Magnificent video performance - Labor's Michael Daley not resigning, not distracting,
Stormy Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti arrested on extortion charges


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Pensioner Pete

Guns don't kill people, people kill people, so lets all march and demand the gubbermint ban people.


Or let's just give everyone mind altering happy pills. What could go wrong?


One IMMEDIATE reaction to this will be e searches & jammers in Sussex St.

Might even bring a nostalgic tear to one or two team members./sarc.


The documentary by islamic Al Jazeera was ready to go after Christchurch.
If anyone has doubts about Christchurch being a false flag, I reckon this should open their eyes.
Add to this, the massive, widespread censorship of conservative voices and it's obvious that we are really coming to the pointy end of things.


James Ashby is a very poisioned chalice not just for the parties he gets to work for him (and those rooting behind him) but for the country as his mates agenda gets closer and closer to the surface for all to see - though by that time it will be too late.

Wiki excerpts:

"Ashby worked at a commercial radio station in Roma before quitting after six weeks due to the hot weather." - a wilting petal

Sea FM "he was dismissed by station management. Reasons for his departure remain unclear" - seems departures are always controversial
"In October 2002, Ashby resigned from NXFM after he was charged with verbally harassing another radio presenter at rival station" - yip leaving trend starting to develop

"Ashby was employed as marketing manager for Gowinta Farms on the Sunshine Coast. In May 2011, Ashby appeared in media coverage, after an attempted poisoning of the crops on the farm, after poison was discovered in a water tank" - just cant shake controversy it seems

"rose to prominence when he made allegations that he was sexually harassed by Federal MP, Peter Slipper." - months later - and this went straight through to the keeper - "Ashby said in a television interview that he had been promised a job and legal funding by Slipper's former party colleague, Christopher Pyne, after telling him of the sexual harassment."

"Ashby had been involved in a relationship with a fifteen-year-old boy in Townsville, Queensland. 7.30 reported"

Read the whole story according to wiki at before, (like Sam Dastyari) it undergoes one of its many and continuous changes.

Steve J

So far the story is:
One Nation has a policy on gun control laws in Australia.
It seeks advice from the NRA.
It seeks assistance with social media and possibly some cash from supporters of the NRA.
It wants to achieve the balance of power in the Australian Parliament.
You can argue that the policy is wrong (and I am not in favour of automatic weapons) but what is wrong with any of the above.
Is it not the practice of both major Parties to second staff to the campaigns in America; to look and learn and return with the latest strategies for influencing voters.
This is not a case (is it?) of One Nation saying we have a policy supporting Australian gun control laws but are prepared to alter it completely in return for cash.


Indeed - but the sheeple have to see it as a massive coincidence because otherwise it would be an orchestrated move that involves co-ordination and planning - which rules out a spontaneous event.

Everyone should remind themselves of the Manchurian Candidate. The Christchurch shooter (the only thing I agree with Jacinda on ie don't mention his name) spends the previous year visiting islamic countries and by his own words finds them friendly, hospitable and great - then goes and attacks them in Christcurch? (Christ's church - subliminal message?)

[Sorry MPS - I dont like conspiracy theories either] John Lennon's killer lived in Hawaii, was married to a Japanese/American woman flew to New York and shot his victim the day before the anniversary of Pearl Harbor (probable trigger). Its been 38 years drugs and brainwashing techniques will have advanced.

Ol, Ted

2 Pensioner Pete,

You are right of course ! ..(that unfortunately, is the ugly truth.)

"Fake News" ? weather it is or not,..but guess what The ABC & other various
"Cohorts" of the Leftist/Collectivists cabal operatives dream-up (probably.
.. & Note well, what the ALP have also done to Politics, together with the 2% of(idiotic-fanatics) of The "Greens" in this Country with the (alleged) Help of George Soros ?

This in addition to "Scomoo,s" (latest effort) who has decided to place
"The Greens"? (Reds) ahead of (or even perhaps) to side line Pauline Hanson,s
One Nation all-together.

There would not be a dirty smell & stench to all of this, would there ?

