Vatican statement on Cardinal Pell's appeal against conviction
How much would you expect to pay for a Snowy 2.0?


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Up The Workers!

Another fine example of judgement and commitment from a woman who is a willing
member of a political Party led by a cowardly accused child-molesting rapist only free from prison because of the corrupt favours of its very low friends in very high places.

In biblical terms, it is more on the side of Cain, than Abel.

In her opinion, it is apparently perfectly OK to child molest and rape women, if you are a Labor member, but it is a terrible crime to allegedly call them names, if you are a Liberal.

Why isn't this woman still Premier of New South Wales, I wonder.


If I said: "That I would like to give her a treat {between the sheets]", does that make me, one too? ;) Rip van [T]Onselen, blown Sky [High] News! LOL A case in point? - "Kristina Keneally pays tribute to Peter van Onselen leaving To The Point" -


Can I assume the position, or is that juxtaposition? ;) - "Sen. Kristina Keneally (ALP-NSW) - First Speech (Mar 27, 2018)" -

Julie of Geelong

YES - let’s start a list!!

If that was a Liberal saying that the media would hound them into the ground!!!


In her own words: - "Sunlight isn't just an effective disinfectant, it is an essential precondition." ...So, Australia get ready to disinfect on election day! Australia cannot afford a Shorten aberration, i.e. a Labor government!

Up The Workers!

With all the rabid gloating on the A.L.P.B.C., Neinfacts, 10, 7 and the Socialist Bullshittery Service at the spectacular success of Labor's "Get Pell" campaign, I'm surprised that the leftard activist presstitutes with their camera and sound crews have apparently not yet sought out the famous Labor cultural icon and hero, "Troughman" for his mid-performance opinion on the devious practices of the two major Christian faiths.

Labor has undoubtedly got the 65 votes of the convicted child-molesters at the Ararat "Village of the Damned" in the bag, but I wonder how the 5,291,839 Catholics and the 3.1 million Anglicans (i.e. 8,391,839 total) will view the targeted "stitch-up" by Bonking Billy Short-One's Party, come election day?

Have they had Party Federal President and legendary mathematician, Wayne Swan doing their very complicated "numbers" once again, by any chance?

Maybe accused child-molesting rapists who live in glass houses, shouldn't throw boulders!


Takes one to know one!

Tony H

So says this lying cheating woman! She led the most corrupt Labor Government in NSW in history. How many of her former colleagues have gone to jail, been the subject of ICAC inquiries? What a hypocrite! The truth is most woman are left wing nut jobs and are automatically attracted to the Labor and Greens.


She just irritates me, to the point of using unladylike like language.😷😷


They should respond well to darl or petal.

Michelle Two

Only if you want to join the ALP in the gutter...rise above name calling and point out policy issues..Play the ball not the man (with no gender puns intended)...


Feminists want to be treated equally so why not? I wonder what prompted KK’s outburst and why did she only target Liberal Party men?


Does she have any evidence to back up her claim, or is she just saying this to score brownie points with the handbag hit squad?


Obviously hasn’t been alone in a room with the rapist yet

Old Digger

Let's start with Kenneally: liar.

Julie of Geelong

I can think of a few!!


Does this mean it is OK to call Labor(sic) women names?

You just did mate, the only worse name would be "Green".


Yep , how about calling women SECOND CLASS CITIZENS

Stan M are not allowed to call the females of the Labor/Greens names. They are all "Sacred Cows" and must be respected. Conservative males are fair game to the opposition and deserve no respect.


Women like Keneally are troublemakers


Maybe it was this neanderthal caveman using big words that triggered her?

Jordan Peterson Confronts Australian Politician on Gender Politics and Quotas | Q&A


A do nothing failure, calling men Neanderthals? Christ there's some serious irony!

Geoffrey of Perth

Kenneally personifies why quotas in the Labor Party should be abandoned. An intellectual microbe who has screwed up everything she has ever done in politics and parachuted into a Senate seat because she is a woman, not because she has any talent.


She was matching wits with a man that speaks to people equally. No PC with Jordan. The woman made a fool of herself with her tokenism and leftard slogans. He literally ripped her a new one! Well deserved too.


So Keneally it is also fair to say that Labor men are alleged Rapists. Lucky eh !

Just Thinkin'

I have for years.

The first class citizens all get
Large handouts from the tax payer.


Street talent? - "Miracle Boy | Talented Small Vendor Boy | Indian Streets Talent | Jarvis Baba" -


I have nothing to say that is complimentary about Kristina Keneally...she made it obvious to anyone with a functioning brain, what she was like when she was Premier of NSW....a complete dud.

O/T: I read somewhere recently that someone made the suggestion that the woman who alleges that Bull Shitten raped her, should run as an independent in Bull Shitten's seat this coming election.If she was up to it, what a splendid idea.


