Labor's hand-written letter "Dear Neighbour, it would mean the world if Labor's cancer plan became a reality"
Bill's tax merry-go-round


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Wayne Shaft

Poor Man still can’t believe that despite all his riches , he’ll always be known as a Failure 🤧🤧🤧😁😆😀🤣💩


Stop hogging the microphone Casper. Share it around like Beto does.

BETO BUSTED: Beto O' Rourke Admits Taking Lobbyist Donations After Called Out On It

How staged was that????

jim cross

Arsehole and idiot Mal continues to try to get someone to listen.....


The neg , like yourself is an abject failure , mal .

Steve K

And the left-wing media, et al, have the hide to accuse Tony Abott of being the wrecker???!!!!!

Bikinis not Burkas

Everyone on the planet needs to watch Dr Patrick Moore, especially the climate change advocates!

mike g

He does not mention his family involvement in wind farms. I wish he would just bugger off and live in New York but I have too much respect for the Americans to wish him on them.


Malcolm has no idea and was ignorant enough to push for Snowy2 that will out do the NBN in cost and will not do anything for energy .
Evidently he also thinks he is smarter than the Germans whose 500 billion euro effort resulted in emissions going up.


Malcolm has no idea and was ignorant enough to push for Snowy2 that will out do the NBN in cost and will not do anything for energy .
Evidently he also thinks he is smarter than the Germans whose 500 billion euro effort resulted in emissions going up.


What an ankle.

Julie of Geelong

For gods sake Malcolm just p15s off!!!


What was in it for the redundant Malcolm and his creepy little son Alex who is buying up cheap wind farms? Inside information? Isn't that a criminal offence?

a happy little debunker

If that were the case then why did he try (at the last second) to accommodate Labor's desire for ministerial oversight of targets rather than legislative oversight?

Fact is he couldn't get the NEG up without Labor support & they hung him out to dry.

He failed as a Corporate Lawyer, he failed as a Republican, he failed as an Opposition Leader and he failed as a Prime Minister.

Not so much a miserable ghost - but more of a miserable failure!

Liz of Vic


Not only cannot help himself, he must let us know, that he thinks, we all agreed with him, sorry Mal, we never believed a word of that either.

The man also wants to make sure that he upsets the people that used to agree with him, they had to otherwise he would have thrown them under the bus.

I believe that there was no such thing as a fully discussed and agreed decision in Turnbull's time, it was what he wanted, very often labor-lite, so Bill would love him as well.

The man is obviously not seeking help, so we will be stuck with this sh.. in the coming weeks.

Oh how do I wish that we had a current prime minister who would tell us to-morrow that we are out of the European deal, but that is not going to happen.

Love the photo Michael! Absolutely typical!


The pompous waffler is tweeting again....sigh.

The NEG was never going to reduce electricity prices. It's only claim to fame was the reliability outcome. Any policy that demands 'firming' for the 'unreliable renewables' is always going to cost more. Basically we have to have a 2nd generation system backing up the unreliables. ergo...we are paying for 2 generation systems when we only need one.

Australia should have the cheapest electricity costs in the world. At one time we were the cheapest. South Australia is now the dearest (or in the top three) dearest places in the developed world. That's what windmills and fairies and bulldust can achieve.

Liz of Vic


The ABC will talk about this all day to-morrow, probably the whole week, really they should shut down the national broadcaster during the election-campaign.

Ita has made things worse I had to watch the ABC News at someone's place and it is unbelievable what they are getting away with. Where is Fifield?

Up The Worker!

With all of his money, what on earth inspired him to go to surreptitiously work for Bonking Billy Short-One - a fact-phobic dill, bent Union boss, incorrigible mis-handler of the truth, and recidivist unwanted bonker of under-age females?

Could it be that they are both employees of the malignant Soros?

Could Bonking Billy's mysterious $8 million net worth all be Soros' cash?

Could it all be pecuniary enrichment he tucked away while acting as "Big Bill's" Union bag-man - effectively 'tickling' "Big Bill's" till? (Juliar and the one-eyed burger-flipping dishwasher who aspired to become A.L.P. Prime Minister, had already gotten away with something similar, as I recall)

Or has Bonking Bill just been "baby-sitting" Michael Williamson's unrepaid stolen cash-stash horde while the criminal former Federal President of the A.L.P. was cooling his heels in the A.L.P. Presidential Suite at that exclusive 'gated community' in the "Lizzie Windsor Pleasure House" accommodation chain that so many A.L.P./Union bosses holiday at these days?

