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That's WA Labor Premier Mark McGowan shoulder to shoulder with WA's "on a course (golf)" Assistant Commissioner Gary I-won't Budge.

Last week Ralph Blewitt recorded this video and we published his 4 April 2019 letter asking WA Police to arrest him, charge him and present him to court over his role in the payment by Thiess Contractors of secret commissions to a secret GILLARD/WILSON slush fund.


About 12 hours after we published, Ralph received this letter from Golf Course Gary.

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The whole point of Blewitt's submission was to respectfully point out that the DPP dropped fraud charge against him.  

That's a sensible decision because there was no fraud on Thiess.  But note that WA Police's top crime-fighter, Golf Course Gary is still talking about the matter as a fraud.  Makes you wonder how "Still On A Course" Gary would go tracking a bleeding elephant in the snow.

Blewitt is pointing out that this huge corporation - Thiess - used WA taxpayer money to pay secret commissions to the Gillard/Wilson slush fund.

What sort of police force ignores admissions like that?

The one that told the key detective initially responsible for the investigation that the million-dollar misuse of WA taxpayer money was a "stale" offence - and by extension the offenders should just get away with it.

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Cold cases don't interest Gary Budge.

Golf courses do.
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This is not the last you'll hear on this.

Trust me.

Gary, every touch leaves its trace.