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DFAT statement on Julian Assange

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Statement on Julian Assange

Media Release

31 May 2019


We reject any suggestion by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture that the Australian Government is complicit in psychological torture or has shown a lack of consular support for Mr Assange. The Special Rapporteur has not been in contact with the Australian Government to raise these concerns directly.

The Australian Government is a staunch defender of human rights and a strong advocate for humane treatment in the course of judicial processes. We are confident that Mr Assange is being treated appropriately in Belmarsh Prison. Mr Assange has advised us that he is being treated the same as other prisoners in Belmarsh.

The Australian Government continues to provide active and high level consular assistance to Mr Julian Assange. Consular officers from the Australian High Commission in London have already visited Mr Assange twice at Belmarsh Prison, on 12 April and 17 May 2019. The Australian High Commission in London has previously raised any health concerns Mr Assange has identified with Belmarsh Prison authorities and these have been addressed. Following media reports of ill health, yesterday, 30 May 2019, the Australian Government has made further inquiries with Belmarsh Prison authorities as to Mr Assange’s current health situation. Due to the privacy considerations that we extend to all consular clients, we will not disclose further details relating to Mr Assange’s physical or mental health.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade continues to liaise very closely with Mr Assange’s family in Australia.

As with any consular client, we will continue to visit Mr Assange in prison, monitor and advocate for his health, welfare and equitable treatment, and closely follow his legal proceedings.


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Perfectible DFAT? Never!

Gerard Flood

"The Australian Government is a staunch defender of human rights ... ", except where the People's Republic of China murders under torture up to 100,000 thousand innocent victims per year for their organ sales industry. Then, Ms Gillian Triggs' derelict Australian Human Rights Commission Annual Report to Federal Parliament actually praises the PRC for its progress on Human Rights. Ref Kilgour & Matas "Bloody Harvest Report" 2006 & 2007, and the Gutmann & Matas "Bloody Harvest/The Slaughter:Update" 2016 & 2017


The UN Rapporteur on Torture would be more useful spending his time investigating the millions of people claiming asylum in the West.


Julian Assange, whose legal team in the British courts, consisted of Geoffrey Robertson, Amal Clooney & others, chose to remain in the Ecuador Embassy in London for over 7years in order to avoid complying with the Judgement of the British court. Ecuador aided & abetted Julian Assange by accommodating him in the Ecuador Embassy in London.


Australia also contributed $61,619,804 on 11-Jan-19 to the UN annual budget.


WHY Morrison kept PAYNE on as Foreign Affairs minister will never know. She's hopeless and certainly doesn't act in the interests of the country. She sure didn't as Defence Minister.


If the Australian Government was engaging in psychological torture or psychological terrorism against Australian citizen/s and the person/s died there is always the upgraded charge of extra-judicial murder.

Just saying.

Jeff Brooks

Hogwash,they're cheering the authorities on every step of the way ...they want Assange dead as much as anyone....especially the buffoon Downer and the Stick Insect.

Just Thinkin'

Christ, fancy having that lookin' after you?

Maybe is she threw some more of our money
at them she could get him home to a heroes welcome...

Much more than she would get...


Tired of these political couples both milking the public purse and setting themselves up for life. Her husband is NSW minister Stuart Ayres who made a hash of the stadiums rebuild. Both useless seat warmers.


The Yanks are welcome to Assange, he's made his bed.


Let Assange TELL EVERYTHING. If he is sick then spend the money on making him well enough to go through it all. oh! but that may end up another on the Clinton suicide victims list

seeker of truth

Marise Payne states, "we will not disclose further details relating to Mr Assange’s physical or mental health." However, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture is not so quiet on the privacy details. Professor Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture "visited Assange in a high-security London prison on May 9 along with two medical experts, said that he found him agitated, under severe stress and unable to cope with his complex legal case."


It appears that Assange is suffering from severe depression and anxiety to a degree that he has now been hospitalised. His mental illness might prevent the case from proceeding if Assange is in such a state of not being able to give evidence or fully understand the evidence against him. He can't participate in a Court hearing. Is it a tactic to avoid extradition to Sweden and subsequently the US? 7 years stuck inside a house wouldn't help, especially if you could see no way out of your situation.

A YouTube interview by Melzer on Assange. He says Assange is now not fit to stand trial because of the severe state of his mental illness.


A bit on Prof. Melzer -

"Prof. Melzer has served for 12 years with the International Committee of the Red Cross as a Legal Adviser, Delegate and Deputy Head of Delegation in various zones of conflict and violence. After leaving the ICRC in 2011, he held academic positions as Research Director of the Swiss Competence Centre on Human Rights (University of Zürich), as Swiss Chair for International Humanitarian Law (Geneva Academy) and as Senior Fellow for Emerging Security Challenges (Geneva Centre for Security Policy), and has represented civil society in the Steering Committee of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.

In the course of his career, Prof. Melzer has also served as Senior Security Policy Adviser to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, has carried out advisory mandates for influential institutions such as the United Nations, the European Union, the International Committee of the Red Cross and the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, and has regularly been invited to provide expert testimonies, including to the UN First Committee, the UN CCW, the UNSG Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters, and various Parliamentary Commissions of the European Union, Germany and Switzerland....."


Up The Workers!

I've never been able to work Assange out yet, to the point where I could feel comfortable about my judgement.

Is he on OUR side?

Is he on THEIR side?

Is he on HIS OWN side?

One thing for sure, he certainly shows up the difference between the Conservatives and the Lefties - not so much as a result of his OWN doings, but from how others treat him.

