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Victoria Police clear Andrews/CFMMEU Labor MPs over red shirt rorts

Remember this?

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Well the best Police Commissioner Labor could find has found in favour of his masters!

It was all apparently some sort of mixup.  Contrary to the findings of the ombudsman, it was actually all OK for the Labor MPs to use taxpayer money to fund their electioneering with the redshirts.

Here's The Australian today.

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Victoria Police will not lay criminal charges against any of the 16 current Andrews government MPs involved in the $388,000 “red shirts” rorts-for-votes scandal.

Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patten said the two men who had devised the “red shirts” scheme were subject to ongoing investigation.

It is understood one of the men is Brumby government treasurer John Lenders.

The fraud squad investigation was launched last year after Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass found 21 Labor MPs, including six ministers, had misused taxpayer dollars to partially fund “red shirt” campaign staff during the 2014 election.

An Andrews government spokesman said the matter was now at an end for MPs.

“As Victoria Police has made clear, they have been exonerated,” the spokesman said.

“Victoria Police has also made clear that no field organisers will be charged.

“As this matter continues to be considered in regards to other individuals, it’s not appropriate to provide further comment.”