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Former Liberal Grant Schultz tips a huge parting bucket on the Party

From the outside looking in the Liberal Party appears to be a disconnected, incoherent rabble.

Labor is very good at managing events like this one in Gilmore today.  The Liberals are shockers.

Warren Mundine is an outstanding candidate and will be a welcome addition to the Party and the parliament if he wins this seat.  People like Warren come along rarely and bringing them in laterally takes care and a lot of sensitive work - but the end results make all of that worthwhile.

Why wasn't a very senior Lib assigned to sit down with the man who though his preselection was assured and work through an alternative arrangement for him?

Grant Schultz does not sound like a man who's been taken into the confidence of the senior leadership.  He sounds like someone who's been badly treated and who wants to inflict maximum damage on the party to which, until this morning, he was giving his all.

It's awful to watch these people tear each other apart - and it's so unnecessary.