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Russell Street bomber operating distressing Twitter account from Barwon Prison

Craig Minogue is a prisoner in Victoria's high security Barwon Prison.  He should be completely out of circulation, but somehow he's pumping out regular and confronting messages to the world via Twitter.

Thirty years ago Minogue and others parked a Commodore loaded with explosives outside the Russell Street Police Headquarters.  He timed the explosion for 1PM on a busy Easter Thursday.  He murdered Constable Angela Taylor and seriously wounded others when the bomb went off.

I was at the Police Academy for Angela's funeral.  Eighteen weeks later I won the Angela Taylor Memorial Prize as Dux of my double squad intake.  I felt a great affinity with Angela and I worked with many of the police who were casualties alongside her that day.

For a couple of weeks in 1987 my squad mates and I had the horrible duty of escorting Minogue and his co-offenders from Pentridge Prison to the Melbourne Magistrates' Court during their committal for trial. That meant strip searching them in Pentridge, riding in brawler vans to the City Watch-House, strip searching them again - and sitting beside them in the dock.

Minogue and his mates openly mocked and threatened us.  We issued them with crayons to take notes in court as we thought pens or pencils could be used as weapons against us. Minogue successfully appealed to Chief Magistrate Darcy Dugan for the right to use biros.

As soon as they had the pens in their hands, Minogue's co-offender Peter Reed turned to Minogue and, gesturing at me, said, "I could put that straight through his eye".  Minogue laughed and repeated the stabbing gesture.

Minogue is locked up away from society for a good reason.  He is a dangerous, hardened criminal.  The security around him should be tight - but it's a joke.  He's in daily contact with the outside world through this account.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.53.44 pm

And here's what MINOGUE's been up to during the past week.

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 12.53.44 pm

How can the Victorian Government tolerate this blatant and extremely distressing breach of prison security?

To Premier Andrews, here's the Twitter account:

It's now 30 years since I sat in Darcy Dugan SM's court room to hear the excruciating details of what these vicious cop killers did.  Writing this story has brought all of that pain and horror back and even though I consider myself a fairly hardy soul it's highly distressing. Premier please, get on to Twitter and shut this animal's account down.