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US Attorney General Barr's statement that the Trump campaign was spied on

This confirmation of what we've long believed is chilling.

US security and enforcement agencies spied on the Trump campaign.

It appears that the FBI is implicated - this at the same time that it was incredibly clearing Hillary Clinton over her private email server crimes.

AG Barr's performance before the US Congress was particularly impressive.  He was measured and understated - but he absolutely committed to properly investigating the spying and other matters associated with the Clinton/Democrat camp and their corrupt friends.

This is bad news for several Australian current and former politicians.  The first cab off the rank is Alexander Downer who delivered to the Obama administration the news of "Russians" and their apparent possession of Clinton and other DNC emails.  That advice from Downer was apparently the pretext for the investigation of allegations of collusion between the Russians and Trump.

It's amazing that The Left's outrage is so selective.  The idea that law enforcement or security agencies not only spied on their own citizens (unlawfully), but spied on one side of politics to advantage the other should have The Left out in the streets.

But for lefties it's the side, not the truth that counts.

Here's Attorney General Barr.