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Bill Thompson with footage of the vegan demonstrators who've blocked Flinders St in Melbourne

On Julia Gillard, Alamance County and why lying on a CV affects us all

Ever heard of Alamance County's Elon University?

Neither had I.  

It's a private concern in the US, offering courses in Physician Assistant Studies, Physical Therapy, and Interactive Media.

But even though it's in a remote part of North Carolina, it's quite significant for Australia.

Last Thursday the staff at Elon put away the vaulting horses and mini-trampolines in the gymnasium to make way for a guest speaker - Julia Gillard.

Here's Ms Gillard's marketing material.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.08.24 pm

The demographer Bernard Salt describes the period 2010 to now as "The decade when trust went bust". 

It's no coincidence it started with Gillard's vaulting ambition and the knifing of Kevin Rudd.  

And it's ending with her outrageously false claims that go unchecked and uncommented on.

Isn't anyone in Australia's public life prepared to say, "Hang on, she's lying"?

Do you believe Gillard when she says that she:

  • reformed Australia's education system from early childhood to university
  • restructured the telecoms sector
  • built a national broadband network
  • was "central" to managing Australia's economy during the 2007-08 global financial crisis?

I'd love to hear Lindsay Tanner, Kevin Rudd or the RBA on Gillard's claim to a pivotal GFC position.

We wouldn't cop a government appointment to someone who'd lied on their CV.

So why do we cop it when Gillard lies to the world about our country?

It's a small step from lying about a carbon tax, or her role with her boyfriend Bruce Wilson in the AWU Scandal - to lying under oath to a Royal Commission.

One small step for Gillard - but one giant leap for Australia.

That's if we let her get away with it.

I'm here to make sure we don't.

Every touch leaves its trace.

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 1.29.09 pm 6a0177444b0c2e970d01b7c8b37b1c970b



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Nanny G

I have heard of Elon Uni in North Carolina. Recently on youtube I came across a very funny lady, Jeanne Robertson. She speaks around the country turning everyday family and household happenings into a humorous dialogue. She is in her 70's now, but was Miss North Carolina in her younger days.
She is also an Elon trustee, and the uni is often mentioned in her tours.
What a shame, I doubt she had a say in Juliar bumping her gums there, but it has sort of smeared my enjoyment of Jeanne's comedic entertainment.

Nanny G

Michael, I hope you send an email to the chair at Elon, pointing out Juliars fraudulent claims. I have sent a message to Jeanne Robertson's page without mentioning your website. Others can do the same. Here is the link.http://jeannerobertson.com/contact_us.htm

John Thomas

It will all be swept under the carpet when Labor get in next month. You left it too late mate.

Helen from Sydney

Most of us are behind you, Michael. God bless you and your endeavors - it's so important. Love you.

Julie of Geelong

Just sounds like the type of place she’d
get a gig!!

Julie of Geelong

Michael, you should email them and relay your rendition of Julia’s claims to fame!!!

They would probably padlock the front door to keep her out!!!!!

TIt for Tat

I don't think Michael left it too late after all MPS has been working hard over the last 8 years to disclose the criminal activity of Gillard Wilson and Blewitt.
Along with his recent charging of Gillard for perjury in the court in Sydney.
I'd say he's doing his best.
A pity there are No other MSM media journalists with the balls to see and report the truth about Gillard's lying and criminal past.
Because if media reported the facts maybe the judiciary would take notice and Gillard would be facing trial for her lies and Perjury before the RC and her part in the AWU fraud.

The Viking

All that's needed to bring this to a head is to identify a NSW Local Court Registrar who is;
1. Nearing the end of their career.
2. Not concerned about the damage to his or her personal reputation.
3. Has the intestinal fortitude to issue the appropriate process to bring the Labor Party's intended nominee for Australia's Governor General, before a Court to answer multiple allegations of fraud and corruption!
Let's open the door for nominations!!
Is there anyone in the political or judicial establishments that has the guts??

Michelle Two

Julia Gillard must have some very dark secrets besides the AWU scandal that she doesn't want out in the public.. she is on the Globalist Illusions tour.. earning her keep.. truth is always hidden in this sector of the community as they like to control others through the secret societies they keep..
You must have to sleep with one eye open when you are a part of the organisation as once you are in there is no way out.. it goes down the bloodline of the Illuminati..

