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Big Boxing Day for the Setkas - his wife allegedly blew .28, speeding with kids in the car

IR Minister Kelly O'Dwyer wrong on Setka - the Labor Party is where he belongs

Setka is right at home in Labor.  

A violent thug and hypocrite.

Kelly O'Dwyer is taking the wrong approach here.

She should be driving home the point that Setka is an integral part of a stinking, hypocritical corrupted party.  

Asking Labor to expel him legitimises Labor.  

Minister O'Dwyer should be focussed on destroying Labor, not elevating it.

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Workplace Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer has called on Bill Shorten to force CFMMEU boss John Setka out of the Labor Party, after he was arrested over an altercation with his wife on Boxing Day.

The Herald Sun reported today that Mr Setka, the Victorian head of the CFMMEU, had been charged after a Boxing Day incident involving wife Emma Walters at the family home.

Speaking at the KPMG Couta boat races at the Victorian seaside town of Sorrento, Ms O’Dwyer said today that the allegations against Mr Setka were “very disturbing” and should not be tolerated by anyone, including the Opposition Leader.


Here's the CFMEU's alleged position on violence against women.  Any bets on what action it will take against SETKA?

And here's the man himself.

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