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CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - Labor's talking points for today

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This election is a choice between Labor’s strong, stable and united team and the Liberals’ coalition of chaos with no vision for Australia.




  • This election was always going to be close. We’re not taking anything for granted.
  • We need real change – because more of the same isn’t good enough.
  • If you want better hospitals and schools, not more cuts – vote Labor.
  • If you want unity and stability, not three more years of chaos – vote Labor.
  • If you want to get wages moving, not more tax loopholes for the rich – vote Labor.
  • If you want real action on climate change, not more chaos – vote Labor.
  • If you want a fair go for all Australians - vote Labor.



  • Scott Morrison and the Liberals’ coalition of chaos has no vision for the future of Australia.
  • The mere fact that Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull and John Howard, Julie Bishop can’t sit in the same room together says everything you need to know about the chaos and division engulfing the modern Liberal Party.
  • Nothing that Scott Morrison says today will make up for the last six years – six years of division, chaos, cuts.
  • Look at their record – failure on climate change, failure on cost of living, failure on wages.
  • It’s time for change. Vote for Labor and vote for change.



  • Voters understand the choice on the 18th May. Labor has a plan for a fairer Australia that invests in schools and hospitals - not handouts to multinationals and the big end of town.
  • A Shorten Labor Government will deliver bigger, better and fairer tax cuts for 10 million working Australians.
  • With Labor, working and middle class Australians will pay less tax – because a tax cut for families is more important than an $80 billion tax giveaway to big business and the banks.



  • A Shorten Labor Government will deliver the single biggest federal investment in a public transport project in history, with a $15 billion, 15 year investment in Melbourne’s Suburban Rail Loop
  • Premier Daniel Andrews announced the Suburban Rail Loop project last year. It will be a 90 kilometre rail ring around Melbourne’s suburbs, with 12 new underground stations connecting the city’s major train lines.
  • Suburban Rail Loop will be a game changer for Australia’s fastest-growing city. It means faster travel times and more jobs for Victorians.
  • It will allow passengers to move between Melbourne’s suburbs without the need to go via the central business district, making public transport much quicker and more convenient.
  • The new network will attract 400,000 passengers a day and take 200,000 cars off Melbourne’s roads.  



  • The Liberals have absolutely no credibility when it comes transport investment in Victoria. They can’t be trusted.
  • Despite Victoria being home to one in four Australians, the Liberals and Nationals in Canberra have slashed the state’s share of the federal infrastructure budget to as low as seven per cent.
  • The Liberals cut services so they can pay for handouts to multinationals and the top end of town
  • Labor has an ambitious plan to tackle transport congestion in Victoria - we’re announcing $15 billion for the suburban rail loop today - we’ll partner with the Andrews Labor Government to help deliver the huge North-East Link road project, airport rail, the Doncaster Busway and the Frankston to Baxter upgrade.
  • On top of all that the Andrews Labor Government is getting it done by getting rid of another 25 level crossing removals.



  • This election is a choice – Labor has outlined our plan to invest in an economy that works for all and builds a fairer nation.
  • Labor’s Fair Go Budget Plan confirms that a Shorten Labor Government will deliver bigger investments in health and education, fairer taxes, bigger budget surpluses and much-needed cost of living relief.
  • Labor’s Fair Go Budget Plan will see a budget surplus achieved in 2019-20, the same year forecast in the 2019 Budget, with bigger budget surpluses over the forward estimates and medium term, with $87 billion extra to pay down more debt.
  • We will make multinationals pay their fair share of tax, and close unfair tax loopholes for the top end of town.

Why no costings on Newstart increase?

  • Not our policy – we’ve said that we will have a review, the Liberal Party is peddling rubbish and plucking numbers out of thin air.


Why no costings on getting foreign aid spending to 0.5 per cent of GNI?


  • Not our policy – we haven’t set a timeframe to achieve the 0.5%.




  • Angus Taylor has serious questions to answer about why he never declared a shareholding and directorship in this company.
  • Why did Angus Taylor keep Australians in the dark when it came to disclosing his interests in this company on the Register of Members’ Interests?
  • And if he can be so sloppy, how can the Australian people believe a word he says now.



  • Labor will provide $40 million to the ABC and $20 million to the SBS over three years to boost Australian content and stories on Australian screens.
  • With this investment, the ABC will show additional new and returning scripted drama, comedy, children’s and music programs and the SBS will show additional new drama, documentary and entertainment/factual programs.
  • Unfortunately, the Liberals have inflicted funding cuts and ideological attacks on the ABC and SBS.
  • That’s why Labor will reverse Scott Morrison’s $83.7 million cut to the ABC and invest a further $60 million to grow our public broadcasters into the future.



  • A Shorten Labor Government will invest $85 million to boost Australia’s creative industries – supporting more jobs and more investment across our growing creative economy.  


  • Australia’s creative industries are world-class – but more investment is needed to ensure that local industries get the investment they need to compete on the rapidly changing world stage. 


  • That is why Labor will invest $85 million in Australia’s Creative Economy to support start-ups, small and medium sized businesses and attract international investment to create the skilled jobs of the future in Australia’s creative industries. 



  • I think voters understand that choice at this election.
  • Scott Morrison is spending $77 billion on a tax cut for the top end of town, but he won’t tell you what hospitals he’ll cut to pay for it.
  • Mr Morrison voted ten times to give the banks and big business an $80 billion tax handout – it’s in the Liberals’ DNA.
  • It’s been revealed that under Morrison’s loopholes, 69 millionaires paid no tax in 2016-17.
  • Morrison and the Liberals are spending money on loopholes for the top end of town and helping millionaires pay zero tax.



  • We won’t be distracted – this election is about better schools and hospitals, versus tax cuts for the top end of town.
  • News Corp is just another multinational that doesn’t pay tax in Australia – they haven’t paid company tax for years.
  • And that’s what this election is really about – Labor’s plan for better hospitals, or the Liberal party’s loopholes for millionaires and multinationals.
  • Our focus is winning the election on May 18.



  • Scott Morrison is doing deals with extreme and chaotic minor parties in a desperate attempt to cling to power.
  • A vote for the Liberals and Nationals guarantees more cuts and chaos.
  • Clive Palmer ripped off workers and cost taxpayers $70 million – and Scott Morrison has done a deal with him for more cuts and chaos.
  • A vote for the LNP is a vote for Clive Palmer and a vote for Clive Palmer is a vote for the LNP.