You do sound fired up and passionate about completing this task.. many a doubting Thomas's will be about to say it can't be done.. with patience, faith and a whole lot of esoteric work you can manifest and achieve anything through all the hard work you have done.
Something always shows up in divine time so keep moving forward, listen to your intuition and bring this baby home.. so soul can go the next step.. keep the faith for much happens on the esoteric level before it becomes reality, you just have to have the intentions to create it, and accept all the ups, downs and challenges along the way..
You never really know when your miracle is going to appear because it always depends on the freewill of others involved and those yet to become involved in what we can't see or understand as yet.. love and light xx

This song comes to mind when souls energy needs a bit of a surge to build up that inner passion.. Never do things out of anger, revenge or fear because truth and justice should and will always be the guide of the Indigo/Crystalline soul that is you.. (natural justice which means the energy of one's own creation flows back to them) ..


It does feel like soul is being held back by something this afternoon..I'm sure what it is will turn up release any doubts and just go with the flow..
I got a visit from my son, he had the new bubba with him and one of the other boys so I got to play Nan and nurse him for a few hours...xx

Political speedbump

Me thinks you maybe right John , finding a single senior Judicial officer who isn't corrupt in order to get this into a courtroom now seems remote . Just like the Clintons , Gillard and her protected Labor crew have such a vice grip on the entire legal and media ballsacks of THIS country ,its almost goddam embarrasing to be an Aussie .Volumes and volumes of talk ,mountains of iron clad physical evidence produced....but not so much as single charge of illegal parking in years .

And this high level well organised criminal cartel will be running the country soon ,all with the blessing of our pissweak judicial and our laughable law "enforcement" who are way too scared to arrest a tresspassing vegan protestor let alone well connected crooks .

Great Job Dyson Hayden ,and your useless team of protectionists .


Michael, better get a move on mate, as sure as night follows day, she will be our next GG, ug?

marg of nambour

Are Elon University aware that her own Party (The Labor Party) summarily dumped Ms Gillard before her four year Prime Ministership could even be completed; replacing her with a man the Party would admit themselves they did not regard highly at all.

This was done to "save the furniture" so to speak, to avoid the complete annihilation of the Party at the forthcoming election, so low was her popularity with voters, and so bad the government under her leadership.

How on earth can such a glowing, Mother Teresa like description of the Gillard Prime Ministership - as put forward to the Elon University - be reconciled with the fact that her own Party regarded her Prime Ministership as so toxic that she had to be rolled before finishing her Term?


Perhaps the Donald’s new FBI can charge her for entering and working in the USA under false pretences. A dream I know,but not too far fetched, especially with her links to the evil Clintons. Judge people by the friend they keep.


Perhaps the Donald’s new FBI can charge her for entering and working in the USA under false pretences. A dream I know,but not too far fetched, especially with her links to the evil Clintons. Judge people by the friend they keep.


Odd how she did not take ownership of the debacle NDIS.

Maybe she knew it would be a multi billion dollar burden to taxpayers and open to massive fraud.

seeker of truth

Here's Julie giving a preliminary interview with the student news media of Elon. Look at her neck closely. Is that an old hickey (ie love bite)?



The Queen of Australia has the final say - the Gov-Gen of the Commonwealth of Australia is the 'representative' of the Queen. Australia is not a Republic yet.


marg of nambour

Perhaps someone should ask Kevin Rudd what he thinks of that CV.

Seems Ms Gillard wants to take all the glory for each and every perceived achievement of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd Government, and some.


Julia Gillard is a cheat, liar & fraudster, who cheated all the way to the top. She's a skilled, brilliant liar who has no conscience of all the grubby stuff she has done in her life. When she passes away at some stage, probably in 20 years time, she will meet her maker and will be made to pay for her many sins she's done in her life. Julia Gillard is a sinner.

Up The Workers!

Not being a lawyer myself, I ask the following questions in order to clarify my own understanding of the situation.

1). At what level of Court Jurisdiction, must a private prosecution be launched?

2). Are the Judges at that level political appointees/can a Judge at that level be politically assigned to a particular case by a bureaucratic 'low person in a high place', to specifically nobble a case?

3). If it is likely that political interference has in the past or is currently preventing some prosecutions from proceeding, how does one lift the case into the jurisdiction of the High Court of Australia where any corrupt political "tinkering" with the trial would be much more egregiously visible?

4). Given the high status of the low-class defendant involved, if the High Court of Australia does refuse to touch the matter, does scope exist for it to be referred to the I.C.C. (International Criminal Court) and be dealt with on an international level? Wouldn't that be an ugly "look" for the Australian legal system if private prosecutions must be taken offshore because of the degree of vile leftard corruption endemic in our own home-grown, third-world legal system.

