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Dear ABC - independent investigation of Covington boys finds no evidence of racist or offensive comments

Dear ABC News Breakfast & Michael Rowland in particular,

You gave quite a bit of time and passion to your false report about the boys from Covington Catholic School.

Shortly after you and others broadcast highly prejudicial stories about the boys, the Diocese of Covington instructed the law firm Dressman, Benzinger, Lavelle (DBL Law) to engage an arm's length team of private investigators to examine and report on the boys' behaviour in Washington.  

On 22 January 2019 DBL Law engaged Greater Cincinnati Investigations to conduct the investigation. The investigation was a 240 man hour exercise carried out by a team of 4 licensed investigators.  Their methodology and findings appear to be sound.

I've published their investigation report below, including key findings exonerating the boys.

I've also published a self-explanatory letter from Bishop Roger Foys of the Diocese of Covington.

Given the prominence you gave to your false report defaming these young people, what are your plans regarding the truth?  

I think you owe it to your viewers and to these young men to set the record straight.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Smith


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