Lib's Malcolm Turnbull bumps into Lib's Dave Sharma, "Good luck Dave"
Oprah wants you to channel your inner Jacinda

Compare & Contrast - ADF Anzac Day v. Mardi Gras - with thanks to Major Bernard Gaynor SL

No words - many thanks to Major Bernard Gaynor SL*.

*SL - Sacked List - a rare nomenclature I hope Bernard wears with pride.  

Commissioned military officers who'd retired were once allowed to continue to use their rank as an appellation with the letters RL for Retired List as post-nominals.

Bernard was never given the chance to retire.  He was summarily dismissed for maintaining his Christian values in the face of Diversity-Speak.

Bernard belongs to the Sacked List - he should be congratulated for his courage and we're all very much in his debt.