Gallant PVO rides in to defend Kristina Keneally's honour - with friends like that........
Photios Party's Trent Zimmerman v The Liberals' Jim Molan AO DSC

Better ask Chloe

Bull-Shitten says it's bullshit, but it's hard to tell with him.

He's half way to challenging Albo with his sincere-faced "Albo has my complete support".

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 11.56.29 am

Bill Shorten has told allies he wants to return as Labor leader, but is preparing to be denied his preferred frontbench positions as health or foreign affairs spokesman when Anthony Albanese unveils the opposition's new-look frontbench this weekend.

The former opposition leader used an address to MPs in Canberra on Thursday to pledge loyalty to Labor's newly installed leadership team and launch a stinging attack on corporate Australia and sections of the media over the party's shock defeat at the May 18 election.

"Rather than commentators' snap judgements, or hindsight masquerading as insight, it is important that we take our time to reflect," Mr Shorten said.

"But obviously we were up against corporate leviathans, a financial behemoth, spending an unprecedented hundreds of millions of dollars advertising, telling lies, spreading fear. They got what they wanted."

Mr Shorten has decided against moving to the backbench and will serve on Labor's frontbench in a move being widely interpreted by colleagues as a sign he still harbours leadership ambitions.

Several allies of Mr Shorten told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on Thursday that the former union leader told them he has not abandoned the idea of regaining the Labor leadership despite being rejected by voters at the ballot box at two consecutive national elections.


Unlike Bill's vaulting-ambition.

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 12.01.50 pm


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Shorten wouldn't know what a leviathan or a behemoth was. Someone (not from the union movement) is writing this brain dead dill's speeches.

Piss Off Bill.....You are a failure in so many ways, not the least of which is no doubt in Chloe's eyes. (You should have gone to Specsavers Chloe)


He's taking good care of the GG's daughter.

My poor little Betty - Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em - BBC classic comedy


The 'FAWNING OVER SHORTEN' CHLOE stage-managed photos wasn't done for nothing. It was so SHORT WELLEH could re-take ALP leadership and try yet again to realise his further FAILED wet-dream of becoming PM.

Haha with SHORT WELLEH on THERAPEUTIC ALBO's front bench there'll be 'no wrecking, no undermining, no sniping'.

In fact SHORT WELLEH will be 'Happy Little Vegemite' to serve under ALBO - you know, like KEVIN .07....


ps. KEVIN RUDD being 'Happy Little Vegemite' to play 'second fiddle' to GILLARD just as SHORT WELLEH is happy to play 2nd fiddle to haha RUB N TUG fiddler....


Chloe has already purchased the Dog Collar & lead for Albo. Bill will walk him whenever John Setka tells him.

[Sorry about the minor edit Shillo - felt it a bit off in context! But keep them coming!!!!! MPS]


He's conveniently forgotten GetUp and the Unions massive $$ input into the Labor campaign. Sorry Bill it's all about you - the voters don't like you.

Up The Workers!

No doubt about it...Labor(sic) LOVE their failures.

May they have many, many more of them!


Every photo lately Chloe is looking at Bill's ears!

Michelle Two

G'Day xx The political parties and the battle for power reminds me of the gang fights in Happy Days a whole lot of media speculation and wishful thinking..
Looking at the photo you have below of Albo, Wong, Marles and Keneally the odd one out is Kristina (Eddie's Girl) she has been Premier and is after the big prize now she wants to be the next Female!!
Depends who has the factional numbers and who gets their reputation rubbed in the dirt files and media compilations to come..
Shorten is really struggling at not being the one calling the shots.
Albo is already showing signs of weakness by repeating the words that "Shorten is right" with the excuses why they lost in his caucas speech yesterday..

Same shit all over again as the same teams are playing for keeps.. Fighting amid themselves on either side is all they know how to do they are caught in the same karmic cycle so will continue to repeat the same patterns and expect a different result..
As long as either party continues to follow the Globalists UN agenda they will continue as they are as it eats the political parties up first ftom the inside and they continue to make poor choices out of fear so it is against the people.

Changes will come in slowly as the government is still being controlled by outside forces..

2 weeks out and they are talking about leadership challenges already it didn't take the bored tribe of souls long to start the political bullfight..

The message today is "Changes can bring new life; new energy, we ate holding your hand" so never fesr change as changes don't have to be big or life changing as a mete thought and intention can change the direction your life goes.. A change of diet or how you treat yourself can change your whole perception of who you are or who you thought you were because with all these energy shifts and growing pains, you are not the same person you were 7 years ago..Your ego may tell you that you are but your inner knowing knows different.. Following your heart instead of making choices out of fear brings you to a different path on your soul journey. . So the decisions you make will take you a step further or take you back one or two in order to pick up and heal from what you thought you got away from.. Running away from your truth never solves them facing your fears does as those feats make you stronger as you know you have got over them before and have the wisdom to do it as often as soul needs ..Spirit is cheering you on as they have been guiding you all along..and holding your hand as you healed..

