at the Courier Mail website.

Thank you Peter for speaking up, if not belatedly.  

It's insulting to be treated like an idiot by your colleagues, including Scott Morrison.

But just having Peter Dutton tell us the truth about Turnbull isn't enough and I'm sure Peter knows that.  The party as a whole has to accept the fact that Turnbull was a disaster and tell the truth about the debacle.  It will wither and die if it doesn't.


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For my money, Dutton did not go far enough.

Has Australia ever had a leader whose agenda was so committed to the NWO Globalist agenda?

Up The Workers!

Hindsight is a marvellous thing - if you can afford to spend all your time looking backwards - but with a possibility of Bonking Billy Short-One being installed as Australia's Prime Accused Child-Molesting Rapist and the spouse of the former convicted heroin-dealer as his Deputy, somebody urgently NEEDS to grow sufficient testicular fortitude to revive all the Police investigations into the Geelong rape fiasco which was corruptly buried due to Labors' very low friends in very high places, and also the T.U.R.C. prosecutions and the Juliar/Bruce Wilson/A.W.U.W.R.A. fraud/perjury/forgery/embezzlement case and all the others.

The A.L.P. certainly OWNS the all bigoted presstitutes and the one-way-traffic of the T.V./radio shlockjocks/hatepress in Australia, but never has a Labor Party misgovernment supplied the other side with such a rich body of litigous material to wage lawfare with.

The former Prime Quisling, Malcontent Turncoat lacked the spine, the testicular fortitude and the will to fight the Labor Party, so those who inherited the poison chalice from him should seek to immediately reactivate the legal proceedings and prosecutions against the grubs on the other side and THIS TIME see them through to completion, to put the crooks where they belong - and that is certainly not in Parliament House with their snouts buried deeply in the taxpayers' trough.

We don't want a bunch of crims running the country - whether they be accused child-molesting rapists, the spouses of convicted criminal former heroin-dealers, or freshly 'rubbed-and-tugged' recidivist brothel-hoppers.

Contrary to what the Labor(sic) Party might think, such people DO NOT enrich the Australian Parliament with their presence.

If they have the wit, the will and the testicles for the job, it is up to the current Government to chase suspected criminals; to try them and to lock them away if necessary.

Or then again, maybe they would just like to see Bonking Billy in the Big Chair?

The bigger the swamp; the bigger the clean-out that is required.


Has Australia ever had a leader who spent so much of their "own" money to shore up a one-seat majority?


This should have been done when they got rid of him. Saying only nice things about Turnbull made them llook like dickheads. Without telling the reasons why he had to go voters were left wondering why they did it.

Antoine D'Arche

They won't have the cathartic debrief they and we need. Too many egos would need to admit their mistakes and that will never happen.
Shame. We could have had a conversation about Turnbull's true agenda, as tomdundas points to above.

Michelle Two

The Liberal party of old no longer exists, it has lost it's soul, the foundation upon which it was build no longer exists..
It is time to rise from the ashes and give Australia a Conservative view and outlook for a new vision needs to come forward where freedom, love, peace and our own culture can shine through..
We were once a nation that could laugh at itself and see the humour in everything but ourselves mostly and being free to express and say what we meant, we were a place of love, laughter and having fun... even sports have become a place where the dollar is the main focus and not having fun and getting the enjoyment out of the competition of playing the game not to win but to fulfill your own passions..
The darkforce has infiltrated our sports teams and management behind the scene's so it is always about the almighty dollar and pleasing the board with virtue signalling and identity politics which is a cancer on society that has caused the chaos we are seeing.. as the darkforce has an intention of bringing down our culture and sports has always been a part of who we are..
When the darkforce fun police come in that is when the fun was replaced by fear because we allowed it.. and didn't pull up these souls that like to control when they first appeared..

Steve K

The ABC 7:00pm news tonight tried to paint Peter Dutton as a hypocryte by airing old footage of Peter saying that previous prime ministers should be shown respect. But pointing out someone's obvious failings does not necessarily mean that you are being disrespectful. But we are talking about the ABC here ..... and their "beloved Malcolm" ...


Never a good idea to buy yourself a job.

Michelle Two

At the next election watch and observe closely at the foundation and true belief of these politicians and if they have the Globalist mantra at the forefront of their mind .. give them the wide berth..
Souls that have a vision for personal freedom for all of society need to be your voice of reason in our corrupted system..
Trump is changing the political scene from the outside source but you will need to be vigilant in who you give your vote to and if their true belief resonates with your idea of what a society should and could be.. We need politicians with visions and leaders to lead us out of the Globalists world agenda.. So a strong leader that is not afraid to be called names and have the rest or majority of politicians turn against them.. as the chaos will come the longer the political elite ignore their constituents and have their own agenda..
Change will come once the New World Order is dismantled and more is exposed of their plans..
You will all be a part of the change coming as your souls will insist on it.. because there will be no going backwards to the dark ages of oppression, your souls have already been there..

Wayne Shaft

That's their ABC ! Smuggo gave Mr Turncoat a Big Hug 🤗


There are several people whom I have long considered despicable, the previous Senator Bill Heffernan being one. But I can assure you Malcolm Bligh Turnbull is currently top of the queue.No ethics, no morals, no ability to understand normal humans, not worthy of a moment's respect just because he managed to get a position of authority, no political savvy, nothing more than a first class dill. Yet the ABC want to spend our money fawning over the prat. It makes me sick.

marg of nambour

They castigated the Libs earlier long and hard for failing to give sufficient reason for the leadership change.

But now that Peter Dutton has given the real reasons for the change, he is the one now under attack.

Conservatives sure can't win as far as the ABC is concerned.


May I ask why you believe Bill Heffernan has become despicable in your eyes?

Heffernan exposed in parliament some very important info that was squashed - are you aware of what he was trying to expose but was thwarted by those who had reason to do so?

