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The Australian today reports the great news that Tony Abbott has kicked off a Liberal Party competitor to GetUp.

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Tony Abbott will direct a Liberal Party social media campaign mach­ine on the back of almost half a million of his Facebook followers in a bid by the federal party to mobilise its centre-right support base as an election counter to the left-wing activist group GetUp.

The move to mirror the election campaign tactics used by Labor and groups aligned to the Left has been backed by Scott Morrison and the federal Liberal secretariat as a key campaign and fundraising vehicle ahead of the May election.

The creation of a campaign website based around Mr Abbott’s extensive social media footprint follows concerns among senior Liberals that the party, and the ­centre right more broadly, had failed since the 2007 election loss to deal with Labor’s formidable campaign resourcing and the success of the activist Left.

Mr Abbott has the largest social media footprint of any federal MP, with 450,000 Facebook followers.


It's called Battlelines (after Tony's book) and you'll find the website here:


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I'm proud to say that I was the first cab off the rank joining the fight against unions bright and early this morning.

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I urge you to click here, go to Battlelines and join Tony's team!