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Fmr Labor Party President Michael Williamson out of jail & back on millionaire's row


This man, Michael Williamson is the primary beneficiary of an ostensible Family Court divorce settlement - arranged and negotiated by none other than former Labor Attorney General Robert McClelland.  The Honourable Judge Robert McClelland is now the Deputy Chief Justice of the Family Court - and former prisoner Michael Williamson is now residing in the mansion manoeuvred out of the prying eyes of his bankruptcy trustee.

Here's part of Kate McClymont's story in Nine News newspapers today.

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After five years in prison for his “parasitic plundering” of his union’s funds, former Health Services Union boss Michael Williamson has been released from jail and is living with his ex-wife in a waterfront house bought and renovated using stolen union funds.

His former wife Julieanne received the house in the divorce settlement she struck with her husband before he went to jail.

The former national president of the Labor Party was released from Cessnock jail last Saturday and his family drove him 45 kilometres to their two-storey holiday home at Brightwaters on the shores of Lake Macquarie. The family also own the house next door.

In October 2013 Williamson agreed to plead guilty to stealing $1 million from the union, but in reality the amount was estimated to be closer $20 million. As part of his plea deal he signed an undertaking to repay the HSU $5 million which he had fraudulently used to maintain his family’s lavish lifestyle.


Now watch the brain-dead Liberals make absolutely nothing out of this dreadful corruption of our political and public accountability systems.

Here's one small example.  As Williamson's well-known thefts and frauds from HSU members finally "crossed the line" and Labor determined to cut him and his union loose, former Senator Sam Dastyari got on the phone to warn the union about what was coming.


Williamson had been at the heart of Labor politics for years.

His daughter Alex Williamson was Ms Gillard's media advisor, even rating a thank you in Ms Gillard's final speech to the parliament for 2009.   

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Williamson is a reminder of the corrupt networks of mates and mates of mates who make sure Labor luminaries are looked after.  Particularly mates like Williamson who are perceived to have taken one for the team.

By its silence, the Liberal Party condones this Old Mates Act corruption.  

It's a club.

And we're not members.