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Hitting the hard-right with people power!

Everyday people can nominate the hard-right MPs they want booted from Parliament as GetUp builds its 2019 federal election strategy.

GetUp is gearing up to take on hard right MPs after 92% of members called on the organisation to target the politicians who stand in the way of progress on the issues they care most about.

GetUp National Director Paul Oosting said residents from all over Australia can now visit a newly launched website to nominate the specific hard-right MPs they want targeted to be sent packing on election day.

“The out of touch, anti-progress MPs in Parliament right now are on borrowed time,” he said.

“There’s a huge groundswell of enthusiasm to turf out anyone with right-wing views on climate change, refugees and on social issues like marriage equality. We want people from all over the country to tell us who’s the worst of a bad bunch.’’

A record 23,000 GetUp members took part in the 2019 Federal Election Survey, which, along with voter conversations, will help determine GetUp’s campaign priorities and strategy for the year ahead.

The top five issues for respondents were:

•Pushing for urgent action to address climate change and stopping Adani digging their Carmichael mine​ 

•Supercharging the transition to renewable energies like solar and wind

•Securing an immediate evacuation to safety of all the refugees and people seeking asylum held on Manus Island and Nauru

•Ensuring that Medicare, schools and other essential services are adequately funded

•Protecting ABC and SBS funding, independence and integrity


“People are fed up with politicians blocking meaningful action on the issues they care most about and are raring to work together to make change,’’ Mr Oosting said.

“This election effort is going be huge, we already have thousands of hours committed by volunteers and are in awe of their dedication to have a lasting impact on election day.’’


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 by Paul Oosting, GetUp, 14/338 Pitt St, Sydney