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300+ Muslims DEMAND the Australian Government takes responsibility for Islamophobia

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And here it is!

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As a community, we are shattered by the recent act of terror in Christchurch.

For years, we have warned against the use of racist and discriminatory language in media and politics. We warned that this creates a culture of fear and hysteria that would inevitably result in exactly this type of attack.

We also acknowledge our brothers and sisters in the Indigenous community who have resisted white supremacist violence on this continent for over two centuries.

We owe it to the victims of this massacre to bear witness to the truth of why they died. Their deaths cannot be used to whitewash the reality of how this occurred.

While our political leaders have expressed sympathy over the deaths of our brothers and sisters, there has been little responsibility taken for their own role in creating a political climate that has demonised the Muslim community for decades.

Sadly, we remember the numerous times the Coalition have used the Muslim community as targets in vicious debates around immigration, multiculturalism and national security.

We remember when Liberal Party Senators lined up to kiss, hug and shake hands with Pauline Hanson – a woman who has referred to Islam as a ‘disease’ – following her openly Islamophobic return speech to Parliament.

We remember when Liberal Party Senators openly congratulated Fraser Anning after his explicit reference to a ‘final solution’ when discussing Muslim immigration.

We remember when Peter Dutton suggested that sections of our community should never have been allowed into this country in the first place.

We remember when elected Liberal Party representatives campaigned to remove Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act under the guise of protecting ‘free speech.’

We remember when Liberal Party Senators joined One Nation to vote in favour of the white nationalist slogan ‘It’s OK to be white.’

This climate of hostility breeds discrimination, harassment and ultimately violence.

A truly safe society is one where no community should fear that they will be made scapegoats or demonised for the sake of cheap political point-scoring.

If our leaders are truly committed to building a society where our community can live in safety, they must make real assurances that they will not resort to this language of racism and division.