Is anybody from the H.S.U. still on the trail of the $20 million thieved from their accounts by the criminal former A.L.P. Federal President?

Are the N.S.W. Police?

Or have they all become like the Victoriastan Police Farce and now regard the matter as "stale", merely because the criminal perpetrator is a senior A.L.P. figure?

Wayne Shaft

Just Watch The Favourable Coverage Their ABC Candidates Receive During The Upcoming Election 🗳 And SMUGGO Has Promised This MARXIST MONOLITH Seventy Eight Million More Of Our Tax Dollars 💵 In His Recent Budget .👺👺👺

Up The Workers!

Putting unaffordable, unreliable "renewables" such as solar or windbaggery up against the cheap, reliable, affordable and almost inexhaustable coal or nuclear power, is like going into the Olympic Games 100 metre sprint with a 180kg. one-legged person nominated by the A.L.P./Greens, to compete against Usain Bolt.

Only by changing the rules and hobbling every other competitor, can the A.L.P./Greens entry possibly claim gold.

Dennis Thompson

The Liddell coal fired Power Station has a generating capacity of 2,000 MW and can operate 24 hours a day regardless of wind and solar conditions. There are four generator units of 500 MW each.

To generate the same amount of energy from a wind farm, based on just 500 MW, would require 12 Capital Hill capacity wind farms of 67 Wind Turbines each based on the AEMO capacity factor average output.

The nameplate/installed capacity, the design maximum capacity in perfect conditions, is 140 MW but on average (capacity factor) 42 MW.

Capital Hill Wind Farm covers 15,000 acres (6,000 hectares) by 12: 180,000 acres of suitable land, and suitable land is limited in Australia.

Therefore to equal the generating capacity of Liddell, 2,000 MW (95-98% capacity factor) would require 48 Capital Hill capacity Wind Farms.

And the politicians claim the transition to unreliable energy is achievable?

Add the "firming" or back up generators and the transmission lines to connect to the main grid.

The rising price of electricity is unacceptable, also the get rich scheme for investors the RET. No doubt they all have plans to get out before the voters all wake up and/or their RET based investments are reaching retirement, in about 20 years compared to power stations 50 years or longer.

Dennis Thompson

The truth about so called renewable energy ...


Another "Green Dream" bites the dust ........ Google "Kogan Creek Solar Farm" for more detail. A "world saving" solar farm in QLD that fell in a big heap when only about half built after sucking up millions of dollars worth of Government funding.......... I can't recall any "News Headlines" about this on the ABC.


38 Newspoll losses before being dumped. The people made their mind up on Mal and his leadership. But this narcissist cannot accept his policies were duds and still tries to re-write history. If Morrison can pull off a miracle and win in May, his first order of business must be to dump Mal's Liberal party membership.


To me, it seems Malcolm can see his renewable energy investments going pear shaped. This whole energy debate seems to have a tinge of insider trading to it.


I can only conclude that Goldman Sachs desires a Labor/Greens victory this time around, hence why they've sent out their valued man in Australia to do some leg work for them. Oy vey, they must be salivating at the thought of all those carbon-based financial instruments they will hawk at interest under Dear-Leader Shorten.


Seriously folks; when are the Bubble Residents going to pull collective heads out of the Unicorn's arse?

The simple truth you will NEVER get from a politician of any colour or commentator on any Australian MSM outlet:-

1. Pick a state
2. Click the all button [ a real picture of the true history]
3. Look at the Coal Thermal contribution
4. Print it out & keep it in you pocket to ask your candidates public questions while they are on the campaign trail
5. Ask them which former PM & which former Opposition leader live off unicorn rainbow farts

[ light the blue touch paper & stand well back...( happy memories from childhood)]


Bunyip Bill

7 Coolamon Cres.


I wish he would just go away.


Yep - the more he whines the more of those who left the Liberals because of him come back - so keep it up Malc, we used to have a saying for people like you in the Navy - your suffering from wankers doom


Maybe KRudd can find him a dustbin next to his out the back of the UN to live in.


I notice that SKY is playing up again - amazing how it always seems to loose connections when Outsiders is on. Maybe is the russians


Go away, Malcolm. Nobody cares. You were the worst Liberal Prime Minister this country has ever had, since William MacMahon, and you almost gifted the Labor Party victory last time.


