GetUp seems to know the identity of 2 men wanted by police over offensive anti-Abbott posters
GetUp's radical agenda, including romantic cello music

ABC's Virginia Trioli not talking to Bill Thompson about Shorten rape allegation

#MeToo. Believe the victim!  White Ribbon.  Join our campaign against sexual and domestic violence*.

*Unless the named offender is Bill Shorten.

Here's Bill Thompson:

Early this morning I checked their ABC News online to see if there was any reference to Ben Fordham's 2GB interview with Peter Faris QC, yesterday. There wasn't, so I tweeted to ABC News Brekkie & LaTrioli with a link to the 2GB audio, to give them a heads-up. Then I trammed out to Armadale to see if Virginia was talking about it on-air... Apparently not.

Bill was armed with his "Compare the Pair" printout.

Screen Shot 2019-05-16 at 9.30.01 am

One of these men made a joke about rape.

He lost his preselection as a result.

The other is credibly accused of rape of a child, by a named witness who has assembled a substantial body of evidence and witnesses and has the support of the former head of the National Crime Authority who is calling for the case to be brought to court.  

He has the complete support of the Labor Party, the union movement, GetUp and much of The Left.

And he might be the next prime minister of Australia.