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Dear Editor.

I was somewhat disgusted over the headlines in today’s West, disgraceful, not because it’s a cop, but because of the fact that it’s totally irrelevant to the case at hand.

Your reporter Gabrielle Knowles has undertaken a deep and insightful look at a totally irrelevant issue in an article that the West decided was worthy of front page news (Saturday 23rd - Senior Cop on Footy Team with Accused).

Disgraceful reporting of a really irrelevant fact.

What of the other 16 players, if you dug deep enough you may have even discovered that maybe one even serviced his car, or sold him his bread and milk, will they feature on the front page over the next weeks?

It’s a pity Gabrielle that your insightful and in depth reporting could not extend as far as some deep investigative journalism into the disgraceful conduct of former Prime Minister Gillard, her henchman Bruce Wilson and self confessed bagman Ralph Blewitt in regard to the AWU scandal.

Perhaps, if you tried, and approached Mr Blewitt he might (more than likely would, without hesitation) just give you a one on one in depth, frank, no holds barred complete story and MORE, including the fact that this matter was investigated by both Vicpol and WAPol, and it was recommended he be prosecuted for criminal offences in WA, by a Royal Commission, which by the way failed to canvass the actual offences to which Mr Blewitt readily admitted and still will - that of Secret Commissions NOT fraudulent behaviour. Mr Blewitt publicly indicated that he wanted his day in Court, those matters were subsequently dropped by the State DPP, without explanation.   Now that, Ms Knowles would make an absolutely riveting feature article.

Why not take it further and see if the intrepid investigative journalist (now there a hint Ms Knowles!), Michael Smith would allow you an insight into his overall investigation into that sordid affair that everyone from current PM down seems to just want to go away.

Well only some one with such in-depth investigative skills such as yours, supported by the West could truly uncover......

D Mcalpine.

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