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Former SAS trooper John Anon on the threat from illegal people-smuggler boats

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(Former SAS operator John Anon boarding an Indonesian vessel at sea)

Our parliamentarians don't understand the threat posed by boats

John Anon

Just observing the political fiasco going on in Australia over illegal boat arrivals recently makes my blood boil, and I have great fears that our UN-proxy parliamentarians have just thrown all Australians under the bus.

While serving in the SAS I spent a lot of time on patrol boats that were tasked to track illegals coming into Australia by boat, and all departed from Indonesia, we knew from the time they departed Indonesia that they were on their way.

In my time we boarded up to 60 illegal people smuggling boats, many almost sinking by the time we intercepted them. My role was to gain intelligence from the smugglers, and illegals coming into Australia, and it became very clear very quickly that the illegals were very well briefed on what to say and not to say.

All the illegals I personally encountered were from a Middle Eastern background or Asian. None of them had any documentation that confirmed who they were but I was able to obtain information from a few of the illegals that they were told to destroy all documentation that could clearly identify who the individual was and origin.

Back in the late 90’s there was females amongst the mix of illegals who all timed their journey to Australia when they were about to give birth, I recall one time we were able to get to two boats carrying illegals just hours before the boats sank, and there were multiple women already showing signs they were going into labor. 

The obvious concerns we had was we could not verify any of the people that were illegally entering Australia, or back then attempting to! A profitable smuggling route had been established, it was lucrative for smugglers and they paid off the Indonesian authorities.  Illegals were coached through the process and it was almost impossible to determine who was entering Australia.

Now we have a global infestation of terrorism supported by many more sympathisers and Australia is a target. I can guarantee that if the politicians allow these illegals into Australia without knowing exactly 100% who they are then they are opening the chook house to the fox! To put it bluntly this will be the last straw to break the camels back with regards to border protection, our last line of Defence would have been broken. 

Our intelligence agencies, border protection and other agencies work to protect Australia from this exact threat, so it's infuriating to see them betrayed by a hopeless parliament that is completely compromising our national security.

We are in very dangerous times, the threat that used to come from Asia and Middle East is now closer to Australia, and we just handed them the keys to our back door. 

I am really concerned for what’s coming, not to mention what is already in Australia and what our children will have to endure in years to come, Australia is no longer a safe place compared to 10-20 years ago.

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Here are a few reminders from Shaz of Christmas Island.





Lovely note from Shaz overnight!

Shazz said:
Wind in the sails as I type! We are all in deep trouble if Labor get in. They won’t stop the boats, they need the votes. As for the faux independents CAT PACK, they need a major reality check. Let’s hope the sheeple see through the stacked Labir-Green stooges. Independent my fat giddy aunt! ScoMo needs to deduct the expense from this fiasco from the foreign aid budget, that would wipe the smile off their smug socialist faces!