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Fran Kelly didn't want to talk about the ABC's child sex offender Outside Insiders today

Here's Bill,


ABC’s “Insiders” was all over the Al Jazeera/One Nation secret video scam this morning & Michael Rowland could hardly contain his glee. Michael Stutchbury remarked that he didn’t think the story would resonate with people in Southbank & I agree with him there! OTOH, if offshore news organisations want to meddle in internal Australian matters, why don’t they consider doing a secret video investigation into what goes on inside Saudi-funded mosques & madrassas here? I’m one Southbank resident who would support a journalistic exercise like that. They’d never suspect that Al Jazeera would do a hit-piece on them, would they?

When the panelists trooped out later, I made a bee-line for Fran Kelly, to ask her about another issue which has been of concern to me & others for some time – hypocrisy. Their ABC News devoted days of live coverage to the George Pell trial & conviction - as well they should have been. But, unless I'm mistaken, one of their own, Jon Stephens, who was also convicted of abusing a child, too, didn't seem to warrant a single prime-time ABC TV News report, after his verdict. I wonder why? Surely it couldn't be hypocrisy... could it?

Apologies to Malcolm Farr for not saying g’day back! Fran Kelly says she doesn’t make news decisions (at the ABC)… so who does? Cheers, Bill T