Michelle Two

I was just listening to Praying medic on the 16 yr plan to destroy America under the Obama/Clinton administration.. I swear that he could have been talking about Australia under the Rudd/Gillard/Turnbull years... not much of a legacy has the Turnbull team left to leave as his true colours were always on show and he could never win over the public as they knew who he was and what he was selling and the public didn't want what he was selling even the left rejected him, but he served their purpose..
Destroy the military from the inside (painted pink nails and the sex scandal brought about from the investigations by D Morrison ring any bells), funding cuts under Gillard were noted.. Other things mentioned will also ring bells for you .. and the pay to play Clintons selling secrets to foreign governments (how much did our leaders at the time, hand over??)
Then Gillard opened the Uranium sales to India when she had that trip up .Rudd opened the boarders and the flood of asylum seekers.. etc..

Praying medic
Retired Major-General Jim Molan says the military is in terminal decline because of budget cutbacks.

The Government saved about $4 billion in the last budget by delaying some defence programs and cutting back others.

Major-General Molan has told Channel Ten that Australia will struggle to defend itself by 2020 if spending stays at current levels.

"If you're going to produce a force that can fight, you've got to have jets, you've got to have command and control of those jets, you've got to have protection under the sea," he said.

Michelle Two

The left's only purpose on that note was to destroy Abbott and get him out of office.. the left only use others for political strategy in order to destroy what they don't want, they will easily reject you also if you don't follow their control.. as they are real control freaks and oppressors especially those on their own side if you aren't a part of the groupthink you are of no use.. to be an advocate of their totalitarian causes.


Absolutely Bombard Conservatives = ABC

Michelle Two

Spending like drunken sailors on communications to sell something .. maybe themselves not sure about the policies and if they have any???
This made me laugh though the excuses as to why the big spend-a-thon .. requests for photo's of the queen.. in Warren Entsch seat..baha!!

Some MPs, including the LNP’s Warren Entsch, who holds the northern Queensland seat of Leichhardt on a 4 per cent margin, have said the communications spend was partly driven by constituents writing to MPs to request pictures of the Queen.


An excellent example of our future leader, eh? Please grow some balls, very quickly ScoMo, or Aussie will join 3rd world scum.


Ask Peter Dutton if he knew whether Turnbull authorized Australia's 5 eyes to spy on then candidate Trump in 2016. I would really like to know.

Australia and the UK's GCHQ spied on Trump's contacts and likely listened into his conversations at the behest of Obama. Turnbull- a globalist was thick with Obama-another globalist.
Australia and the UK's GCHQ spied on him and reported to Obama & co.

Downer was to go-to man in the UK
Remember when Turnbull called to congratulate Pres Trump,he could hardly wait to ask if the Nauru deal still held?

And Trump was furious because Obama made the deal as he was on his last days as POTUS
And then the conversation was leaked and Trump was mocked.

And then, there was that Winter Ball when Malcolm did a skit mocking Trump--quite insulting and hardly the thing a PM of a respectful ally would do?

I wonder -did this have something to do with Turnbull being rolled as PM?

Actually it wouldn't be a bad thing I think, to put this idea out there so conservative voters can see another compelling reason why Malcolm Turnbull had to go.

Allies don't do that to each other--esp a country like Australia to America.
Remember China is in our backyard, and America is a strong closer ally than the UK

Up The Workers!

Has Australia ever had a leader who, through tin-eared treachery and sheer incompetence, blew away a bigger Parliamentary majority than the Turncoat did?

Abbott won 90 Lower House seats at the 2013 Federal Election, compared to Krudd-Regurgitated's 55 seats, and the A.L.P.'s Prime Quisling, Malcontent Turncoat, subsequently reduced that Parliamentary majority to a lousy 1 (O.N.E.) seat, so he bloody-well should have paid out of his own pocket.

He should also have been tarred, feathered and horsewhipped from Port Arthur to Cooktown.


Amanda Rishworth's hyperventilation about Peter Dutton on National TV just goes to prove that each and every one of Dutton's remarks was spot on.
Rishworth must be the Christmas ring-in while Bull Shitten and the drug runner's wife take some time off to eek out a meal with the homeless people.

Michelle Two

If it wasn't for you Julie Gillard would have never been stopped the AWU case was her downfall as well as other scandals that enveloped the union and ALP movement and the AWU/union/lawyer chapter in her life has not yet come to completion yet not until it goes full circle and lessons are learned will it be complete..
The final chapters will be written in the coming years as we see this darkforce and all its players exposed to the truth, they will try and deny and cover it but the exposure will be so big they will no longer have anywhere to run or hide as all players will be a part of the downfall of the deepstate and its cabal that have been controlling humanity through fear causes, that fear belongs to these souls who started the lies and intentions that go beyond their own powers as a soul to control others, they break the universal laws on all fronts to do so..
So what goes around will come around and all false prophets will fall into the fear they have created for themselves..
Interesting to see some spiritual teachers in on the New World Order movement.. they also will get caught in a trap and disappoint many followers they symbolism will surely let them down..

"Love doesn't have symbols" it is free from all attachments as it is a part of soul, in fact it is the very essence of soul from here to infinity as one.. it needs for nothing as it is a power and energy onto itself that heals all, and manifests your needs as you create them, it protects from harm of those in a lower consciousness that tries to control with fear..don't underestimate the power of soul when you surrender your ego, your ego will still exist but it will have no control over your thoughts or emotional body to step into the light fully means to expand your soul beyond human limitations where nothing is out of reach as you will have come here to finish what you started and reach the full circle of completion of souls journey, so you come here to be fully of service to others without question ..
See how awesome you are leave the past behind. You are doing what you came to do through all those experiences time to grow through the pain they caused, look within to see what those experiences taught you, then leave them behind. they showed you how strong you really are when faced with darkness from other souls it is no longer your energy once you let it go, soul will heal, when you ask for healing ego will bring up what still needs healing, so when you ask for completion of karmic cycle those demons will work their way up in order you release them.. Keep going soul is almost there, a few more hurdles to climb in the new year and energy to lift in that time..
You are also doing what an Indigo soul is designed to do, lead and tell the truth above all else.. to expose it regardless of the outcome and justice being served as natural justice always is served if not in this life time that soul carries it forward to the next in order to learn.. love and light xx

Wayne Shaft

Their ABC now seek to decide who will and won't be the Liberal opposition leader after little Bill becomes PM . 👺👺👺


Why would you watch the ABC news? It is an opinion programme aimed at a minority of Australians who hold socialist/Marxist views.

