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Report HERE - Neil Comrie AO APM's damning findings on "ethical breaches" in Victoria Police

Here's how Nine (home of the former Fairfax) is reporting the scandal.

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Victoria police have admitted the force’s breath-test scandal had been a “blight” on its reputation.

A report released yesterday found police had a target to limit the number of drink-drivers caught to a maximum of one in 200 breath tests.

The bogus breath tests, dubbed “falsies” by some officers, were done by either blowing into breathalysers themselves, or putting a finger over the hole where the disposable straw is usually attached, in order to register a .00 result.

Limiting the number of drink-drivers caught would show the "don't drink drive" message was working and the number of drunk-drivers was falling.

Retired police commissioner Neil Comrie investigated claims more than 258,000 tests had been faked over five and a half years.


And here's Kel Glare's executive summary and his key recommendations.

Damning.  Uphold the Right?

Investigation report - Vict... by on Scribd

Where would the motivation for police to reduce the % of drunk drivers come from - if not the Force's political masters?

UPDATE - my apologies to Neil Comrie!  I worked for Chief Commissioner Kel Glare and made the freudian slip of putting Mr Glare's name in the headline earlier today, thanks to all those readers who pointed my blue out!