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The Australian today on Waleed Aly's unbelievable double-standards

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Searched at an airport? Horrific. Waleed Aly, Network Ten’s The Project, December 19:

I’ve only … (been searched) once … (as) I was trying to leave Israel and … it just went for hours, basically … I did have to undo my jeans. And the thing about it is that you don’t know where it’s going to end. And they explain nothing … So you’re just in this situation, you don’t know why. The power imbalance is horrific … I’ve never left a situation more shaken or angry … We don’t need more of that.

Blown up by a terrorist? Irritating. Aly, The Sydney Morning Herald, April 19, 2013:

US President Barack Obama’s (response to the Boston Marathon bombing) was cool and authoritative … This is a far cry from the kind of hysteria that typically follows a terrorist attack … It’s almost as if we’re dealing with an unfortunate matter of routine … I have two theories on this. The most encouraging one is that we’re fin­ally maturing in the way we handle terrorism. Gone is the triumphalist rhetoric … In its place is a far more sober, pragmatic recognition that terrorism is a perpetual irritant …