List of signatories

  1. Ahmed Abou-Zaid, President – Islamophobia Watch Australia
  2. Ghaith Krayem, Community Advocate, Former President – Islamic Council of Victoria
  3. Asad Ansari, Former Board Member – Islamic Council of Victoria
  4. Omar Abdo, Community Member, Former Board Member, Islamic Council of Victoria
  5. Muslim Legal Network (NSW) Inc
  6. Hajeh Maha Abdo, OAM, CEO Muslim Womens Association
  7. Maher Mughrabi, Features Editor, The Age
  8. Ramzy Alamudi, Managing Direction, Mercy Mission Media
  9. Ramesh Fernandez, Founder RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees)
  10. Waleed Mussa, Advisory Committee Director, RISE
  11. Dr Oishee Alam, Academic
  12. Ahmed Yussuf, Writer and Journalist
  13. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, Artist
  14. Nazeem Hussain, Comedian
  15. Dr Randa Abdel-Fattah, Macquarie University
  16. Dr Shakira Hussein, Writer and Researcher
  17. Imran Lum, Founder, Markaz Institute, AMIC
  18. Aamer Rahman, Writer/ Comedian
  19. William Scates Frances – Academic
  20. Aliya Ahmad, Democracy in Colour/ Essential Media Communications
  21. Sara Saleh, Writer and GetUp! Director
  22. Tasneem Chopra, Cross Cultural Consultant
  23. Dr Mehal Krayem, Academic
  24. Monique Toohey, Psychologist
  25. Eugenia Flynn, Writer, Arts Worker and Community Organiser
  26. Dr Susie Latham, Writer and Academic
  27. Aneesa Williams, Secretary General, PACSA
  28. Mohammad Ahmad Qashla, Academic, USYD
  29. Nasser Alkhateeb, Community organiser
  30. Zaahir Edries, Community Advocate
  31. Mohamed Taha, Journalist
  32. Mostafa Rachwani, Journalist
  33. Mohamed Ali, GetUp!
  34. Fahad Ali, Founder – Muslims for Marriage Equality
  35. Dr Sahar Ghumkhor, Academic
  36. Fatima Mawas, Filmmaker
  37. Naveen Krishnasamy, Community Advocate, Writer
  38. Dr Maria Bhatti, Legal Academic
  39. Asma Fahmi, Video Producer/ Volunteer, Islamophobia Register
  40. Kamran Khalid, Lawyer
  41. Munira Yusuf,Youth Worker
  42. Miran Hosny, Solicitor
  43. Khaled Abdu, IT Manager
  44. Osman Khelil, Public Servant
  45. Mouna Sawan, Academic
  46. Lina Daher, Child Protection Office /FACS / MWA Assistant Secretary
  47. Hanan Dover, Clinical Psychologist – Mission of Hope
  48. Sarah Kara-Ali, Dentist
  49. Naushad Ilahee
  50. Subeyr Mohamed
  51. Scott Fraser, CEO, Frasers GAMSAT
  52. May Fahmi, IT Consultant
  53. Gina Chowdhury, PhD Candidate, UNSW/ Secretary, Australian Muslim Women’s Association
  54. Ustadha Umm Jamaal ud-Din, Educator
  55. Fathima Khatree, Registered Nurse/ Community Events Volunteer
  56. Sabah Rind, Indigenous Community Engagement Advisor
  57. Nouha Hamdache, Legal Support Officer, Legal Aid
  58. Iman Abdulhai
  59. Cindy Rahal, Occupational Therapist
  60. Dr Zena Kassir, Scientist
  61. Dr Gary Dargan, Researcher
  62. Ms. Ayse Berk, Teacher/ Volunteer – Benevelonce Australia
  63. Hulya Tugcu, Project Manager
  64. Baha Yehia, Community Leader
  65. Sadia Sheikh, Solicitor
  66. Zahin Ilahee, General Practioner
  67. Dr. Lutfiye Ali, Research Fellow
  68. Sejla Sabanovic
  69. Mariam Albaf, Teacher
  70. Nina Trad Azam, Mental Health Social Worker
  71. Adeeba Hanif
  72. Mustafa Dogan
  73. Hana Assafiri, Restaurateur, Community Justice Advocate
  74. Rachma Pesuri Ahmad, Educator
  75. Mr. Yasar Berk, Electrical Fitter/ Kesborough Mosque, Melbourne
  76. Mrs. Mevludiye Berk, Keysborough Mosque, Melbourne
  77. Hodan Ismail
  78. Amyra Haan
  79. Sue Samad / NDIS Management
  80. Ataman Atlas, Solicitor
  81. Wafa Kazal, University Student
  82. Nemat Kharboutli
  83. Tuba Allahwala, Optometrist
  84. Farhan Khan, Project Manager