Another example of the use of "Fake News" is the US Demo,s almost relentless attacks on The United States of America,s President Donald Trump (who by the way was democratically elected with a clear Majority. (& that final outcome!)

We now live in the age (apparently) of both Scare Tactics & The Deliberate application & use by large elements of an often Far-Leftist & Bent MSM:
( & be wary) of the ABC-Style.. & Main Stream Media efforts & often the wrong use of The Internet !

Time will Tell on this Issue ? (but, you know what they say about Mud & also
about Salt) !

God I, hope a lot of this hysteria finally subsides !

Do we want to live in a contrived Far-Left/Communistic "Regime" for Australia
or not ? & their (alleged))use scare tactics,used to scare-off.."The Sheeple"

"They" would not do that ever,.... ..would "They".

Your Choice !

Antoine D'Arche

I'll have to watch the whole thing later, but let's NEVER forget how much money and from whom, is behind the anti-gun lobby. Tens of millions of dollars from Soros. The anti-gunner who came to Australia prior to Port Arthur, and left after the job was done, was paid from a grant from Soros. That's 25yrs ago. These people have an agenda to disarm the entire western civilian population. Thank god for the US 2nd amendment, and the NRA, for the they have a mighty job on their hands. So if it takes $ from the NRA to help keep our guns, so be it. It doesn't matter anyway - firearm ownership in Qld is increasing at over 16% pa, whereas the population growth is only 1.6% pa. The govt and anti-gunners have already lost this fight and they know it. The shooters in Australia represent the largest voting block the govt has ever seen and they are terrified that we will ever organise and vote along the same lines.

Julie of Geelong

I reckon it won’t be long before Mark Latham goes Independent!!

You heard it here!!!!


One Nation changing Australia's gun laws ? Can't be done .

H Jones

hello Pete,
If guns don't kill people then why do soldiers use them? People kill people, but most people would find it difficult to kill another person with their bare hands. You can't ban people from having different beliefs and religions, but you can certainly ban the availability of automatic and semiautomatic weapons to people who have no legitimate right to own them. As for Pauline Hanson, she wouldn't know which end of a gun to hold, and her so-called media advisor, James Ashby, wherever that dill goes there's trouble. But it's never his fault. It's a shame those two brainless twits weren't visiting New Zealand last week, something good might have come out of something deplorable.
What these two have done by going to America and prostituting their party to the gun lobby is an absolute disgrace, one nation has no right to be considered a legitimate political party. They came very close to being nothing more than a mouth piece for the American gun lobby.

Up The Workers!

It's bad enough that the only 5 free-to-air networks on Australian TV are exclusively poxed with Leftard presstitute propaganda 'churnalists' reading hate-filled Party dictation without a scintilla of credibility, impartiality, even-handedness or even token attempts at investigative journalism.

But getting what purports to be "news", direct from the terrorists'-own TV network is really going a step too far.

Michelle Two

Interesting tone on the video I'm only 10 minutes into it.. I see no fear.. I would fear the current situation where you have the bad guys with guns shooting the innocent and anyone, most targets by the underworld are souls from their own inner circle ..
I have a bigger problem in that the underworld wants to take the arms off those that won't be able to protect themselves..

I have a bigger problem with Pyne/Turnbull wanting to be one of the biggest arms dealer in the world of the darkforce psychopaths.. who hunt down and kill children for entertainment and bringing them into old castles to rape and torture them and keep the ones that survive as sex slaves and future child handlers..

I have a bigger problem with any propaganda that wants to disarm any society because of their own sick games..

Michelle Two

Why do you say that do you think Mark Latham has gone into one nation blind and not knowing what their policies were about... give him more credit then that he is an old political hand..

He will do better to stick with One Nation as it will grow as this cabal starts to fall, souls will be looking for parties that will stand up for them and be their voice..
Not just on the gun policy which they only want a grown up conversation about.

Talk about hypocrisy of putting fear in souls about any political policy they all do it..
Tony Abbott and Donald Trump the big monsters, go hide under the bed for they are going to sit in parliament and the white house and bring light to the true intentions of the opposition..
This psychological war is going to play with those minds in a lower consciousness and bring out their own fears that is the name of the game.. divide, conquer, and not be able to defend yourself..