I will not be bombarded with Marxist propaganda purporting to save the world from climate change by a group of gender confused misfits.

Up The Workers!

The Liberals were 'castigated' the day they traitorously sacked Abbott and installed Bull Shitten's seat-warming ventriloquist-doll, Malcontent Turncoat, as Prime Quisling.

They've been singing down the soprano end of the choir ever since.

Dennis Thompson

Peter Dutton spoke the truth.

The History Timeline @ stopturnbull website (I can provide the link to the archived website if wanted) reveals the lack of judgement and political judgement Malcolm Turnbull displays but worse, that his objective from before he entered Parliament as a Liberal MP, after stacking Liberal branches at Wentworth electorate to get rid of sitting Liberal MP Peter King, was to wreck the Liberal and National parties, and create a single left leaning party incorporating what is now Union controlled Labor.

Next step another push for a republic, really an excuse to get rid of the Constitution that frustrates politicians greatly at times and write a new version. I believe that handing control of the republic to socialism and globalism central control overseas would be the next step.

Turnbull worked against PM Howard and Treasurer Costello while he was a Cabinet Minister in the Howard Liberal National Coalition Government. He tried to seek endorsement to become leader when John Howard retired after the November 2007 election but Dr Brendan Nelson was chosen. Peter Costello commented that he was not prepared to endorse Malcolm Turnbull because he feared that he wanted to wreck the Liberal Party.

Nelson was leader for about one year and then after undermining him Turnbull managed to grab the leadership from him. Nelson reported that right from the start of his period as leader Turnbull went on the attack. Doctor Nelson later described Turnbull as a narcissist.

As leader Turnbull soon displayed his lack of leadership skills and judgement siding with the Rudd Labor Government too often for the liking of many in the Coalition he led. Turnbull and his Black Hand Faction realised that their colleagues were becoming restless and that Tony Abbott might be drafted into the leadership, so Christopher Pyne was sent to recruit the foreigners and unions creation, GetUp, to help them to smear Abbott hoping that he would be rejected by most Liberals as a potential leader.

In 2009 Tony Abbott was voted for and by a narrow majority replaced Malcolm Turnbull as Opposition Leader.

The "relentless negativity" from anonymous leaking from inside the Coalition and via GetUp, ABC and other sources continued.

In 2010 the Abbott led Coalition forced Gillard Labor into an alliance minority government, and in September 2013 defeated Rudd Labor in a landslide victory to form government.

The relentless negativity continued, and the leaking, including from Cabinet Ministers.

In September 2015 PM Abbott was replaced by Turnbull who led the Coalition into the 2016 election and they lost all of the seats gained in 2013 and were saved from defeat as a government by one new National Party gain.

Considering the above period and events it is clear that the Turnbull led Black Hand Faction damaged the Coalition while trying to get rid of PM Abbott. The Liberal Party has lost many members who today remain disenchanted, frustrated and angry.

Nobody wants to contemplate a Shorten led Union controlled Labor government.

But it would help if Scott Morrison spoke out like Peter Dutton has done and encourage Liberal voters and others by announcing the end of the UN IPCC Paris Agreement involvement, reconfirming that the UN HCR Compact on Migrants will not be signed in the future, that immigration will be cut further to only accept migrants with skills required for job vacancies who have a work ethic, that the refugee resettlement programme will be suspended until services and infrastructure catches up to the well before forecast 25 million population.

We also need the RET and subsidies abolished and new power stations built. Coal is of course the most cost effective fuel source to heat the water to produce the steam to drive steam turbines and attached generators. But nuclear should otherwise be pursued. Wind and solar is unreliable, intermittent in operation, not value for money and would not be considered for investment in without the government intervention subsidies and penalties against coal fired power stations. Such as the Labor Victorian Government raising the price of brown coal supplied to Hazlewood Power Station which forced the lease holder to abandon operations. About 20 per cent of Vic grid generator capacity lost.

Incentives to attract investment into businesses are needed now, and remove the negatives such as world's highest electricity pricing, too many government regulations and compliance costs (the Abbott Government did make a start on this), too many taxpayer funded NGOs, company tax uncompetitive globally. And more.

Yes, as a leader Malcolm Turnbull was a disaster for the Liberal and National parties, but also for our nation.

And stop the interference of foreigners in our affairs, Newspoll now foreign owned by the people who interfered in the US Presidential election and in the UK, foreign founded GetUp with AWU and Bill Shorten involved too.

Dennis Thompson

Maybe not, but Labor Attorney General Evatt (a communist and one of the people that caused the split and formation of the DLP in the 1950s) recommended to his UN based comrades that treaties be signed with all member countries to enable compliant governments to get around the constitution if necessary.

When have we the people ever been asked to vote in a referendum for implementation of UN agendas: Paris Agreement, Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 and many others?

NWO, OWG, socialism and globalism is a serious threat to our nation, as President Donald Trump stated about UN interference into the internal affairs of member countries when he addressed the UN in New York. He told the delegates it must stop.

Recently a few world leaders have singled George Soros out as part of this problem, and he is one of the founders of GetUp in Australia.

It is also a disgraceful situation when past and serving politicians or their family members profit from government decisions like the RET related decisions. This highlights the man-made global warming caused by carbon dioxide hoax and related profiteering, the socialism masquerading as environmentalism as Tony Abbott identified in 2015. The transfer of wealth from developed countries to poorer countries with the siphon hose attached along the way for the globalists.

Dennis Thompson

How could they ignore his history and motives?

Dennis Thompson

The ABC must have missed the lecture Opposition Leader Turnbull gave to the Labor Party in Parliament about why in his opinion it was wrong for them to dump a Prime Minister (Rudd) during the first term after he led them into government.

And later he worked at undermining Tony Abbott until he was dumped in September 2015 after leading the Coalition into government in September 2013.


You left out two very important aspects as to why some of our politicians, unionists and bureaucrats, would resort to attempting a soft coup against a duly elected president of the United States, and they are the Clinton Foundation and Uranium One.

Many of our politicians and leading bureaucrats are heavily involved in two of the most fraudulent and treacherous criminal enterprises ever undertaken by members of a Globalist/elitist criminal class.

It's all about to be exposed and many heads will be rolling, including many of our own criminals from both sides of politics, government agencies, bureaucracies and unions.

