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Nicola Roxon's incognito talkback call to 2UE - a reminder of unfinished business in The AWU Scandal

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The Federal Attorney General is Australia's first law officer - responsible for the administration of justice.  The AG's portfolio includes ASIO, the power to authorise telecommunications intercepts and responsibility for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions. 

In late 2011, Julia Gillard removed Robert McClelland from the job and appointed her old friend from Maurice Blackburn lawyers during The AWU Scandal, Nicola Roxon.

This post is a reminder of how Australia was governed during Gillard's time at the helm - and of the lengths Gillard/Roxon would go to to keep The AWU Scandal coverup in place.

As my exposure of The AWU Scandal was unfolding on 2UE in September, 2011 I received this talkback call from Jacquie of Victoria.


Can you imagine it?  The Commonwealth Attorney General pretending to be a talkback caller trying to protect Gillard and others from scrutiny arising from The AWU Scandal.

Don't believe me?

Here's "Jacquie" in extracts from the talkback call above interspersed with the genuine Nicola Roxon in a media interview with journalist Hugh Riminton.



How much lower could the Australian Government sink?

This corruption remains largely unexposed.

This year we'll do our best to change that.

There are many loose ends in The AWU Scandal but it's always the coverup that gets them in the end.

Every touch leaves its trace.

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