This video was made out of fear.. lol!! the irony of their statements..

Michelle Two

You do know what brought this about .. I hear in the NSW election both parties did rather well considering the Nationals lost ground.. someone is always going to fill the gap when it comes to freedom on all issues that affect society..

There are obviously spies and souls out to catch each other on all sides of politics and some delusional ones try and tell me politics isn't a bloodsport for those who can easily be corrupted and hide the truth of the matter..
Pauline Hanson's One Nation is forming an alliance with a gun owners' rights party that could shake up politics in Australia's biggest state.

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers won their first ever New South Wales seat in 2016, bagging the electorate of Orange in the state's central west with a mammoth 34 per cent swing on first-preference votes.

This ended the National Party's 69-year hold on the seat.

One Nation, however, which is headquartered in Queensland, is out polling the Shooters party, just five months out from the NSW election.

The Nationals have released polling to The Daily Telegraph showing One Nation recording a stronger primary vote in 13 of the state's 16 regional seats.

Queensland senator Pauline Hanson, One Nation's founder and leader, said she was open to a preference swap with the minor party, which could help either party win seats in the upper and lower houses.

'We are very closely aligned in a lot of policy areas,' she told News Corp Australia.


It's all about the MONEY else can these minor parties get financial's not about changing gun laws because it could never happen without majority Parliament support. How is this all different to the Labor party getting millions from the Unions...Labor has its cash cow, a War chest thanks's PAYE workers, the low paid, hard working people in Unionized businesses & Public service Jobs, that are financially supporting the Labor Party. There is no explicit approval or rights given by employee members to use the Union Fees to support the politics of the Labor party!
All donations and every Monetary transaction to every Party needs to be scrutinized.

Cynic of Ayr

I don't care.
She's better then the Greens by far.
I'll never vote for Labor or the Greens before One Nation.
It's just mindless crazy to do so.


So Al Jazeera set up Ashby, Ashby the dill fell for it (more fool he). One Nation still says what a lot of Aussies are thinking on a lot of fronts. Think I'll pass on Muslim media looking to do us a favour.

Times comin'when Aussies will require a lot more Mongerel to survive.


sounds like some on her'e
would rather vote for billy boy


The REAL story here is not One Nation, not Ashby, not even the NRA ... that's all smoke and mirrors.

The REAL story comes from Roger Muller himself .... "My involvement in the project began in 2015 when I received a call from Peter Charley, the executive producer of Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit in Washington, DC."

The REAL story here is the fact that the Al Jazeera Media Network ... OWNED by the Government of Qatar ... according to the Executive Producer of this video, Peter Charley, formed the fake Gun Rights Australia entity and employed the conman Roger Muller to front it.

Qatar, after falling out with Saudi Arabia and the UAE, has bilateral security and economic agreements with Iran. Thousands of Iranians infiltrated Australia via Christmas Island ... who could forget those images from Shaz?

Robert Mueller just spent 2 years and $40 million investigating whether Russia interfered in the 2016 election.

I just spent 15 minutes finding out that the Qatar Govt has been financing and scheming since 2015 to infiltrate Australian political parties AND influence our domestic policies and gun laws. Why?

But that's not all ....

This film footage is 3 years old, Trump has not even been elected. It's been sitting in someone's bottom drawer for a very long time considering the news cycle is generally 24 hours.

BUT ... a mass shooting at a NZ mosque just happened, so let's get this baby aired and strike while the iron's hot. Shocked people are always more receptive.

Holy Shit Batman!!!!

Australian politicians AND their apparatchiks are utterly corrupt. Pauline Hanson does herself no favours when, in that video, she lies to her audience by saying "I was never aligned with any political party."