Dennis Thompson

Taken from the website stopturnbull;

"One of the polling companies accused of oversampling Democrats was YouGov, an international polling company based in the UK. In the lead up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election they conducted weekly opinion polls on voter intentions, every one of which had Hillary Clinton winning comfortably. Political commentator Bill Mitchell, one of very few who predicted Trump’s election victory, says, for instance, a YouGov poll taken in August 2016 had a sample that over-represented registered Democrats by around 16%."

YouGov now owns Newspoll in Australia.

Dennis Thompson

About the polls and well worth reading;


Michelle Two said "Souls that have a vision for personal freedom for all of society need to be your voice of reason in our corrupted system.. . . We need politicians with visions and leaders to lead us out of the Globalists world agenda.. . . . a strong leader that is not afraid to be called names and have the rest or majority of politicians turn against them..

That sounds like FRASER ANNING to me. He WILL get my senate vote.

Michelle Two

Good morning xx How are you today?? I noticed in my comment above I said Julie Gillard so it was a slip of the tongue but not a mistake because you have also exposed Julie Bishop and her role as FM and giving away money to the Clinton's and the Globalists causes.. So her down fall is imminent with others in our political and bureaucratic services that do deals around the world in our name without permission or belief in the ideology of fear and war mongering..

When you are doing your reflecting on the year just gone and the past I mentioned above and on the other posts take into consideration when seeing what those experiences taught you remember to also look at why you chose the career paths you did and what soul was being shown to get a better understanding of self and take also into it that you are an Indigo soul whose instincts are to protect, serve, and expose the truth and if those career paths fulfilled you and those instincts if not you would have left any organisation that didn't meet your expectations and that you are a highly sensitive soul which would have made the job harder and you having to shut a true part of your soul down in order to cope with the human side of it..
You also have instincts to look after the underdog and those treated unfairly but all the choices you have made in life where to teach you what you needed to know about each area to tackle corruption in society as you seen and experienced all sides of corporate, defence and policing to bring you to this point in your life where you fell back on all that knowledge to pursue those corrupted souls that reached the highest powers by lying and cheating so everything is in divine order and you have followed your soul plan..but time to release the painful lessons and move forward as 2019 will be a tough year of exposure of this darkforce so you put yourself on the front line of attack so you need to be emotionally and spiritually grounded for what is coming and releasing all fears and being able to use your full indigo powers and manifesting the right results as we go.. You are always loved and protected by the forces unseen but felt by the heart.. Soul will remember and heal give yourself time and nurture soul in the meantime by doing what you love most..
I will bring an angel message later after work if you want to ask spirit anything. .love and light xx

Ol, Ted

2 John,

Sorry but I, see at present major change of course !

Sadly,"Scomo" (or what ever a lot of People want to call him)
who is now the current "Top-Dog" PM of Australia.

Going on present form "We" have yet another incompetent
bungler & who just dithers on , & landed on us & our hands
at The Helm.

Just take a good look at what He has continued on with !

&.. As for that "Global"/Union led mob of Labor/Greens,
it will be yet another total Disaster for Australia if
enough fools put this rotten & corrupt "Crew" in !

& All to do what ? Punish one "Party"" & to replace it with
an even worse "Party"

At the moment it seems We are getting precisely nowhere, other
than A "Policy" of Massive Welfare & Massive(& unsustainable)
Immigration,...along with a Spiraling Debt.

And all this is all designed to enhance The Big Powerful
Cartels & The "Global" (both the
privately owned Local & Internationally run) Bankers who are
owed this massive steaming pile of loaded-up Debt
to be yet again be dumped on The Tax-Paying Serfs !

"Politics" in Australia at present just stinks !

ie (We have a Government that raises Bonds & then "flogs it off""
to The Banksters ! who then in turn ramp it up to new heights
by both inflation a 10:1 ratio & then re-lend it back !)

& all the while The Hard Pressed.. already, Taxpayers
pick up the Tab !

Daft !


UTW your choice of words are brilliant.
Where is the girl at the centre of the allegations,
Harvey Weinstein got to go to court and this is an example of where the could be pm should be.

Michelle Two

Did you see the reaction from the Turnbull team players reacting in the media this morning even little Laud Turnbull put in his 2 cents worth in a Tweet..
The Australian has an article about the arrogance of Dutton..
The team players are not very self aware and should look in the mirror if they choose to squabble like children.. and talk behind backs and gossip as that energy will come back to bite you when the truth is exposed..

Michelle Two

Seems we have a real life Top Gun situation but there may be something more sinister behind it all to weaken the armed forces. ..

Michelle Two

A music clip to go with the last comment

Tony River

Spot on ! I could never work out why Short Willy got away with the accusations against him because of ' Lack of evidence' surely the victim who gave her statement at least deserved her day in court ? I haven't seen any 'Me too' groups getting behind her. Imagine the constant noise if it was a Liberal or National accused !


I like Dutton.
Morrison had the appearance of being OK too but once he got to sit in the big chair he turned into a Rudd-Turnbull type with all the smiling, weak jokes, high-fives for kids, fence-sitting etc that the media somehow seems to expect of our pollies.
Dutton seems to be more businesslike and aware. No frills, but effective.


Are you saying Turnbull’s incompetence wasn’t the only reason Turnbull was dismissed as leader? It doesn’t make sense that the Libs would get rid of Turnbull and then praise him. I asked you some time back whether his dismissal involved an abuse of power against a member of the public. I still wonder about that.

Julie of Geelong

Yes agree Michael - your comment “wither
& die” is correct!!!

It will be a sad day day for Australia when Shorturd and his Labor mob take the reins.

But, unfortunately the Liberals have only themselves to thank for it!!

Thought the Liberals were better than that!!!

Nambucca Man

Up the Workers - you nailed it. Is it possible that Dutton could become our Donald Trump. He is making the right noise - perhaps he could round up all the right wing Liberals as well as the minor parties and create one new party to take on Shorten at the next election.
I believe this is the only chance of a successful outcome, because without a major shakeup Australia will be doomed.

