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Putting Mr Richter QC's sentencing submissions into proper perspective

You'll find plenty of mainstream media commentary - and some on this website - about Robert Richter QC's submissions to Judge Kidd regarding the sentencing of Cardinal Pell.

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Mr Richter QC was not making admissions of guilt.

He was describing the offending "according to the verdict".

Here is an extract from the ABC's report of those proceedings.

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Mr Richter's job is to advance his client's interests, regardless of who the client is.

He's made it clear, along with his instructing solicitor Mr Galbally that Cardinal Pell does not admit the offences, that he maintains his innocence, that the jury guilty verdict was unreasonable and unsafe - and the conviction is under appeal.

The appeal will be heard by judges only.  If they decide that there were grounds for a reasonable juror to have reasonable doubt about the Cardinal's guilt they will overturn the conviction.

Cardinal Pell is convicted - today.  But prudent observers would be wise to await the final appeal judgement before lining up to join the firing squad.