///She joined the Liberal Party of Australia in 1995 and was preselected for the Division of Oxley at the 1996 federal election, but was disendorsed shortly before the election. Although listed on the ballot paper as the Liberal Party candidate, she won Oxley as an independent.///

Those of us who are old enough remember when PM John Howard threw her out of the party for making the apparently outrageous statement that "Welfare should be based on need, not on skin colour." That certainly got our attention. But she's not the sharpest tool in the shed and makes some really poor choices in the people she gathers around her.

Hanson and her crew are NOT the story here ... the Qatar Government, via Al Jazeera ARE the real story.

Will the day ever come when people can stop behaving like hatchlings in a nest, their beaks gaping and ready to swallow any tasty morsel shoved down their throats?

We'll never get any answers if we don't start figuring out how to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS! ... and quickly.

Pedro the Maroon

So One nation didn't go the USA to try and solicit $20 million with the aim of watering down our gun laws?
And the Aussie right wing nut in Christchurch didn't murder 50 unarmed people?

I don't know how Michael Smith can allow such ill-informed and dangerous comments on this website.

Regardless of the unreasoned views of many to this site, One Nation are disgraceful ad have no place in Australian politics.

Wayne Shaft

Is this a Tipping Point for One Nation / I think not .🧛🏾‍♀️🧛🏾‍♀️🧛🏾‍♀️😀😃😄

Pedro the Maroon

Exactly. The "brave" right wing warrior who murdered 50 innocents in Christchurch would not have been so brave had we walk into the mosque unarmed seeking to strangle people. A pathetic racist coward.

Wayne Shaft

Bet Pauline Still Polls Plus Ten Percent in Queensland .👽👽👽😛


Check out the Al Jazeera Executive Producer's bio ....

He's an Aussie creature of the ABC and Lateline as well as SBS and Channel 9.

Now he's working for the Qatar government to undermine Australian politicians, our gun laws, and take out the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment.

What a bloody maggot!

Wayne Shaft

.I refuse to watch Islamic State Videos .👽👽👽

Wayne Shaft

Looks like a Cut and Paste Pre Election Attack on One Nation . What a Surprise .👿👿👿

Andy Pandie

These clandestine meetings are held by all political parties so it is only that they have been caught that it is an issue. Given the recent NSW election results I would not be surprised if One Nation increased their vote in the federal election on the back of disenchanted LNP and ALP voters that were looking to the SFF party to represent their views. Politics is mystical in the operation of these parties and only a fraction is revealed unless of course secrets are shared with Julie Bishop or Malcolm Turnbull then it is no longer secret.

Ol, Ted


Could if possible, expand a little with regard to all of this & your (as far as you know)
feelings & your reactions to all of this ?

seeker of truth

This Rodger Muller went undercover for 3 years to expose the NRA. One Nation and its stance on guns in Australia was not on his radar until September last year when he facilitated the meeting. One Nation was an after thought for Muller to bring them into contact with the NRA chiefs to see what played out.

Talk about being stupid, that is James Ashby. You can't trust anyone in politics, especially someone who gives you an "in" to millions in donations.
Ashby had been a loud mouthed critic of The Greens/GetUp and its George Soros connections. Did Ashby honestly believe that his conversations with the NRA would be kept secret? What a fool.

The other thing you have to take into consideration is what was happening within One Nation at the time Muller approached Ashby/Dickson. In August 2018 Fraser Anning delivered his very controversial maiden speech to the Senate. Fraser was only in Parliament as a One Nation Senator due to the resignation of Malcolm Roberts because of his citizenship problems. Anning had resigned from One Nation at the time of his speech, and his chief of staff was Richard Howard, military propaganda specialist who was also a One Nation member. Richard Howard previously worked for Malcolm Roberts and David Leyonhjelm. Now David Leyonhjelm is the politician into guns and wanted the lifting of bans of semi automatic firearms in Australia.

In 2015 Leyonhjelm thought he had negotiated a deal with the Coalition government to lift a ban on the importation of the Adler lever-action shotgun to take effect in 2016, in exchange for voting against Labor amendments to migration legislation. In 2016 when Leyonhjelm moved a motion to lift the ban, the Coalation government led by Turnbull reneged on the deal.