Doubtful John

Turnbull led the Liberal Party into a quagmire in opposition. But for Abbott taking the reins they would never have recovered to win government. Turnbull showed how astute he was when he allowed Godwin Grech to take him for a walk up the garden path, so then they make him Prime Minister? Jesus wept!
What in hell did they expect would happen?

Liz of Vic


It was very true, what Peter Dutton said now, but far too late in the s cheme of things and should have been said by the prime minister.

Michelle Two

Miracles!!!.. the trouble is the Turnbull team is easily conned into terms of grandeur if they kept loyal to the Emperor that ended up naked and exposed what the public knew him for.. from previous experience..

They are actually still waiting in the wings for the Hallelujah!! moment when the Climate Gods and the Investment bankers deliver what was promised.. or a role in the corporate world if things turned shit..

That utopia that doesn't exist in Marxist ideals..

Grey Coat

2 Doubtful John,

Why all the blind following of idiotic Parties.. anyway ?
are a lot of Australians so incredibly inept & totally stupid
that a New Conservative & Anti-Globalism & a Anti-Socialism
Grouping cannot now rapidly develop ?

& Why no drastic call for CIR (Citizens Initiated Referendum,s)
(with provisions) for recall of idiotic ""Laws"
that now obviously harm us.

If this does not develop, then we don,t deserve to be & live
in a free Nation !

&If we suffer under a form of an Elected Dictatorship
& out of control idiotic "Politicians"& still go on
Worshiping "Big Parties" who have deliberately betrayed us,
then perhaps we deserve our self-inflicted doom !


Are you referring to the Kirby info or other? Seems Heffernan uncovered a lot but was unable/stopped from disclosing.

Tony H

Actually Turnbull worked against Abbott from 2009 continually undermining him until he had finally succeeded at winning the numbers in 2015. That needs to be investigated more. The group calling themselves the “Black hand” the group proudly boasted about by Pyne in a drunken rant! The falsehoods about Turd being successful need to be exploded as well. Politically he is an abject failure, it is a myth. His only success is working from the shadows getting others to do his dirty work. The guy is a cancerous growth that threatens to destroy the Party.


Time for the woman who has stated that she was raped by Bill Shorten to start telling her story to the media and to anyone who will listen to story. Larry Pickering did take up her story but sadly Larry is no longer with us - just wish there was a QC who would take on her case and represent her in another application for justice. Time for voters to find out about this creep of Bill Shorten - we certainly don't want him as our next PM.

Also what has happened about the Labor MP's in Victoria and the Red Shirt scandal?


Pyne is one MP that I hope loses his seat at the next election along with many others in the "Black Hand" group.


Some background. Do we tolerate another Union protected PM with a dodgy past, to introduce laws in the Australian Parliament affecting all Australians including Australians who serve in the ADF in Australia and abroad?


Fiona Barnett I believe was the informant - look her up on the internet - she has a BIG story to tell.


Malcolm Turnbull's birthday is on October 24. He appears to get active in politics between the months of August-October.
October 04 - Tunbull became the Wentworth MP in the Howard Govt.
Sept 08- Dec 09 - Opposition leader after challenging Brendan Nelson (Julie Bishop Deputy)
Sept 2013-Sept 2015 - Communications Minister in the Abbott Govt
Sept 2015-Aug 2018 - Became Liberal PM after challenging PM Abbott

"Entry to parliament - In 2000, Turnbull intended to seek Liberal preselection for Wentworth but did not eventually contest after concluding that preselection hopeful Peter King had the numbers in the branches.[22] In 2003, Turnbull announced that he would challenge King for the seat and successfully defeated him to become the Liberal candidate.[48][22] During what was a bitter preselection campaign, King accused Turnbull of branch stacking, by having local members transferring their membership to a branch that would decide the pre-selection, what King referred to as "branch stripping".[49]

"Following his preselection loss, King stood against Turnbull at the 2004 federal election as an independent candidate. As a result, the traditionally safe Liberal seat became an electoral wildcard, the contest becoming a three-person race between Turnbull, King and the Labor candidate David Patch. During the campaign, Turnbull spent over A$600,000 on his campaign.[50] While the Liberal primary vote eventually fell by 10.3% to a total 41.8%, King received only 18% of the primary vote with a 57%/43% Liberal/Labor preference split which meant Turnbull was elected, albeit on a reduced 55.5% two-party vote after a 2.4% swing."

"The result meant that Wentworth was classified as a marginal seat for the first time since the 1993 federal election.[51]"

Malcolm Turnbull is about Malcolm Turnbull. We thought we had seen it all with Rudd-Gillard now we have Rudd-Gillard-Turnbull - the 3 people who rode on the backs of others to get to the top.




Who would have thought that Malcolm Turnbull, in his youth, wanted to become the leader of the AWU! AWU certainly paid off for Gillard & Shorten.

"Choice of political party - Turnbull has had a long affiliation with the Liberal Party of Australia throughout his career. During his time in the Australian Republican Movement however, he considered running for preselection for the Australian Labor Party."

"In 2015, it was revealed that Turnbull had held talks with Labor state politician John Della Bosca during the 1990s on a possible party switch, and that he had harboured aspirations in his youth to head the Australian Workers' Union, which is linked with the Labor Party.[46] The accusation, made by former Labor Foreign Minister Bob Carr, was cited by Labor Leader Bill Shorten during the Royal Commission into trade union governance and corruption.[47]"

Della Bosca helped Tanya Plibersek, Bill Shorten's Deputy!


Dear Michael,

Here's another subject for you to cover please:

Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands attended a concert in the capital, Amsterdam.

The Guest Conductor, who just happens to be M********, proceeded to give the Queen a lecture on the "beauty" of I####.

The entire orchestra got up and walked out rejecting someone lecturing their Queen.

He was escorted off-stage, and after questioning, out of the building.

Bet you didn't see this on your local news or the ABC..

Here's the link:

Maybe ALL of those wet MPs who voted against helping white South Africans to escape rape, torture and murder AND farm confiscations, should get a one-way ticket to Johannesburg?

Keep up your great work.


The drug dealers wife (Plibs the brain dead idiot who shows pictures of an ocean where an island supposedly existed before the oceans rose a whole catastrophic two inches) really needs to get a life.

So tired of the crap that Labor,the Laberals and the Grinch(sic) Party release these days. Time to shoot the lot (with a few minor exceptions)and start over again.

