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On Julia Gillard, Alamance County and why lying on a CV affects us all

Ever heard of Alamance County's Elon University?

Neither had I.  

It's a private concern in the US, offering courses in Physician Assistant Studies, Physical Therapy, and Interactive Media.

But even though it's in a remote part of North Carolina, it's quite significant for Australia.

Last Thursday the staff at Elon put away the vaulting horses and mini-trampolines in the gymnasium to make way for a guest speaker - Julia Gillard.

Here's Ms Gillard's marketing material.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.08.24 pm

The demographer Bernard Salt describes the period 2010 to now as "The decade when trust went bust". 

It's no coincidence it started with Gillard's vaulting ambition and the knifing of Kevin Rudd.  

And it's ending with her outrageously false claims that go unchecked and uncommented on.

Isn't anyone in Australia's public life prepared to say, "Hang on, she's lying"?

Do you believe Gillard when she says that she:

  • reformed Australia's education system from early childhood to university
  • restructured the telecoms sector
  • built a national broadband network
  • was "central" to managing Australia's economy during the 2007-08 global financial crisis?

I'd love to hear Lindsay Tanner, Kevin Rudd or the RBA on Gillard's claim to a pivotal GFC position.

We wouldn't cop a government appointment to someone who'd lied on their CV.

So why do we cop it when Gillard lies to the world about our country?

It's a small step from lying about a carbon tax, or her role with her boyfriend Bruce Wilson in the AWU Scandal - to lying under oath to a Royal Commission.

One small step for Gillard - but one giant leap for Australia.

That's if we let her get away with it.

I'm here to make sure we don't.

Every touch leaves its trace.

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