In November 2016, a couple of National Senators crossed the floor as they agreed the ban should be lifted. It failed; the ban was not lifted An Adler shotgun currently available in Australia can be modified to shoot more rounds from its original 5; with modification it could fire off 8 and 11 rounds. The Adler model Leyonhjelm wanted to import could shoot 8 rounds. With modification to that model then it would have been capable of shooting rounds in the mid teens. You can't say that this is not a semi automatic weapon.

Is there some connection between Muller and Howard/Leyonhjelm that got him an intro to One Nation's Ashby? Senator David Leyonhjelm did a video for the National Rifle Association of America (NRA) in November 2015

Here is Rodger Muller's article on the Al Jazeera website

seeker of truth

Australian political parties (but not One Nation) took political donations from the gun lobby in 2015-2016 financial year, as disclosed to the AEC.

It mightn't have been millions but if it is a matter of principle in not accepting donations from the gun lobby then that principle was thrown aside in 2015-2016 and possibly later.

Hillary lost the election - how funny!

The media seems preoccupied with it. How convenient for the timing. Foreign interference is the big issue here.

Michelle Two

Lol!! the statement to take from the knowledge bank of Mr Wisdom himself.. who knows everything about everything.. as long as it fits in an identity box..


Aljazeera is behind the program so I assume they would have an agenda to discredit One Nation. George Megalogenis who comments near the end that he thinks the program may sink One Nation was once married to Annastacia Palaszczuk. He is author of “The Australian Moment”, a book praised by Annabel Crabb and David Marr. He is supposed to be a regular guest on Insiders. I’m sure ABC types would not support One Nation.

The program states the B.Graham of NRA would try to connect One Nation with Koch Industries whose massive political donations helped put Donald Trump in office. I don’t know who is correct but according to Wikipedia the Koch Brothers decided not to donate to the Trump campaign and focus on the senate and Congress instead.

Wikepedia also states the founder of Koch Industries came to despise communism and Joseph Stalin’s regime.

If it is okay for George Soros to donate his money to Leftist causes, the NRA and Koch should also be able to support who they prefer. I know who I would prefer to support.


While I understand your principles on that one Wayne, always be mindful of Sun Tzu's first rule in the Art of War ... "Know your Enemy".

Firstly, we have to know who they are, analyse their strategies and assess the Useful Idiot Footsoldiers they enlist to do their dirty work.

If we stick our heads in the sand and fail to watch and listen carefully, they'll come at us out of left field and we'll never see them coming.

Also, we can't have relevant opinions or offer useful input on an issue we didn't have the stomach to watch in the first place.

I know ... it's not easy. Just grab a fortifying beverage of your choice and settle down to watch what the other half are up to. If we don't make the effort, we'll never know what hit us.

Be a good Scout ole mate ... "Be prepared!"


What a joke- some hacks from "Al Jazeera"- the media organization controlled by the terrorist sponsoring Kingdom of Qatar and it's Royal family- trying to come across as truth seeking do-gooders! These impostors are no different to the "Get-Up" trouble makers although Soros may not be as high up on the rich list as the Qataris!

Given the choice between democratic "One Nation" and the "mad mullahs", i will take Pauline Hanson any day.


I have to say this. I remember Waleed Ali saying that all the violence and murder we were seeing and hearing about from isis was a mere irritant. Isis was a mere irritant. !! But now although an atrocity and every human life matters all he can rave about is Christchurch. I have no words to express my disgust and fury over such attitudes. I’m so fed up I call shame on him and all those 200 who signed a petitionand issued demands of our govt. there is an alternative if they don’t like our systems here.