Wayne Shaft

First meeting with President Trump. --- Trump ....... we would've liked a Heads up about your decision to lease your Port of Darwin to the Chinese ... Turncoats Flippant Childish Retort ?? Well you could of read about it in the NT News . 😒😒😒


You mean to say, after all the years Turnbull has hung around the Australian parliament, doing not a single thing for Australia, the rest of the drongoes in that place have not yet worked out what he's on about?
No wonder Australia is in the state it is in, it is being run by a bunch of dickhead college boys that know everything about nothing.
Australia has been shafted by these self indulgent fools for many , many years.
And now it is being destroyed by outside influences who these self serving idiots pander to for every miserable little dollar they can put their grubby hands on.
No wonder the world is going down the path it is, humans don't have the intelligence to stop it.

Wayne Shaft

Indeed ! Pray the Poodle Princess 👸 loses his Sissy Seat 💺 😛😝😜


Peter Dutton, the only Liberal who has the guts to tell the story about Turnbull. Pity the Liberals didn't realise what the rest of Australia already knew, that he was an abomination of a PM from start to finish. The part about not voting Liberal while Malcolm was leading them was heard repeatedly but still they doze on. Well done Peter Dutton.


Hope Dutton is our Trump, go now Peter, form a party and win support.


I have come to the conclusion that the fortnightly 'polls' are nothing more than political direction swayers, in that 'polls', which are but a sampling of an insignificant number of voters who may be given leading questions as to their voting intentions, provide no real indication of what or who those 'polled' will actually cast their ballots for.

Especially the so called 'swing voters', or the more aptly referred to as the sheep, who like the shyster lawyer's swinging shingle in the wind, will never decide who gets their mark until the real polling day comes along.

So, fortnightly 'polling' for me, is more about deliberate political interference within the democratic process that seems to elude many.


A good comment Dennis - you obviously spent some time putting this one together. I would suggest you could write a whole novel of the events that have occurred to this country over the past four decades - and indeed, that would include but a small sample of how we have been taken for a very BIG walk down that garden path - and still not get to include everything.

When one looks studiously back over those four decades it soon comes to mind how the media - especially the evil twins ABC/SBS - have played a large role in 'prepping' those who still hitch their wagons up to such disinformation and propaganda, the effect of which is now being played out across this country, and in nearly every aspect of our lives.

Those of us now living in the 21st Century, the so called Century of Enlightenment, and who have been privileged to have been born prior to the Globalist take down of this country, that really gained a big head of steam during the 'sexual revolution' of the 1960s, are able to reflect on what we once had and what we have now lost, but, like a good history lecture, the lesson learned by the student is very difficult to put into word form for the those born after the 1960s to understand what went before them, and subsequently, what they have lost, and what they need to regain if they wish to retain a nation state called Australia, and not allow to be inherited by their children, just another country of warring tribes.


Your last sentence is what 'they' are afraid of - they know what kind of person thinking Aussies will back.


Turnbull is simply the human face of what still controls this world. Those who backed him are no better than he is and all place themselves above the rule of law.

The Liberal faction controllers saw Turnbull soiling their nest and power base - he had to go - and so they used Dutton to get the ball rolling, but then installed Morrison, who was more on their side than Dutton is.

There is no single denominator in why Turnbull was taken out, he simply become troublesome, writ large.

Michelle Two

It's time for the squabbling to stop within the Liberal party the relationship is over it is time for the conservatives in the team to act like grownups and call for a divorce the soul of the party is lost as, like in the rest of society one side is for the Globalist agenda the other side is for freedom..
It is not going to get any easier and the infighting and chaos will continue as long as you deny the truth over what the chaos is about?
It is obvious to the public so time to split the groups and find the soul of your party once again.. Time to break old patterns, belief systems and go forward with new plans to unite the nation without the Globalist Agenda as that totalitarian regime is falling apart at the seams which is what is causing the infighting in the whole political scene..
The controllers want total control and they will do anything to get it, lie, cheat, manipulate and lots of smear campaigns so they will be out to entrap those of integrity that have nothing to hide.. those that were vulnerable to the entrapment will be exposed..
It is never fun watching the political elite try and hold it together while the rest of New World Order is falling apart.. the trouble is they rely on information from the deepstate cabal and it being the truth but it is all lies along with the propaganda so politicians get a warped sense of what the reality in the real world is as they follow a different agenda and ideology based on fears and created problems that don't exist or didn't until they created them with the bureaucracy..
The simpler a system is the easier it is control and there is no chaos, only complicated and over stuffed bureaucracy's create more chaos as they have no control in the end as the energy of the system is so large and no one has any responsibility as it is shafted onto another part of the same system when things go wrong.. they just shift one problem onto a new bureaucracy and not get rid of the one that didn't work.. so nothing ever changes as the truth wasn't faced so the lies within only grow in magnitude and no one knows how to fix the system because it has become overgrown and too large of an energy to control.. the corruption within it also was never cured so it grows along with the bureaucracy as they try to hide the secrets within it..
Someone is still stirring the pot over the Turnbull spill, revenge is never sweet..
"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, build two graves" - Confucious

It is a never ending cycle of hatred for things you have no control over because it is the energy of fear within that creates it.. Hatred is a dark energy where no soul wins..until you take responsibility for your own fears, narcissists never take personal responsibility so they will set the loyal dogs on you until you crumble and walk away from it as they will always blame those dogs who took up the cause to destroy..
Liberal backbencher Luke Howarth, a Peter Dutton supporter, has revealed he never intended to ask Malcolm Turnbull to spill his leadership in the August party­room meeting that triggered the downfall of the former prime minister.

Mr Howarth, who holds the outer Brisbane seat of Petrie on a margin of 1.65 per cent, said he had made no indication he would call for a spill in the partyroom meeting of August 21, when Mr Turnbull shocked his colleagues by putting his leadership on the line.

The Petrie MP, whose seat is adjacent to the Home Affairs Minister’s marginal electorate of Dickson, said it was a “weak excuse” from Mr Turnbull’s supporters to blame him for the spill.


