Peter Dutton explains the decision to strip an Islamic State terrorist of his Australian citizenship
Hamas official - unacceptable for Western nations to have embassies in Israel


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Up The Workers!

This is the glorious "wukkas' paradise" that the carpet-bagging socialist solicitors' club that runs the Labor(sic) party these days, (plus gullible cranks like Get Up and Michael(TDA)) crave for.

Like all good socialists (the Nazis, the Commos, the Khmer Rouge, the Watermelons, the Soros/Clintons) they see themselves as dining at the top table and feeding the teeming masses on the crumbs that fall from their table.


Ah Cmon, I couldn’t see any skinny starving folk (virtual skeletons) trying toget supplies - WHOOPS - they prob stampled underfoot!, viewed only big breasted, big arsed and grossly overfed squabbling harlots creating mayhem.

Wayne Shaft

Why don't they just go to CENTRELINK ? 😳😳😳

"The Global Serf"

2 Up The Workers,

You are Spot-On !

There it all is, staring you right in the face ! for even the
very thickest & most incredibly stupid People in Australia to
see in its Full Glory !

To this very day, there are still a lot of incredibly stupid
& dumb-asse ( & brain-washed) "Party-Hack"-Type People who think
this could never happen,.. . ever here.

"The Elite" need to be not only fully exposed, but a lot
more People desperately need to face the stark reality & WAKE-UP.

People who very foolishly & voluntary end up Electing
a nasty sly & brutal "Elite" who will lie through their teeth
to you & put up all sorts of entirely false & altruistic
good-sounding aims & policies to fool("The Sheeple") at every
turn & will say & do anything to very slyly
"Cover Their Tracks".

Here in this situation (You are dealing here with both outright
Corruption, Criminality & Chicanery & Deceit) used against You
in the highest order, but also very cleverly done to calm
but ultimately to fool you !

"BE WARNED" ! (because We have already witnessed acts of
Treason in this Country.)

In every single case in a Socialistic/Communistic/Dictatorial/
Collectivist Society & Country There is always a supreme "Elite"
who "Live the life of absolute Luxury" & are always protected
& backed up by a ruthless & highly organised type of organised
brutal & sadistic "Thug Force" using concocted "Laws" to further
extend their advantage.

And all the while The Great Mass of People end up living
in absolute squalor & are also have to "Take it Up the Shorts"
& are brutalized & betrayed, robbed (by any & all means,possible
including.."Laws") & have their Assets stolen & their Freedom
totally destroyed.
(& It has all happened before !)

This is situation is always steeped in both "Spin" Good sounding
"Gobelty-Gook" Lies & Deceit & used with utter confusion,
all designed very cleverly to keep the gullible "Sheeple"
in line.

Think this could never happen here ?

then enter & read,

832 VS.27.7 MILLION PEOPLE by Louis Cook

Your Choice !

*PS: Even in a Dictatorship ..some "Elements" of
"The Big End of Town" astonishingly, seem to remain protected !
A Type of "Corporate State" that (some-how).. remains exempt.
& a highly select & very exclusive "International Corporate-Type State"
.. & Club (just like in Nazi Germany in WW:2) !

Its these type of "people" backed up by a Conspiratorial "Elite"
who will care nothing for "The Serfs" ... (& the crumbs that
fall from their table) ..alright !

Up The Workers!

"Why don't they go to Centrelink?"

They can't stand the queues!


Socialism! Philosophy of Failure. The equal sharing of Poverty!


Don't ever think that this cannot happen here...that video could be a snapshot of downtown " Mogadishu by the Yarra " after three terms of federal Liebor Government, ably assisted by " Dan the Man " and his dropkicks.


The third seal indicated in Revelation chapter6 verse 5/6 foretells a future famine in the earth


That is what chills my blood. They could be Australian’s, We talked about it this morning, Every day kind of people.
And both of us agree, if it’s our grandchildren or great grandchildren that were at home and hungry, we would be in there too, and at our age ,getting knocked down.. See, my mother taught me well, I can worry about the drop of a hanky!! But we should be careful.

Stan M

I remember not all that long ago our "Elites" were telling us how wonderful it was in Venezuela, A virtual "workers paradise" we were told by our betters. How is that working out for you guys now?

"The Global Serf"

2 John,

Who knows, perhaps the starving takes a little longer after
the weight-gain starts to dissipate & the anarchy starts to kick in.
& the (virtual skeletons) turn up later.

Venezuela (which was a once relatively well-off Country
(for some) with its Oil ).. is definitely now starting to slide
into Chaos !

I, wonder how The Large International Bankers &
The Huge Multi-National Corporate "Outfits" fare
even, (The State Owned Ones) & how they all come out of this ?

I, hope they enjoy their brand of Socialism !... it really
does look like fun ..(not) !

Fear not !... You can get Fat & Ugly easily, on low grade
junk food & by eating non-nutritious rubbish..
& scavenged food !

Lets see how it all pans out for a lot of People there !

& oh,yes lets not forget... The Joys of Socialism.

Guinea-Pigs anyone ?


Is it a gas, gas, gas? ;) No, just "WLTP" crap coming, courtesy of the EU, and the global warming alarmists. Shorten[ing] odds, or is that sods? Just get on board with Bill, after the next federal election, emissions not withstanding.


Venezuela used to be one of the oil rich countries in South America until the left/socialists infiltrated every important public institution and controlled govt socialist policies which would see the Greens and all their Labor-Left/GetUp activists dancing in the streets.

Unfortunately, the EU/Britain/Canada and Australia are going down the same path as Venezuela. In Australia it was ramped up by Rudd-Gillard-Rudd with dodgy Malcolm Turnbull taking it to another level.


Just what the Australian Labor Party have in mind for Australia

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