5). While the Australian Court system operates in only two languages (Legalese and Bullshit), you actually get a choice of 5 extra flavours of Bullshit from the International Criminal Court!

6). On the other hand, you could always try the ever-so "progressive" Leftard Sharia Courts and go for a stoning or beheading, but that possibly does seem like just a touch of "over-egging the pudding".

jim cross

Must be time to send old Liz an email or two filling her in about Australia's queen of trollops and her qualifications , honesty and integrity. A link to this site may also give Her Majesty some insight.

jim cross

Either that's a love bite or a ringworm. Ringworms got no soul.......

Up The Workers!

Maybe Reuben got frisky?


From the book of ROMANS in the bible
The Problem Chapter3 verses 10 and 23
The Result Chapter 6 verse 23( first part only)
The Remedy Chapter5 verse 8 Chapter10 verses9/10
The Result Chapter6verse 23 ( last part)

Up The Workers!

I just want to know whether Piggy Howes has returned her 'back' yet, and what the hell was he using it for all this time?


North Carolina has a history of attracting failed Australian Labor leaders with Relevance Deprivation Syndrome. Some years ago Peter Beatty turned up there, flaunting his newly awarded mere honorary doctorate from U of Q, calling himself Dr Beatty.
That is a no no in Academia. He appears to have not got away with that.
I wonder if the Madam Genius is doing the same with her honorary title? Some beautiful real estate in North Carolina, in the mountains, beside lakes. It was reported that Pete bought a pad there, as well as apartment in NYC. Wonder if realty bolt hole is on Madam's mind too?
Maybe Russia or Cuba or even Venezuela would be better. Out of Michael's reach.


The naming of the new person who will have control of the judicial events in NSW is a scary announcement.
Can not believe a Liberal Premier would give a position like that to a labor person. Baird did something like that, anna bligh to banking and then returned to banking.

little t

Collar rub mark !


This is a very unusual twitter account.

praise you ☭
marxist leninist. woman.

The pinned tweet says "death to america, immediately if not sooner"

You would think that is the usual marxist rubbish with a relatively small number of followers - but what is interesting about the account is that it is followed by Julia Gillard, Barack Obama, Kevin Rudd and even Tony Abbott?? plus an array of other lesser entities.
(appears Barack Obama was their first follower).

H/t https://twitter.com/FitzpatriotBrad/status/1114746326636322816


She is one of the " untouchables " and nothing will happen to her. We should have learned that by now. However...there is one good thing I am pretty sure about this speech...Nobody in NC will understand a word she will utter.

seeker of truth

O/T but still dealing with a young and naive woman turned politician, AOC has put out a Twitter video taken in her apartment that is currently being renovated (politicians are well paid). She was snacking and drinking while recording the clip, and was on a bit of a rave about climate change and Trump's treatment of children at the border.

She gave the excuse that at her age of 29 she makes mistakes in her interviews but that shouldn't be held against her because she is young. She was slightly fuelled up from whatever she was drinking. She accused Trump of injecting drugs into children held in US camps at the border. I think she is talking about giving them vaccinations for their own health as there is an outbreak of measles and other diseases in the camps and now in the US, most likely brought in by these illegal immigrants. It seems that AOC is also an anti-vaxxer. She is not young and naive; she is stupid and a liar to boot.


By the way, it was the Obama government that introduced the requirement for immunisation of unaccompanied minors held at the temporary shelters at the US-Mexican border.



Vegan Eco-fascist attacking around Australia today


Moved her on before she would be an embarrassment to the campaign for her past.
Just imagine being held in high regard for building fences and unwanted school buildings.
The behaviour of a nutter.

Up The Workers!

If and when she does expire, I'm guessing she will have to be cremated.

She's so crooked and irretrievably bent, it would cost far too much to custom fabricate a coffin to snugly accommodate her.

I wonder whether Slater & Gordon will ask the undertakers before she goes in the cooker, to retrieve their missing Blundstone boot - last seen in the immediate vicinity of her ample posterior as she went flying at a great rate of knots out their door head-first?

(They could always do with the cash).

One thing is for certain - she'll get a good send-off.

There'll be 26 million people show up just to make bloody certain that the ashes are sealed up tight enough; that the hole they're dropped down, is sufficiently deep and that there are sufficient supplies of re-bar steel and reinforced concrete to fill that hole with.


It is obvious she was hoodwinking the Coalition,
in forward estimates without funding.
Abbott agreed to what was there and look at the mess gillard is response for.
Instead of the people with the disabilities there are those who have shot their brains with drugs and alcohol lining up for a hand out.