I read your comments and agree with everything you say.
A question. Why did John Howard encourage Turnbull this stay in politics after Abbott took the leadership?
Could that have been because Howard knew how disruptive Turnbull would have been.
Showed a lack of confidence in Abbott.
Abbott would eaten him up and spat him out big time.

Wayne Shaft

Thinking 💭 people should Never forget the Part the ABC and other sections of the Fake Left Media played in The downfall of our last Real PM Tony Abbott and the Rise of the Termite King Turncoat . 👺👺👺

Wayne Shaft

Yes , Neo Marxists at their ABC / Get Up seek Duttons political Destruction . 💩💩💩

Dennis Thompson

After the Howard Government lost the November 2007 federal election Turnbull asked then former Treasurer Costello for his endorsement to become the new Liberal Leader. Costello refused to cooperate and said that Turnbull would wreck the Liberal Party.

They knew.

Dennis Thompson

It is easily forgotten that the 2010 federal election resulted in a hung parliament, despite the victory of 2007, and PM Gillard was forced to form an alliance minority government to cling to office. The Abbott led Coalition Opposition almost achieved victory, but did not count on presenting as conservative MPs from conservative electorates siding with Labor.

Windsor from New England had sided with NSW State Labor in government when he was a State MLA who is a cousin of Labor Spin Doctor Hawker, and Oakeshott from Lyne who also sided with NSW State Labor when was a State MLA who was also recruited by Rudd Labor after Oakeshott entered the federal parliament at a by election in 2008.

Of course the Abbott led defeat of Rudd Labor in September 2013 was a landslide victory, but in 2016 PM Turnbull lost all those seats and was only saved by one National Party seat gained.

When a perfectly good apple is entered by a worm parasite it is soon ruined.

Dennis Thompson

And sails away in a little yellow submarine.

Dennis Thompson

A very good question Mon, I do not have the answer.

I have not met John Howard for a very long time but have known him for most of my life as a family friend. My guess is that he was too trusting and fell for the charm and the better side that Peter Dutton acknowledged.

Nemesis all of that comment came from my memory bank.

Dennis Thompson

Nemesis I know that polling can provide trustworthy results or whatever the pollster aims to achieve.

Using a similar approach as psephologists use when predicting future election outcomes and used to target voters most likely to be won over in election campaigns: gather past election results by electorate and then by polling booths in each electorate and phone voters living in each area. Ask questions to eliminate age groups and other undesirable for the pollster subjects.

I am not suggesting that all polls are unreliable.

Dennis Thompson

"Relentless negativity", anonymous leaking from opposition and when in government, even from within cabinet.

And the recruitment of US founders and Australian union's GetUp: AWU via Bill Shorten established here.

Turnbull Black Hand Faction via Christopher Pyne. Both good friends with GetUp people.

Up The Workers!

I wonder how Trump would go seriously pursuing Soros and others of his ilk and on his payroll, on Treason charges?

Isn't Soros funding the violent freeloaders' march to the U.S. border, from Mexico and beyond?

Similarly, International Arrest Warrants against the Heads of the U.N. for multiple acts of treason, fraud and embezzlement (i.e. the I.P.C.C.'s gerbil worming/rising sea level/hockey stick/next ice age/apocalyptic catastrophist scams) against the people of the founding Democracies of the United Nations, would be an interesting thing to see, given that the so-called N.W.O., O.W.G., and abolition of international borders is all plotted and schemed to occur without ever being put to the vote of the people of those democracies.

Given that the U.N. has utterly welshed on the aims it was set up to protect, maybe it is about time the U.S. not only defunded it, but evicted the vile outfit off the land its headquarters occupies in New York.

Up The Workers!

The "Red Shirts Scandal" of the 2014 Mogadishu-by-the-Yarra State election was all fixed up by Dodgy Dan, his 40 thieves and his 6 Cabinet Ministers under active criminal investigation.

For the 2018 State election which he recently "won" with a little help from his friends (i.e. all the "vote-early-and-vote-often" brigade of maggotty, deceased Labor voters and the paid-up Union members of the State Electoral Office conducting the count, whose Union is financially and politically tied only to his Party) he bought all the former rorting "Red Shirts" brand new "White Shirts".

Made all the difference.

His blind, deaf, dumb and bought Ashton's Circus Ringmaster from "Farce Command", can now sweep yet another major A.L.P. corruption investigation under his office carpet alongside all the other ones festering away down there out of public view and go back to snoring loudly, as per usual.


Hear! Hear!
Better late than never.
Turnbull (and his intermittent electricity lobbyist buddies) killed off Abbott bragging he could do better and would deliver more votes from elsewhere than the number of pissed off conservatives who’d leave.
Turnbull couldn’t and didn’t.
Turnbull couldn’t even do the numbers to make sure he didn’t fail before declaring the leadership open.
And people wonder why this two time loser (1st as opposition leader trying to ram in the Ruddy ets. 2nd as PM trying to ram in his No 24/7 Electricity Generators policy sight unsee with Shorten) had to go?


I want to know why Malcolm Turnbull having a huge conflict of interests in the installation of intermittent electricity in Australia by his own investments (Xenophon and Turnbull working together for years on their own EIS) and those of his immediate family (Alex Turnbull!🤬) wasn’t more widely reported BEFORE the election!.

Up The Workers!

"...I could never work out why Short Willy got away with..."

To be honest, nobody outside of the Crims' Party and their doormat Farce Command could definitively answer that - and then the answer you'd get wouldn't be an honest one, BUT if you want my best guess,

I'll give you two clues; both pictures.

One is a picture of a toilet bowl; otherwise known as a ****;
The other is a picture of a walking stick; otherwise known as a ****.

Go Figure!

Dennis Thompson

Behind the left's push to remove PM Abbott from office as reported by Christopher Monckton;

Wayne Shaft

Oh 😳I thought 💭 maybe a little Pea Green Boat 🚣 But a little Yellow French Diesel Battery Submarine will suffice .🌈🚀

Michelle Two

Any wonder the AWU scandal that was a feature in WA was of no interest to pursue for either political team for the circles you hang around one might be tainted by association..
She was wooed from Adelaide to Perth by the property developer with bouquets of carnations after the pair met through mutual friends, according to reports.

