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Turnbull tips a bucket on Liberal colleagues in London interview with BBC

(About 5.50 in) Turnbull says when he was removed the Liberals were "4 points ahead in polling in the marginal seats"!

So why does he reckon he got the flick? Because he was on track to beat Bill Shorten.  Fair dinkum - that's what he says.

Here's the quote.

Turnbull - "Basically you could argue that their concern was not that I would lose the election but rather that I would win it." 

BBC's Andrew Neil - "Are you telling me your own party didn't want you to win the next election, that's not credible is it?" 

Turnbull - "Andrew you've only got to look at the facts. I mean the facts are, there were, if you have, if you are level pegging in the polls, if you are two points behind in the public polls." 

Neil - "You had 40 consecutive polls in which you were never ahead of Labor, 40." 

Turnbull - "But we had become, we'd drawn, had essentially drawn equal, even, and in our own polling in the marginal seats which is obviously the only ones that matter... in terms of determining government, we were ahead." 

"It was a peculiarly Australian form of madness I'm afraid."

"The party on any of the objective indications... is in a worse position than it was in August, I mean you can't deny that that's a fact," he said.

"It still could win the election, the Liberal government, but its position is much less favourable than it was in August."