Turnbull's latest outing trying to bury the Coalition on energy policy
Bob Dole salutes the late George HW Bush. Lest We Forget.

Still waiting for the ABC to cover the Alex Turnbull sexist horror outrage


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  • Alex Turnbull, former PM's son, names 'top 5 craziest Liberals'

    "A lot of [my dad's] legacy is fighting the good fight against the crazies."

    /TRIPLEJ3minutes read
  • RN Drive - Alex Turnbull on Wentworth

    Duration: 14 minutes 59 seconds

    One of the more interesting factors in the race is the intervention of Malcolm Turnbull's son, Alex, who's openly backing Labor.

  • RN Drive - Alex Turnbull, TPP and feral cats

    Duration: 1 hour 27 minutes 12 seconds


  • Alex Turnbull urges Wentworth voters to ditch Liberal

    Duration: 17 seconds

    Alex Turnbull took to Facebook to urge voters in Wentworth to send a message to the Liberal Party's "hard right" by not voting for them.

  • Scott Morrison hits back after Alex Turnbull urges voters to abandon Liberals in Wentworth

    The son of former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull issues a blunt assessment of the state of the Liberal Party, urging Wentworth-by election voters to steer clear, but PM Scott Morrison says his predecessor doesn't share the sentiment.

    /NEWS2minutes read
  • Alex Turnbull: Coal miners exerting 'undue influence' on Liberal Party, says son of former PM Malcolm Turnbull

    Speaking out after his father lost the Liberal leadership, Alex Turnbull described Australia's energy policy as 10 years of "panic and mania", and said it made no economic sense to build new coal-fired power plants.

    /NEWS4minutes read
  • PM - Energy policy chaos helps hedge funds like mine, but not consumers: Alex Turnbull

    Duration: 6 minutes 21 seconds

    Singapore-based investment banker Alex Turnbull speaks with PM on the end of his father's tenure as prime minister and the "cycles of mayhem and panic" created over years of federal energy policy.

    /RADIOMorrison avoids dwelling on climate change, but will Wentworth voters?
  • The Government is correct when it judges voters are focused on power prices, but it underestimates people's concern about emission and commitment to renewables, and Alex Turnbullknows this, writes Michelle Grattan.

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Monday PM

Duration: 30 minutes

On Monday's PM: whither energy policy in the Morrison Government?; investment banker Alex Turnbull, the son of the former PM, shares his view on some Liberal MPs' obsession with coal; and the UN recommends Myanmar's military leaders be investigated and prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Come to think about it ...Tracey Spicer has been kind of quiet.
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