The pair wed in 1983 and Mr Gillon later moved to Rome for Bond Corporation, in what a Fairfax profile would describe as an 'unfeasible commute'. The marriage was over five years later.

A friend of Mr Gillon, businessman John Poynton, told Daily Mail Australia: 'I wouldn't imagine Julie would have had anything other than cursory connection to Bond.'

Michelle Two

They must have released the cabinet papers from the Howard era as The Australian is flooded with stories from them today.
From gun control to mass sackings when he was in office..
I was reading up on Michael Costello the Foreign Affairs and Trade secretary under Keating and wondering if he was related to Peter in any way, shape or form..

Not much has changed since this time only the Globalist threats have become exposed as to what these politicians were working towards, an end goal were they blind or being led by the nose knowing all along they were advancing a New World Order??
Michael Costello was secretary in the last years of the Keating Labor Government, years characterised, above all, by an intensification of Australia’s engagement with Asia. This ambition for more comprehensive relationships with Asia was occasioned partly by the end of the Cold War but was also generated by the need felt by Australia — along with most other countries — to define its role in the new global order. The debate about civilisation and values sparked by Samuel Huntington’s 1993 ‘Clash of Civilizations’ article was a foretaste of the challenges of terrorism and the ‘rise’ of Islam.[1]

Internationally, this period marked some high points and low points for multilateralism. It not only featured the completion of the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade Negotiations, but also the emergence of unprecedented regionalism around the world: in Europe (the 1992 Maastricht Treaty); in North America (the 1993 NAFTA Agreement); and in the Asia Pacific (APEC’s first summit was in 1993). Tragically, it was also the time of the break-up of Yugoslavia and the aftermath, including the United Nations mixed record in humanitarian intervention and nation-building.

Costello was secretary of the Department of Industrial Relations at the time of his appointment to head DFAT. He had previously been, for several years, deputy secretary of the department and had also served as Australian Ambassador to the United Nations in New York. He had played a prominent role in negotiating the Cambodia Peace Agreement on behalf of Foreign Minister, Gareth Evans, personally undertaking what was perhaps Australia’s first example of ‘shuttle diplomacy’.

During this period, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Costello himself, were directly involved in Australia’s pro-active approach to Asia. Yet departmental management continued to be strained by expectations that ‘DFAT would do more with less’.[2] Costello was comfortable with both his policy and managerial responsibilities. The Howard Government’s summary dismissal of Costello, along with five other departmental secretaries, when it took office in March 1996 was much later described by journalist Paul Kelly as ‘the greatest blood-letting upon any change of government since Federation’.[3]

Since leaving DFAT, Michael Costello has, amongst other things, been active as a commentator on national and international affairs for The Australian newspaper, while also working as CEO of ACTEW, the Australian Capital Territory’s electricity and water authority.

Dennis Thompson

It would compliment the yellow tie.

Dennis Thompson

W.A. Inc.

Carmen of Amnesia and the others.


The wake up call is coming for those who still rely on the controlled media for their information, particularly from the evil twins ABC/SBS. Still too many sheep glued to the ball games and whatever other fantasies that holds their attention - but all that will soon change.

 Very Old & Tired Grey Coat

2 Antoine D'Arche,

Who cares what a bunch of useless Party Hacks think,
because they apparently don,t reflect the vast will
of a lot of The Voting Public anymore.

The quicker a lot of these(so-called)"Representatives"
get turfed-out ..the better.

People in General either stand for True Freedom &
proper Democratic principles & genuine Free-Enterprise
..or they Don,t !


Here are a few other interesting articles on Julie Bishop:

Michelle Two

As the world's political scenes fall around the world all our politicians seem concerned about is the UN program on the Women's agenda and quota's of who can get the most women in a political seat..
These souls have lost the plot if that is all they have to worry about, it seems to keep the media entertained but the population is tiring of all this bitching and competition amid themselves..
My team is better then yours!! Ner! Ne! Ner!! things to thank Gillard for the lowering of standards in what is acceptable behaviour amid grown women and men who also buy into the argument of gender equality..
Socialist policies are always one of envy, jealousy and control.. and it doesn't matter what gender you are..
Liberal assistant ministers Sarah Henderson and Linda Reynolds have pushed back against claims the party is anti-women and ­defended the Coalition’s merit-based system of choosing candidates, urging against Labor-inspired female quotas.

The intervention of the two senior Liberal women came after Julia Banks — who quit the government to sit as an independent over unspecified claims of bullying during the leadership turmoil in ­August — declared the Liberal Party had a women problem.

Ms Henderson, who holds the marginal seat of Corangamite and is a former Victorian colleague of Ms Banks, told The Australian the Coalition’s record on delivering for women “far exceeded Labor”.
A senior female Liberal MP’s claim that Labor has “weaponised” the Coalition’s women’s issue is “just ridiculous” and “very ill-informed”, according to opposition frontbencher Linda Burney.

Hitting back at Home Affairs Assistant Minister Linda Reynolds’ attack against Bill Shorten and his party’s “whatever it takes approach”, Ms Burney said the suggestion Labor women had “exploited” the issue of gender in the Liberal Party was laughable.

“I’m trying not to laugh. This is just a ridiculous statement by Senator Reynolds. The affirmative action and the quota system that Labor has put in place speaks for itself. I’ve been involved from 2003 in this issue and I know it very well,” Ms Burney told ABC radio.

Of the government’s 105 members and senators, just 21 are women, while 44 of Labor’s 95 members and senators are women.


I'm charging you with plagiarism, Titch. You can only have got that post above so word perfect by having a bug planted in my living room.

Michelle Two

From HBS in 2016..

Pedro the Maroon

Had Abbott been leader at the last election, the LNP would have lost. Plain and simple. Proven liar Abbott is despised the majority of Australians.

Pedro the Maroon

Trump is the one who should be worried about treason charges. In bed with the Russians.

Pedro the Maroon

Peter Dutton - who can't count. Who has let in 60,000 illegal via overstayers.

Pedro the Maroon

Labor will win the next election. Handsomely. And the LNP will not get within cooee of Canberra for three terms. And then they'll only have a chance if they cut out the right wing conservatives form their ranks. Australia stopped listening to the LNP years ago.

Pedro the Maroon

Ah Larry the racist. RIP.

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