Up The Workers!

I see in Elon's blurb (would that be the same "Elon" who sold Weatherdill's Luddite Jurassic Park their multi-squillion dollar battery instead of a power grid?) above, that Juliar the Munificent, Mendacious, Misandrist was to address the University's "Spring Convocation".

If anybody, anywhere, plans on a lifelong Vocation as a Con, I could scarcely think of a better role model than Juliar or the eponymous Bull Shitten, both respectively unrespectable Leaders of the Australian LIARS Party.!


Is Gillard still promoting her communist vision for Australia? So glad that you will never give up like everyone else has. Giving up is why bullies with power get away with their criminal behaviour.


The JEG (fraud & perjury ) & BS (sexual assault) cases both go to prove how corrupt our political system is. Unfortunately both cases will never go to trial despite MS's best efforts in relation to JEG. All MS's efforts in securing a private prosecution of JEG rely on a justice system corrupted by those in power in both State & Federal governments. It's a shame that the best performer in the Trade Union Royal Commission Sarah McNaughton has gone to ground and with it any chance MS had of securing a private prosecution. Heaven help us after the next Federal election when Bill Shorten obtains power with his party promoted by the Fairfax press and more heavily by the ABC who have a vested interest in having Labor in power.


Perhaps there's method in Labor's madness in hinting they'll appoint Julia Gillard to be Governor General.

Their plan is to demean and diminish the Royal connection as a lead up to establishing the Australian republic. Putting Julia Gillard in as GG will achieve that in one fell (fowl?) swoop..

Liz of Vic

Kurt, I totally agree with you, however, it must be made impossible for her to become G-G, that is obviously what she is after, she is power-drunk!

I could not believe how she has put that summary together, not even in her dreams could that ever have been true.

She was sacked by Slater & Gordon, she did not have a job for months after that, until Brumby gave her a job, one of the men with power in the Labor-Party.

Barney R

Her so called speech in parliament about the"treatment of women in professional and public life" is another lie. She was defending that grub Slipper.

Tony H

She’ll have a bronze statue of her somewhere and be cast as a hero of Australian woman hood who foughtbgallantky against that nemises and famed mysoginist Tony Abbott. If you doubt me, go to the Canberra museum and gallery across from the ACT Legislative Assembly and you will be greeted by a bronze LifeSize statue of Al Grassby. Compliments of the mug ACT tax payer for the cost of $80,000.


"was "central" to managing Australia's economy during the 2007-08 global financial crisis?"

What does The Goose have to say about that?


Very sad Australia has come to this.
Seems it can only end ugly.

Up The Workers!

"The Goose" is busy counting up all the errors in Juliar's Gillarded C.V.

Unfortunately, he just cannot get past the number 21 - even with all his digits exposed.


We can always write to the local news paper; Greensboro News & Record. They have a Letter to the Editor form at https://www.greensboro.com/site/forms/online_services/letter/letter_editor/


The next Federal election - May 2019 is just weeks away. If Bill Shorten, in his election campaign utters the phrase - Asian Century - be assured that Julia Gillard (AWU) is on Bill Shorten(AWU) election campaign team.


Gillard the Labor-Union PM in 2012 prior to the 2013 electio, used the Hawke-Keating mantra 'Asian Century' - a whole lot of noise without any substance -


The Viking

Not being a lawyer either, can't answer most of your questions,UTW.
Here is a brief explanation of the purpose of a writ of mandamus, which is a court direction to a public official to do their duty. It may well apply to a Local Court Registrar who refuses to issue the process to commence a private criminal prosecution.


Gillard's a fake, and I hate to see her running around on the speaker circuit as her presence there is running down Australia. From the attached article: president-julia 1983 -and-pm-julia-gillard-2013- "The last AUS president, Julia Gillard, had moved on. She had her Guild president and national student president titles in her CV. She had made her friends among the ALP powerbrokers and cliques, went on to get her law degree and would do her time alongside ALP heavyweights so as to ready herself someday for a safe seat.

Ms Gillard’s toxic campaigning style and win at all costs politics has not left her, sadly. That toxicity drew the ‘Faceless Men’ –honed party apparatchiks who had spent years building themselves power bases and factional power. Faceless men and fakes and frauds, that our Julia?



That may be true in all of that. But when Gillard passes away in probably 20-30 years time, her maker will know her many sins and she will be punished. There will be no life of luxury for her in death.

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