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Shorten's "fine" with sending Manus/Nauru detainees to Christmas Is for treatment

Bill Gates - let's stop jerking around with batteries & solar panels for climate change

This is Bill Gates at Stanford University with Arun Majumdar, the director of the University's Energy Institute. 

Gates says we're "jerking around" with the idea that batteries and so called renewables will easily solve climate change.

“Do you guys on Wall Street have something in your desks that makes steel? Where is fertilizer, cement, plastic going to come from? Do planes fly through the sky because of some number you put in a spreadsheet?”

“The idea that we have the current tools and it’s just because these utility people are evil people and if we could just beat on them and put (solar panels) on our rooftop—that is more of a block than climate denial,” Gates said. “The ‘climate is easy to solve’ group is our biggest problem.”

Someone should tell The Greens.