Cardinal Pell sentencing
Chief Judge Kidd's sentencing remarks for Cardinal Pell in full with footnotes

Ralph Blewitt explains the evidence he's sworn for the criminal prosecution of GILLARD



Blewitt Affidavit (Redacted... by on Scribd

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This is the "Memorandum" of advice (importantly it's not a letter to a client, it's in Memorandum form and not on letterhead - possible explanations are that it was created or forged after GILLARD left Slater and Gordon or after the partner's names on the letterhead of May 1992 had changed) that Gillard told the Royal Commission under oath she gave to Blewitt.

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And this is the forged letter purporting to have been written and signed by Mr RP Neal of WA's Office of State Corporate Affairs.  The Gillard Memorandum above encloses and refers to this forgery.

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