I say let’s all also look at this terrible massacre in NZ and how it’s ripple effect has hit Whitcoulls ,the largest bookseller in NZ. I’m sending an email to the management suggesting they actually read the book they have banned. Jordon Peterson’s 12 rules for life is an amazing book about the great christian values under threat in this modern world. Perhaps the management should also read Fahrenheit 451 and hire a fireman for the bonfire to burn all copies of the book. I’m so angry I don’t know where to put it Cowards and traitors all of free speech. Shame shame shame and while I’m having a rant may I say it’s not only ok to be white it’s ok to be brown black yellow or poker dot. Stop with the tribal crap and let’s unite this sad world

H Jones

yes, you got it, my point exactly.

seeker of truth

Yes George Soros and the faux conservative organisations want to kill our economy financially with their push for 100% renewable energy and no mining whatsoever which will impact on Australians every day, while a donation from the NRA will not do that, nor will it kill people unless One Nation gets the balance of power and can overturn the current gun laws. Fat chance. I can't see Libs, Nats and Greens ever voting to overturn the gun laws and allow the importation of semi automatic and automatic firearms that could get into the hands of nutters and zealots. I think the NRA knew that. I call bullsh#t on this one. Just what could One Nation deliver to the NRA for a big donation.

Bikinis not Burkas

Muslim massacre in China and not a gun in sight except the ones that the Chinese police used to kill most of the terrorists, the rest were caught and executed!

China doesn't pussy foot with Muslims!

H Jones

Hey Lily, apparently it took three years to filtrate the NRA, was one nation their original target? If somehow they had pre-knowledge of Christchurch? Could it be conceivable that all this was a well orchestrated plan? If this was all planned in advance by Al jazeera, they would have to go down as one of the best run organisations in living memory. Better than the CIA propaganda department, better than Isis with their online recruiting, better than the Manhattan Project.

Old Digger

"I don't know ..." Exactly, Paedo.


It's called freedom of speech, moron.

That said, I still would not vote for Pauline because she is a dope. However, any dope can stand for Parliament.

Btw, why don't you ban all knives, bow and arrows, hammers, chisels, rocks and anything else that might conceivably might be used by anyone to kill another human.

Horses, cattle and cars each kill more Aussies than guns so where is the ban on them?

Reconcile all that into a neat little box, moron.

Antoine D'Arche

well I'm watching comments on Peta Credlin's FB page and this little stunt has backfired big time for the anti-gunners - Pauline's supporters couldn't give a toss if anything it is strengthening her base. Honestly the infants that come up with this shit don't understand Australians at all. As I said before the gun debate is already over. There are more firearms now than before Port Arthur, more shooters, growth greater than population. Largest voting group seen. Dwarfs the political parties 100 to 1.

Steve J

Hello Michelle
Your posts are not too long.
They can be difficult to read because of the punctuation.
Here is an example.
I appreciate your intentions.

Interesting tone on the video.
I'm only 10 minutes into it.
I see no fear.
I would fear the current situation where you have the bad guys with guns shooting the innocent and anyone.
Most targets by the underworld are souls from their own inner circle.

I have a bigger problem in that the underworld wants to take the arms off those that won't be able to protect themselves.
I have a bigger problem with Pyne/Turnbull wanting to be one of the biggest arms dealers in the world for the darkforce psychopaths.
Those who hunt down and kill children for entertainment and bring them into old castles to rape and torture and keep the ones that survive as sex slaves and future child handlers.
I have a bigger problem with any propaganda that wants to disarm any society because of their own sick games.


With thanks to Emu @ Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 02:41 PM for superb investigative work and analysis:-
"I just spent 15 minutes finding out that the Qatar Govt has been financing and scheming since 2015 to infiltrate Australian political parties AND influence our domestic policies and gun laws. Why?

But that's not all ....

This film footage is 3 years old, Trump has not even been elected. It's been sitting in someone's bottom drawer for a very long time considering the news cycle is generally 24 hours.

BUT ... a mass shooting at a NZ mosque just happened, so let's get this baby aired and strike while the iron's hot. Shocked people are always more receptive."

Per Wiki: Peter Charley bio: Says it all really:

"Between 2000 and 2007, Peter worked as Executive Producer of the ABC's flagship news program, Lateline. He then joined Australia's SBS television as Executive Producer of the international current affairs program, Dateline – a position he held for seven years. In 2014, Peter left Dateline to take up the role of Executive Producer of Al Jazeera's North American investigative unit, based in Washington DC."


Yes, unlike the brave ones who strap on an explosive belt and detonate it in a crowded public space.