This little outburst makes me wonder if accusations/charges of racism can't be levelled and fired back at her as far as describing a particular section of our society she happens not to like or agree with as Neanderthals is concerned. The works of the Neanderthals have been with us for far longer than any doubtful contribution this twerp has made or will ever make and a large percentage of modern humans carry their genes. Keneally should get some manners and shut her mouth and stop making comments of this type. Just to remind her, the Neanderthals survived many thousands of years of snow, ice and bitter cold without needing to plaster their dwellings with taxpayer funded solar panels. Smarter than you Kenealy? I think so.

FB Of Perth

Saw her on Sky News with the smirking self righteous PVO the best day ever when she was given a Senate position the both went. She is one of the reason so many females who are smart and articulate and can hold their own side step politics all she has to offer is childish immature snipes a bar far far to low for many women.

FB Of Perth



"her tokenism and leftard slogans"


She is wearing a white jacket.

Perhaps Billy better check she has not got a Pelosi Roman Sceptre broach..

Michelle Two

Sweet cheeks if you really want to rile them up a bit..


One more thing KK. Of course you know there were also Neanderthal women.


Kristina Keneally should have remained as the boss of Basketball Australia. But her ego was responsible for her becoming a federal senator, when she had failed abysmally as the premier of NSW previously. She's just another pig in the trough.

Michelle Two

I must say call them "LOVE" and the feminists may just flip.. "Yes love, whatever you say love" mighty strong is the light of love and the emotions it brings up.. in those that fear it..


Anybody's gurll . She is a cretin .

seeker of truth

Keneally is ignorant that the term Neanderthal also covers females. The Neanderthal women then interbred with Denisovans.

Anyway, Keneally should know about women being treated as second class citizens. Even though she was Premier of NSW, the leader of her faction of the Labor Party, namely Eddie Obeid, kept her in the dark of the deals he was doing behind her back.

Then there is Bill Shorten. Shorten treated her as a second class citizen, opportunistically using her public profile to run against John Alexander when six months earlier she had stated that she had finished with politics and that there were more talented and worthy members of the NSW ALP who should be given their opportunity to run for Parliament. One of those talented and worthy ALP females stood aside so that she could play Bill Shorten's political games. Keneally was also on a promise from Shorten that if she lost against Alexander she would be given a Senate seat. A few months later she replaced Sam Dastyari ahead of those talented and worthy NSW ALP members who had done the hard yards.

Keneally treated the voters in the electorate of Heffron as second class citizens, using them to get a seat in Parliament then dumping the area to move to a more affluent suburb on the northern side of Sydney. Then the deal was done for her husband Ben to become Mayor of Botany Council

Steve J

Kennealy is 'Ken Hopeless.


There is one Labor woman I would like to see given a special nickname. That nickname would be "defendant". You can probably guess who I mean.

seeker of truth

She found an excuse to jump ship on Basketball Australia then immediately signed up with Fox to co-host The Contrarians. The love of money and the sound of her own voice might have had something to do with it. Kristina Keneally is a very opinionated woman and she needed a better platform than Basketball Australia to get the attention she thought she deserved.


Is that one of Eddie Obied's glove puppets calling men of certain allegiances neandrathals?

Who's hand fills the glove puppet today? Must be the hand of Emily's List.

I'm sure Kristina would be dismayed if someone put out a picture of her sitting compliantly on Obied's hand. It'd be unkind, but quite a fair statement.


Remember how she arched up and had Latham removed from Outsiders, what a hypocrite


I imagine there would not be any male politicians prepared to risk getting the MeToo treatment.

Using such a confrontational group "identity" flag would have to be a fair warning.

I can't imagine there will be much bonhomie associated with any of her dealings.

Kinda like a voluntary political AVO.


She could always get a job for Gillette.


Sounds petty I know, but her voice drives me nuts.


Perfectly said seeker of truth. Kristina Keneally is simply a selfish woman.

Up The Workers!

Perhaps she should address her question to the Liberal Party's former Senator, Amanda Vanstone.

I seem to recall that Labor Party "men" called her quite a few choice names during her Parliamentary career, although maybe, like rape and child-molesting, it's OK when you carry an Allah's Local Party membership card on you.

Selectively blind, deaf, dumb and bent A.L.P. Police Chiefs and bent A.L.P. D.P.P.'s solicitors certainly seem to think so.


In the NSW Parliament, Kristina Keneally did a Gillard Misogyny act - "I'm nobody's girrrl"-


The abominable treatment of abuse victims from state institutions under Keneally's government - deny everything and litigate them into the ground- mysteriously gets ignored by THE PC media. And a token hearing by the Gillard-McClellan Royal Commission saw the head of community services (Plibersek's ex-junkie boyfriend) beaten on the wrist with a feather ('tut tut, that isn't very good, is it?'). Funny that, isn't it?

She rails at dissident Catholic love-ins against the authority of pope's and bishops, but showed plenty of devoted Obeid-ience in Macquarie St.

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