The second message was about nurturing your soul and pampering yourself..So doing something just for you without feeling any guilt but filling your heart with the things in life that bring out your passion and joy.. If there is one thing in your present moment you could do without having any limitations what would you do.. set and focus your intentions on achieving that.. because your dreams are your soul plans so can write the chapters of the next part of your soul journey but for now do something on impulse that will fill your heart, then reflect on your life and see what it is you are truly blessed and grateful for without comparing your soul with others.. as your soul plan and journey is your unique and light xx

I am blessed with many things but love is the greatest of them all as it is unconditional and frees my soul to be who I am. How are you I am feeling tired this afternoon so the energy may be shifting again. Love always xx 😙💕

The past and Happy Days feed your inner remembering your own innocence..

Michelle Two

"We are holding your hand" sorry my phone keeps changing 'r' to 't' ..
Spirit always has your back though so always ask for what you need and give those mastery skills of manifesting a go be patient though as some things take time to synchronize.. to play your human part first beieve them have faith. xx 😇❤


He once aspired to be the next Bob Hawke, now he aspires to be Arty Caldwell.


Bill Shorten just doesn't understand in his delusional belief that the Australian public has rejected him as Prime Minister twice in elections. The Australian public don't like Shorten at all, simple as that. Bill Shorten lost the election because of his unbelievable cockiness & arrogance. Can the Labor party have the balls to say to Shorten "resign from parliament Bill"?. No they won't because the Labor party is weak as water.


Earwax ?

KRudd was good at fixing earwax.

Julie of Geelong

It will all end in tears - I’m telling you!!!

You heard it here!!!

Julie of Geelong

The only ones that like him are Chloe and his two kids!!

And, that maybe doubtful now that he’s sank their chance of ever living at The Lodge!!

Julie of Geelong

I bet she can see right through to the other side - nothing there!!!!


Well Kooka, perhaps Chloe has heard how tasty the contents of Labor leaders' ears are.

After all these years, this still makes me cringe.

Perhaps it is the reason Krudd was rejected by the UN

Liz of Vic


With a wife as Chloe, Bill cannot give up his dreams, as it was also her dream.

She was all set to be 'the first Lady', and she is not giving up, therefore
Bill won't give up.

Oh well, it will be fun and games to see it all unravel!


Chloe looks at him and says - Bill, theres not much to like about you but first lady sounded good............


Must have been hard to unpack and cancel the removalist.


Talk about Ken and Barby - both have silly looks on their faces. Barby can't really have such an adoring attitude to Ken. She wants something bigger than Ken.


The arrogance makes you think of his telling Arnie he would be PM of Australia, the expensive Labor celebratory dinner on election eve, the news that he had half the house packed up ready to move into the Lodge, the policies of telling Australians how they would live and how he intended to impoverish them with his taxes, the belief he couldn't lose and the blame game when he did. Not a man for all seasons.

David Roberts

Sad to say i find his wife way over the top like a love sick cow


Will Chloe please stop drooling over Bills shoulder, I feel sick every time I see her cow eyed faced drooling on him.


I think he does - he like to dine out with the big spenders and always chasing other peoples money to stuff in his own pockets.
Cant have many knives left after stabbing the Mushroom workers in the back, and the Cleanevent workers in the back, Rudd in the back, Gillard in the back, but I reckon he has one left for Albo, as the man is addicted to getting to the top on others hard work.

seeker of truth

Agree 100%. Chloe wants a bigger profile than she has now. Now just being the wife of a Shadow Minister and being a Director of the services organisation for the Union controlled Industry Funds won't cut it for her. Obviously not intelligent enough to further her own career by more tertiary education studies.

In March 2014 Bill managed to swing her a job with Calibre Group Ltd which works in the large scale infrastructure industry so needs good relations with the CFMEU. You can see where I'm going to and why she got the job. The company's fortunes fell flat during 2015.

She lasted a little under two years in the job. She resigned in early 2016. Chloe was spending one day a month at head office in Perth the other time was spent in the Melbourne ofice but it got too much due to family pressures. A big fib there. Bill was campaigning for the 2016 Federal election and needed her by his side.

Now that Shorten is no longer Leader of the Opposition, he might have difficulty in finding Chloe another prestigious position. I don't think she wants to start at the bottom.


Because he's not listening....


She had something to do with slater and Gordon expansion into the UK.
That work well, not.

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