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AWU Scandal re-opens as GILLARD joins AWU Bill SHORTEN on campaign trail

Many thanks to Julia Eileen GILLARD (DOB 29 SEPT 1961) for bringing sharper focus onto the campaign issues.


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Former Labor prime minister Julia Gillard is set to join her former nemesis Kevin Rudd in helping Bill Shorten as the election campaign enters its final fortnight.

Ms Gillard is entering the fray with a series of social media videos and other messages aimed at shoring up the women's vote. She will also do some on-the-ground campaigning in her old stomping ground of Victoria, where the election will be won and lost.

Last night, Ms Gillard did a community forum with MP Ged Kearney in the seat of Cooper and will campaign today in Macnamara.

Ms Gillard, Mr Rudd and former Labor prime minister Paul Keating will all be at the Labor campaign launch in Brisbane on Sunday. Bob Hawke is in ill-health and unable to travel.

Ms Gillard, Mr Rudd and Mr Shorten were all once at various time sworn enemies. Mr Shorten helped Ms Gillard depose Mr Rudd in 2010 and then helped Mr Rudd depose Ms Gillard in 2013.

A Labor source said the spectre of all three working together for a common cause would help Labor sell its core message of unity.

By comparison, Malcolm Turnbull is in New York for the duration of the campaign, Tony Abbott is tied down trying to save his seat of Warringah, making John Howard the only former Liberal prime minister able to lend a hand.