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Pauline Hanson statement - Morrison Govt to preference Greens ahead of One Nation

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One Nation leader Pauline Hanson says Scott Morrison deserves to lose the next election with his knee jerk reaction to rule out giving One Nation preferences ahead of the federal election.

Senator Hanson said, “If the Prime Minister feels it is better for the Liberals to flow their preferences to the economy destroying Greens and Labor before One Nation, Australian voters will react.”

One Nation has worked constructively with the Coalition Government for almost 3 years, while Labor and the Greens have opposed almost all legislation put before the Parliament.

“I’ve had an open door policy for all sides of politics after being elected in 2016, with neither sides raising concerns over my policies before.”

“Australian’s concerns would be ignored without One Nation on the floor of Parliament. Without my input, we wouldn’t be having the discussion on water security, immigration, free trade deals or coal.”

One Nation came close to winning 21 seats across Queensland at the 2017 state election, however, the LNP and Labor chose to preference one another on how-to-vote cards in a number of seats the minor party would otherwise have won. (based on two-party-preferred results)

“Queenslanders have Mr. Morrison’s party to thank for Jackie Trad being returned as a result of a Liberal National’s preference deal with Labor in the seat of South Brisbane.”

“Some of the most destructive vegetation management laws have devastated farming in parts of Queensland as a result of the LNP’s deal with Labor.”

Senator Hanson believes the Liberals flow of preferences to Labor and the Greens will only fast track the war on coal and end tens of thousands of mining jobs across Australia.

“We have already received calls from sitting Members of the Liberal and National parties who have expressed their disgust with the Prime Ministers comments.”

One Nation has committed to run in all 31 federal seats across Queensland and will discuss preferences after the New South Wales state election.