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Gillard proxy Michael TDA on the only-a-madman/act-of-insensate-folly defence

Gillard proxy Michael TDA's excitement over the Pell case

I have seldom seen our resident Gillard analog Michael TDA so active.

It's almost as if the outcomes of the Institutional Responses to Child Abuse Royal Commission were personal.

I have pages of comments from our Gillard proxy over the Pell matter.

I've spared you most of them, certainly the repetitive ones, however I'll deal with a few.

Here's one representative comment suggesting that Cardinal Pell obfuscated and didn't directly deny the allegations against him.

Screen Shot 2019-03-03 at 2.51.55 pm

Here is an extract from Pell's Record of Interview with Victoria Police, conducted under caution.

Pell says the allegation that he moved his vestments to one side and exposed his penis is "completely false".

The Record of Interview was tendered and received into evidence.  It was played to the jury.

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