Malcolm Bulsh*t didn't get to be Liberal PM all on his own. He had a number of Liberal lefties/commies including Julie Bishop the 'loyal' Deputy who was later joined at the hips by Julia (Banks), useless Fifield & others as 'miserable Malcolm's' cheer squad. What a nasty bunch of parasites who are intent on becoming rulers of the plebs/peasants.

Why is Malcolm & his son in Singapore doing all they can to damage the Liberal Party? They, along with Labor-Greens are determined to push through an Australian Republic headed by a 'President' Malcolm & his marxist cabal!

Get a life Malcolm - you have never been relevant but a pain in the a*se. Get lost.

Shillo language you will understand...You really are an Old C^*t fit enough only though to represent your miserable self as Shorten's arse wipe.


No one gives a stuff about Talkbull the miserable ghost.
What people are frustrated about is, since the GFC, real wages have been flat,
yet cost of living has gone through the roof; lowering standard of living.
That's why there's been 6 Prime Ministers since Howard lost office.

SHORT WILLY with this big renewables con job, not outlining the costs to people's
pockets and the economy certainly will scare voters. But the risk is he'll still
sneak into office - because the LNP has been in power 2 terms and real wages are
still flat. Whether it's a global phenomenon and not the fault of LNP or not, people
will blame the govt of the day for this after 2 terms. While real wages remain flat,
the revolving door of prime ministers will continue. If Morrison wins from here, it
would be nothing short of a miracle.


There is the University of the Third Age. But under Malcolm we were beckoning the Turd Age!. But, he is gone, thankfully. Still, we now need to get of his partner in crime, Bill Shorten. He and Malcolm were working hand in glove!

Tony Johnson

Agree with you James - why is there not and enquiry or at least media investigation into Turnbull family investment in renewables??
If you can influence political decisions for your own financial gain then surely it is a criminal offence.

Ol, Ted

Steve K,

There(allegedly)wouldn't be a just a possible (although hard to prove) whiff
of corruption in all this massive "Globalist & Climate" job, would there (possibly) be for Us,.. to still continue on with all this Garbage, as President Trump has, well put it ?

Anyone smell a Rat ?

Australia now has "The Most Expensive Electricity prices in Most of the World"

perhaps a slight clue may be,.. to follow the money.

The only way now forward for most Big Business,generally to survive is to reintroduce tariffs (& take on that rotten, (WTO) : World Trade Organisation
that ("Politicians" signed & stitched-up us up into "Outfit") & that so many "Politicians" were so enthusiastic about) & got us into.
This, nwe approach of tariffs,..just as the USA has done!
(How can a lot of Big Business possibly even sensibly compete now under the present situation)?

Time to ditch the Globalist & Nation destroying (& so called "Deals") that have in reality, worked to our general disadvantage) & reinstate our once relatively cheap Electricity (that was once the responsibility of The States
& .. before they walked away from their responsibilities) & return to an Independent Nation again, that still trades, but only on a fair,sensible &
equitable terms with other Nations.

I, think a lot of "Politicians" have now sold us a Pup !

Australia may not, now survive yet another round of ""Leftist Inspired"
utter Stupidity.


This man is looking and sounding like he is quite demented. The bile building up in Dear Malcolm must be enormous. His family should stage an 'intervention' and soon.

Geoffrey of Perth

The ghost of Banquo lives on. Well certainly not from the neck up but maybe below that.

Given that Turnbull, the man who never was, and his idiot child, are so knowledgeable about global warming (jk) they can possibly explain to me the following situation. Last week it was reported that Melbourne recorded its two warmest nights (so clearly evidence of global warming, right) since 1920. Now I am merely a former professor of accounting but when I read a statement such as that I automatically think that it was warmer in 1920 than in 2019 but then this could not be as there was no global warming then. Would some kind person please explain why it seems that maybe the "climate change" could be seen as a temporary aberration

Tony H

Yep and they still do it. Talking up the usurper while playing down the role he had in bringing down a first term PM who had won a massive landslide victory. Also should have won in 2010 had it not been for the secret unethical deals Gillard struck with the Greens and so called independants Oakshit and Windsock! Deals of which the details remain secret to this day.