  85. Ms Aysenur Ljatif, Administrator
  86. Mariam Singh, Brand Protection Coordinator
  87. Mostafa Haroun, High School Teacher
  88. Sarah Hamdan, Pharmacist
  89. Dr Rasha Rahman, Consultant Psychiatrist
  90. Mrs Fatma Erciyas. Teacher
  91. Sarah Abdulhai, Pharmacist
  92. Haweya Ismail, Director, Mud & Musk
  93. Lina Albaf, Student
  94. Nasreen Hanifi, Psychologist, President – Mission of Hope
  95. Nancy Umm Rashid, Teacher
  96. Humeyra Yildiz
  97. Haluk Erciyas
  98. Lauren Thomas, Nurse
  99. Nora Thomas
  100. Meryem Aker, Student
  101. Sarah Thomas, Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  102. Rabea Khan, Barrister
  103. Ayse Sayan, Student
  104. Heba Elsaid
  105. Samar Hajj Obeid
  106. Lala Sheikh, Retired Volunteer, St Vinnies/ Red Cross
  107. Eman Taleb
  108. Mr Omer Koç, Building Designer.
  109. Zoha Ali
  110. Jonathan Farmer
  111. Mr Ace Aytas
  112. Maisa Chowk, Oral Health Therapist
  113. Adam Zanaty
  114. Afiq Abdul-Malek, Learning and Development Consultant
  115. Aisha Martino, Teacher
  116. Rania Abo-Elhoda, Project manager
  117. Mary Jeroff, Designer
  118. Sema Yilmaz
  119. Luqman Hakim, Engineer
  120. Sumaiya Suleman
  121. Mr Rayan Adasi
  122. Brice Hamack, Solicitor/Barrister
  123. Ms. Sophia Haq, Instructional Designer
  124. Adalya Nash Hussein, Online Editor, The Lifted Brow
  125. Wasima Islam, Public servant
  126. Dr Safdar Ahmed, Artist, Community Art and Cultural Development worker
  127. Anika Moeen, Senior Analyst
  128. Tim Dunlea, Retail Manager
  129. Fay Massoud
  130. Reyhan Unal
  131. Owais Saeed
  132. Fariha Kayes
  133. Sanah Wahid Banihali
  134. April Pertev
  135. Nadia Aguilera
  136. Sumaira Siddiqui
  137. Husan Ruzehaji (Student Support Advisor)
  138. Nina Hodza
  139. Fatma Nouredine, Telephone Crisis Supporter
  140. Karima Baadilla
  141. Tam Rind
  142. Naz Allam, Medical Liaison
  143. Amal El-Khub
  144. Adem Kolar, High School Teacher
  145. Kenan Kolar, Labourer
  146. Amani Haydar, Lawyer, Advocate Against Gender Based Violence
  147. Ozair Siddiqui
  148. Ahmad Shah Idil
  149. Broderic Indranada
  150. Fazal Ilahee, Teacher
  151. Mr. Mohamad Raad, Engineer
  152. Tarek Elgammal
  153. Ms Arwa Abousamra, Professional Interpreter/ Author
  154. Sonia Bilal, Teacher
  155. Rozanna Zoobi, Pharmacist
  156. Kylie Liddle
  157. Magan Magan, Writer
  158. Hector Kemp
  159. Abdul Hadi Shah-Idil, Teaching Academic
  160. Fayez Moussa
  161. Oula Balli
  162. Janel Yau
  163. Shazeea Mohamed Ali
  164. Linda Abdelqader
  165. Dr Mahrita Harahap, Statistician
  166. Sami Khan
  167. Syazwina Saw
  168. Ovais Khan, Consulatant
  169. Hosai Saidi, Teacher
  170. Ayah Meri, University Student
  171. Asif Miah, Medical Sonographer
  172. Bilal Khan
  173. Adnan Pal, Risk Manager
  174. Salik Hameed Khawaja, Writer
  175. Fatemeh Abdi
  176. Safdar Iqbal
  177. Fatemeh Abdi, Podiatrist
  178. Iman Omar, Primary School Principal
  179. Rose Arkin, Advocate
  180. Zafar Mohamed Rizvi
  181. Inaz Janif, Educator
  182. Saffiah El Attar, Mental Health Worker
  183. Rafi Sheikh, Engineer
  184. Samir Mohammad Mustavi, Student
  185. Hamdy Amrizal, Optometrist
  186. Samin Kazemzade, Student
  187. Omar Bensaidi
  188. Assad Abdi
  189. Jehan Youssef
  190. Palwesha Yusaf, Social Impact Consultant
  191. Fahad Akhand, UX designer, University of Canberra
  192. Tuba Ozak, Teacher
  193. Samantha Choudhury, Urban Planner and Community Engagement Specialist
  194. Anna Tate, Community Rehabilitation and Support Worker
  195. Sareh Salarzadeh. Education Advisor & Consultant
  196. Chloë Green. Company Director
  197. Faz Shukhrat