Nice timing to simultaneously swamp the Mueller Nothingburger and follow up on Christchurch shooting to push the 'narrative' to further disarm white people - which suits both the Islam and Communist/Socialist agendas.


They didn't even ban his book for what it contained ... they banned it because Peterson allowed a fan wearing an objectionable Tshirt to have his photo taken with him. I fear NZ is now a lost cause.

Farenheit 451 indeed. ///"Montag turned and glanced back. What did you give to the city, Montag? Ashes. What did the others give to each other? Nothingness."/// Ray Bradbury was clairvoyant.

Pop this in your 'useless information' file G/G and consider the implications ... In less than 20 years the NZ population has grown by more than 20%. How could that be when so many of the buggers are over here? ONE MILLION extra people in 17 years.

While we were 'stopping the boats' NZ was laying out the welcome mat. No leaky fishing boats for them. Just fly into any airport and claim asylum ... In like Flynn.

How much easier would it be to rapidly outnumber a small population of less than 4 million people? Democracy is a numbers game after all. Now why would they want to take over a small island paradise in the South Pacific? ... apart from all those VERY attractive sheep?

Think about it. Five Eyes anyone?


I wonder where this secret recording stands according to the law where it was recorded?

Hmmm lemme see.

1. NRA Headquarters is located in Fairfax, Virginia, United States.
2. "Virginia - Under Virginia law it is a felony to record an in-person or telephone conversation without the consent of at least one party. Offenders may be subject to civil damages as well. VA Code § 19.2-62 (definition & penalty), § 19.2-69 (civil damages" (Source:
3. Federal law (18 U.S.C. § 2511) requires one-party consent, which means you can record a phone call or conversation so long as you are a party to the conversation. If you are not a party to the conversation, you can record a conversation or phone call only if at least one party consents and has full knowledge that the communication will be recorded. The statute also prohibits recording conversations with criminal or tortious intent. (Source:
3. I cannot imagine the NRA representatives or the One Nation representatives gave consent to the recording.
4. That just leaves the other person - the Al Jazeera plant. Can you be considered a genuine "in good faith" party to the conversation when the whole basis for your presence is a deception and lie?

I hope the NRA sues the arses off those involved.

This is just typical of the 'Gotcha Journalism' so prevalent today from the usual suspects in the Mainstream Media. No wonder they have so little credibility left. (see what I did there? hahaha)

Old Digger

Hanson's choice of males comes back to bite her on the backside yet again. Ashby has repeatedly displayed behaviours that would've caused experienced operators to avoid him like the plague. Dickson appears to be a loose cannon - and throwing in a "God bless" at the end of his interview with the atheist / agnostic Bolt was pathetic.

It'll be interesting when Hanson's role in the "NRA" scam is exposed. If she can say that Heckle and Jeckle were allowed to meet the scammer but had no authority to make commitments of any kind on behalf of PHON, she might avoid a lot of angst.

Michael (Tango Delta Alpha)

Do you think these anti-gun commenters (H Jones and Pedro) are not anti-explosive-belts as well?


What an absolute NON EVENT! Of the half hour or so this program ran tonight, only about a condensed 3 minutes was actually relevant to One Nation- the rest was taken up by various historic gun incidents that happened in the USA and for and against arguments from the NRA and the anti-gun lobby. I have no doubt, and it wouldn't be to hard to prove, that most of the footage was shot years ago. MORE FAKE NEWS!!!

Pedro the Maroon

Sorry you don't agree with my argument.
Speaking of freedom of speech, what about those who dare challenge your narrow world view? You seem to want to shut them down pretty quickly. And you seem to be very very angry. Take a chill pill.
And remember - there's a fine line between free speech, racism and hate speech. A line which the right seems to cross all the time.

Pedro the Maroon

Jonesy, let's go a for a spin in the Al-Jazeera time machine. Maybe back to 2015 and stop Turnbull becoming PM. We all know what would have happened to the Abbott government in that election where Turnbull's millions got 'em home by 1 seat.

Pedro the Maroon

I think you find Ashby attractive, don't you? You seem to bang on about him all the time.