Tony H

The “NO Energy Guarantee”!!! Mr Smith how about we foucus on what the real reasons are for Turds unhinged behaviour? The fact that he was PM and drove Australia to the left developing stupid so called clean energy while making personal investments in the Clean Energy market! His son is a corporate type involved in the clean energy industry that is reliant on billions of tax payer dollars in subsidies keeping them afloat. While they make their fortunes. Further aged pensioners and other less fortunate in our Country are dying of the cold because they cannot afford the rising costs of Turds NEG! The corrupt behaviour of the Turnbull clan in all of this has yet to be exposed. !! When will people start speaking up and show what a callous conceited peice of selfish shit this prick is.
This is the same man that was happy to sit beside Dutton in parliament but as soon as he made a move on the leadership the Turd tried to have him expelled for trumped up breaches of the constitution!! This is the same turd that spent the majority of his time attacking his own team, trying to “Cleanse” it of conservatives while attracting the likes of Laundy, Banks et al. Didn’t even lay a glove on Shorten in the whole time he was in parliament but scored hits in his own team. He has the gall to call others insurgents and infiltrators. The guy should be expelled form the Liberal party and his so called record expunged.


The connection maybe well be the Chicago Emissions Trading Bank , that just about fell over when the Copenhagen deal fell over they were all ready to go with the big boys from Goldman Sachs , Al Gore , Malcolm Turnbull and some Australian institutions thought it was going to be a nice little money spinner for them but the share price plummeted from $17:00 per share to just 13 cents or thereabouts , they now want to recoup that money and the NWO UN along with the elites are ready for the sign off from the Paris ACCORD , follow the money.

seeker of truth

Like many, I've never heard of this renewable energy project debacle.

The Final Report after the project was pulled in Sept 2016. So many problems and if overcome with further investment of many, many more millions of dollars, the end result would still have been "there was no prospect of ever getting a positive return on that investment." That is the investment for the whole project. Taxpayers' lent the company $6.40million which will never be repaid.

Renewable energy technology had moved at a pace since this project was given the go ahead (under a Rudd Labor government) so that when completed, it would have been a big white elephant similar to the way the NBN is headed.

Jeff of FNQ

Why is Malcolm & his son in Singapore doing all they can to damage the Liberal Party?

Well he was born out of wedlock.

Geoffrey of Perth

I have a brilliant idea given the power supply in South Australia. Let's put an energy using iron and steel company and a submarine/shipbuilding industry there as the state is highly unlikely to have any difficulty with continuity of electricity. And all of this to support Judas Pyne who has now quit the parliament anyway.


Malcolm Turnbull QED. Queerer Every Day!

Just Thinkin'

A bloke I knew said, "People rise to their level of incompetence."

Unfortunately, chairman mal got to THREE level ABOVE that....somehow...

I've never been able to work that one out....


Poor old Moggy.

Just Thinkin'

The circuit breakers on the inter-connectors should be
locked in the "open" position with a sign on each one.

Not to be used except in DIRE emergency.

The state of the emergency to be determined by
a unanimous decision between the power people
in North Queensland.


So true, rooster to feather duster in a flash.


Absolutely. 👍👍

Wayne Shaft

Former Conservative Journalist Miranda Devine Called Tony Abbott A Wrecker,Ain’t Saying Much About Her Hero 🦸‍♂️ Malcolm ✍️

Wayne Shaft

SMUGGO Pushing Snowy Malcolm The Second As Well 👽Smuggo Can’t Win he’s Far Too Labor Lite .👺👺👺Thinks That He Can Play Both Sides Of The Street .🐶

Wayne Shaft

Corporations / United Nations 🇺🇳 You Know The Ones That Own Our Two Political Partys .🐷🐷🐷

Wayne Shaft

Same Thing Used To Happen On Their ABC When The Real PM Tony Abbott Was Giving A Press Conference .🐸🐸🐸


You know for a guy who claims to be a republican; he has one Hell of an Imperious Attitude.

Wayne Shaft

Oakshit Standing Again —— Every Vote 🗳 Over 5 Percent Taxpayer Bounty ——-Two Dollars and Eighty Cents Per Vote .👺👺👺💩


Anybody who does not know the meaning of the word malcontent should google it to see the real meaning.

MALCOLM by name MALCONTENT by nature.

Sooner he leaves Australia the fresher the air will be.

Good riddance.


A more appropriate name for him of course would be Mal_cun ???

Dennis Thompson

National Poverty Guarantee ...

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