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Melbourne gangland shooting spree - ME gun & gang culture entrenched

More diversity and multiculti festivals should fix it.

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Gangland killings are reaching a fever-pitch in Melbourne, after four men were slain in as many days and police raised concerns about the proliferation of guns in the underworld.

The three shootings are believed to be unconnected; however, detectives warn all were targeted attacks that took place at arranged meetings.

At least two appear to be linked to Middle Eastern crime gangs or the drug trade.

Two men, aged 28 and 40, were the latest victims, found shot dead in nearby streets in the northern Melbourne suburb of Meadow Heights on Monday night.

One was seen being pushed down a street in a shopping trolley, asking for police to be called as he bled from bullet wounds, according to one resident.

The older man was seen bleeding to death near a park at the end of Huntly Court, where another resident said a man trying to perform first-aid asked for an ambulance to be called. The other was found about 450m away in Morris Court.

Their deaths followed that of Ben Togiai, a 33-year-old father gunned down outside a boxing event in the inner Melbourne suburb of Kensington on Friday night. Two others survived the shooting, including convicted drug trafficker Omar Bchinnati.

Detectives are still searching for brothers Abdullah and Ali El Nasher, aged 27 and 28, and their 25-year-old associate Mikhael Myko, who they want to speak to.