  198. Ali Hasnat, Accountant
  199. Kishwar Chowdhury, Business owner
  200. Nadia Ricardo, Administration Manager
  201. Sue Najjarine, Health and Wellness Consultant
  202. Lina Ayad, Accountant
  203. Rabia Sonvadi
  204. Salam Eljendi, Business Owner
  205. Abdul Rahman Reijerink, Teacher
  206. Unmy Amin
  207. Qamar Ali, Educator
  208. Mrs Sana Abdi
  209. Emine Soylu
  210. Munira Ali, Student
  211. Saba Khan
  212. Hala El Husseini
  213. Yoanita Marselia, Teacher
  214. Md Rahman, Treasurer, SWMA
  215. Maria Osman, Diversity and Gender Consultant
  216. Sabeeh Hussain, Financial Analyst
  217. Adeeb Chowdhury, Mechanical Engineer
  218. Tanvir Uddin
  219. Tamim Rahman, Lawyer
  220. Kevin James Simpson, Waiter
  221. Abrar Chowdhury
  222. F. Rifka Naufal
  223. Sameh Abdelhamid, IT manager
  224. Syar Hosseini, Social Worker
  225. Lisa Hart. Student
  226. Sabeen
  227. Mohamed Elmasri, Manufacturing
  228. Nayyar Ghaznavi, Chief Information Officer
  229. Mahereen Muneer, Consultant, PwC
  230. Emily Ilyas, Merchandise Coordinator
  231. Tariq Abdur-Rahman, Community Organiser
  232. Iman Mansour, Educator
  233. Beenash Chattha, Social Worker
  234. Momina Naveed, PhD Student
  235. Shakira Ali
  236. Patrick Taliauli, Personal Trainer
  237. Ms. Faddela Khoder, Teacher
  238. Yaseen Hussain, Project Coordinator
  239. Nazley Khan
  240. Nada Elzohbi, Teacher and Volunteer
  241. Mrs. Azizah Anasril, Registered Midwife and Nurse
  242. Ushna Bashir, Student
  243. Nourhane El-Ashrafi
  244. Adnan Nayeem Ahmed
  245. Dr MI Bhatti, Professor
  246. Mohammad Awad, Mental Health Peer Worker
  247. Veronika Elkady, Student
  248. Yusuf Mohamud, Lawyer
  249. Ms Samah Elomari, Physiotherapist
  250. Aisha Saed
  251. Larissa Dulat, Mums 4 Refugees Sydney Convener
  252. Amona Hassab, Community Development Officer
  253. Saaro Omar, Student
  254. Rubia Shafi, Accountant
  255. Mahiuddin Huq, Community Social Worker
  256. Mouna Zaylah, Community Development Worker
  257. Dilek Kanli
  258. Dr Shumaila Panhwar
  259. Nahida Haoui
  260. Ayman Saleh Moussa, Student at UNSW
  261. Amani Haoui, Speech Pathologist
  262. Alif Darwis
  263. Amina Ahmed, Forensic Psychologist
  264. Aya Sukkarieh, Social Worker
  265. Afifa Najmi
  266. Merve Sevgi
  267. Tanvir Chowdhury, Senior Manager, Deloitte Australia
  268. Sultan Shafi
  269. Noura Hijasi, Student
  270. Rasheed Khan, Dean Fig Tree Hall, UNSW Sydney
  271. Zumrut Ozyurek
  272. Manaya Chaouk
  273. Nazia Tarafdar
  274. Shameema Kolia
  275. Zuwairah Baba
  276. Hussein Zahr
  277. Ebru Yagci
  278. Nawal Ali
  279. Nisho Sadeque, Accountant
  280. Rehan Altaf, Project Manager
  281. Tony Zoobi, Director
  282. Ahmed Azhar, Student
  283. Dr Elia Mohamed, General Practitioner
  284. Fatimah Sheikh Fuad
  285. Ibrahim Annous, Senior Accountant
  286. Nasser Mashni
  287. Taariq Esat, Lawyer
  288. Shazia S. Choudhry, Policy Advisor
  289. Iftikhar Ahmad
  290. Ali Kadhim, Filmmaker and Physical Movement Coach
  291. Munazza Khan
  292. Gayatri Nair, Human Rights Advocate
  293. Syeda Khadijah Ahmed, Trainee Surgeon
  294. Palwasha Kashif
  295. Shafaat Rahman, Engineer
  296. Kehkashan Tabassum
  297. Yahya Ali Ahmed
  298. Uzma Ibrahim
  299. M. Asif
  300. Juita Ramli
  301. Monema Yawar
  302. Abeer Naeem
  303. Osman Sarwari
  304. Dr Ibrahim Al-Salti, Dentist
  305. Mohammad Qashlan, Designer
  306. Sawsan shiyab
  307. Tahira Sabeen, Social Worker
  308. Abdul Abdullah, Artist
  309. Sarah Mahri, Community worker
  310. Mr Raed Malas
  311. Stella Alexopoulos, Secondary teacher
  312. MariamVeiszadeh, President of Islamophobia Register