With a fire-arm you are a citizen,with-out one you are a subject.

Pedro the Maroon

I abhor all weapons - and I am also against the increasing paramilitarisation of police forces.
We can't buy explosives in Austraia either. What's your point? That's right - you don't have one.

Pedro the Maroon

Hi Old Bugger. Still using childish insults. What is it with you and defending paedophiles?
BAck to the pint - do you subscribe to the conspiracy theories too?
Would you think that if Labor or the Greens had been set up?
Thought not.

Pedro the Maroon

You're right.
Sadly there's still plenty of small-minded small-IQ racist rednecks who'll vote for them.

Pedro the Maroon

I'd rather Australia produce people like Peter Charley than the Christchurch right wing mass murderer.
Undermine Aust politicians? Yeah - he held a gun to the heads of the idiots at one nation and made them say all those stupid things about wanting to water down our gun laws.
Ashby is a grub. End of story.
Dickson is not very bright. End of story.

Pedro the Maroon

Can you provide a link to that Waleed Ali quote please?
I think you're making it up.

Pedro the Maroon

Exactly - PHON supporters are not very bright.

Old Digger

When was the last time I mentioned him, Poofo?


Such a carry on. ...over a set-up! I think I'll go a and play this: -

H Jones

dear senex, you can buy a gun over-the-counter, but you can't buy a strap on explosive, suicide vests over-the-counter. That's the difference. But regardless both acts are despicable and cowardly.

H Jones

I'm not anti gun, our soldiers, and I have a family member who served in Afghanistan, the bigger and better our soldier gums are the better in my opinion when in a brutal conflict zone. In the hands of a trained marksmen I have no qualms. It's people that use them kill people they dislike in a non-war zone that I'm against.

Pedro the Maroon

I'm sure he's in your dreams.
Sticks and stones, Old Bugger ...

Pedro the Maroon

Earl - stay off the wacky baccy. Your theories are just plain nuts.
Don't tell me you think the moon landing was faked and 9/11 wwas an inside job?
Now we have Hanson caught on tape questioning Port Arthur.
Poor fella my country ...

Pedro the Maroon

I'm struggling with the old castles and child sex slaves thing. WTF?

Michelle Two

Do your research I do make it easy for you and provide the links.. Illuminati Bloodlines linked in the last week.. keep up and you shall awaken to what you really support.. oh! wise one!!

I'm one step or more steps ahead ..and learn something new everyday.. I'm alert, awake and enlightened .. and don't need a psychiatrist lest they feed me mind altering drugs..

I am not stuck on repeat like some delusional ones on the site that have popped in unannounced..

Here it is again.. Take it all in as it will be exposed by those still practicing .. MK Ultra techniques.. Belgium and the EU operation Koala just to mention a few.. now keep up you have so much reading to do..

Michelle Two

Is there something wrong with your memory or research button, it is like your mind has to be force fed.. You will awaken yet ... you still have!!
Socialists are very lazy.. no wonder they fall behind they need others to do the research work for them.. now keep up Pedro.. lest you be the one eating food scraps and dogs like the Venezuelans..
You best start preparing now Pedro its no good saving your money as it is worthless in a Socialist society remember we are all fighting for equality (all equally in the same squalor), best start getting used to living homeless and scrounging for food as the government is in the midst of a Revolution of the socialist kind.. that is of course unless you wake up and start protecting what you have now.. or it will come as a rude shock when you finally get what you wished for..
Radio is different, however. There is no visual distraction; it is the words themselves, and those words alone, that are to be analysed and judged. In this regard, Glover’s capering produced a very informative response. The audio of that encounter is here. Before reading any further, give it a listen. It is 14 minutes and 8 seconds of life you will never get back, but given Aly’s stock and standard response to Islamist assaults on the West (no worse than “an irritation”), the investment of a little endurance may well bring dividends. The next time some well-paid dissembling is underway – one that involves, almost inevitably, yet another of Aly’s CabCharge dockets to this studio or that one — you will know what is coming and be quick to turn off the spiel before the gorge has fully risen.

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