Even though most of the Wikileaks output during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election was vastly damaging to the National Security-risk, carpet-bagging charity-fraudster Hillary and the Ku Klux Democrats cause, Trump still demands that Assange stand trial due to what he did to damage U.S. Interests, rather than turning a blind eye and letting him off for the perceived "favours" received in his own interests, at the hands of Assange. The impartiality of Trump's treatment of Assange, shows the U.S. President in a very favourable light, in my opinion.

If the boot had been on the other foot, the Leftard Dimocrats would undoubtedly have dropped all charges, as they always do with their own "little maaates" - no matter how criminal or corrupt they may be; - even cowardly Leftard child-molesting, accused-rapists and Leftard recidivist brothel-hoppers have been known to have their crimes completely overlooked by hypocrite, rapist-friendly Lefties -

Haven't they, AnAl and Bonker?.

The Truth never hurts

I call BS on this guys health issues - all self inflicted through hiding away in a cupboard for so many years

a happy little debunker

My only problem with the US exercising it's muscle with the Assange case is that he was never a subject to US laws, he never broke US laws (committed no crimes on US soil or 'e-territory' - whatever that is).

They would argue that he 'tried' to breach US servers (but obviously failed) / encouraged someone else to do the same (as would any Journo is a similar position).

But, the reality is that they are after a patsy to take the fall for their failed 'Russian Collusion' narrative.

That is an extremely weak reason to demand the extradition of a citizen of Australia to a foreign territory from a 3rd country.

IMHO Assange is a piece of Human Excrement, but he is also Australian Excrement.

They should think twice about treating our shits like that!

a happy little debunker

Assange is clearly anti-establishment.

But it is crystal clear that the establishment is anti-Assange.

The US simply will not tolerate his political beliefs.


Like UTW I also don’t know what to make of Assange either but I remember your topic from early May:

JA was jailed because he was a bail jumper but these articles don’t make sense of that judgement:

Why did they make Assange an exception if it wasn’t for Wikileaks?


For those unfamiliar with the full story Assange has never been charged with a single crime, he was wanted for questioning by Swedish authorities for a setup rape accusation (a condom broke during consensual sex and he did not stop)that is all.Check the internet for a video called "collateral murder" which shows a US helicopter team killing innocent civilians in Iraq, beware that this video will make strong men cry for them shooting kids,I still do. Chelsea Manning was employed by the US intelligence service and came across this video in a group of files, was so disgusted she gave it to Assange to release through Wikileaks, he being a journalist did just that. The US was so incensed that the whole world saw just what they had covered up they intervened and helped push the rape charge because Sweden has an extradition agreement with the US and if they could have got their hands on him they would hand him straight to the US. His only "crime" was to inform the world of an atrocity.If taken to the US he will spend the 1st. 12 months in solitary confinement (Chelsea Manning did)_which in his present state could kill him.


He remained inside that Embassy knowing that if he stepped outside the front door & onto the footpath, he would have been arrested by the Police.

What is to stop others doing the same, after committing serious crimes and then hiding away in some foreign embassy claiming 'asylum/protection' in order to avoid the laws of the country in which that embassy is located?

The UN is a disaster waiting to happen.

Michelle Two

Assange is very valuable to the Q movement because he knows where the secrets are..

If there is talk of him being tortured they are trying to get it out of him he must be in the hands of the darkforce until he gets transferred..

Assange is on the side of truth that is why they want him along with Chelsea Manning..
The Anons were giving him the information to leak to the public for a reason it was the only way to expose the Darkforce and Deepstate...

You would have to ask why the Embassy was protecting him for so long, and then what changed ... look and read in between the lines if you want to locate the intentions and motives of all sides.. there is positive and negative in each situation..
Most souls are trained to always look at the negative it is just a part of the human psyche that is until you raise your soul consciousness and become balanced because you will see both the dark (negative) and the light (positive) and find the answers you seek ..
That is what you are learning to master at the moment, as a Sagittarius it should come as second nature turning negatives into positives, you just have to train your mind and heart to seek the light and the dark shows up as well to teach you.. reading what not is said is important to flush out the darkness for that is the energy that hides in the shadows.. your intuition is what picks up that energy, your inner knowing knows the truth when it feels and senses it.. you have been practicing it but when in ego it is not so clear, that is why it is important to come from the heart and let the monkey mind go.. that is the overthinking that comes with ego, it goes over everything looking for drama and chaos to wallow in, so it may not even be your energy but residence of others that are around you, but being a sensitive soul you pick up the energy of your location as well, it is a matter of being self aware of it all, and continuing to let the energy go as it will never serve you if you don't understand it..
My phone app/spirit message is on FB love it "Where ever you go, go with all our heart" a message about following your passions and inner guidance for it will lead you to the places and things you are manifesting, some times fast some times slow, depends really on what it is soul needs to continue with the soul plan and letting the energy flow through your heart which is like a magnet to where ever your thoughts, intentions, emotions and eventually where your choices follow..
Soul will either make choices out of fear, or follow that inner guidance through love, the higher vibration of consciousness so all the answers do come in when you need them.. if you listen and trust soul.. the test usually come when you don't listen and what you were told happens..like the inner voice will say "buy a light bulb" and you don't then the next "Day one, two or three go out in unison".. it can happen with everything like you might be thinking of someone and saying you might give them a call, but at the same time they had that thought and rang you while you had the idea in your mind to do so.. it might happen on here as well, while you are waiting for a message from me and have the exact thoughts that I deliver, but it is more likely emotions of what I am feeling as I have to relay it all because that is how spirit connects through the heart and the emotional body.. sometimes I have no idea what it is about and I have to do that soul searching if it is my energy or not.. being self aware of everything so very observant.. love and light xx

Bikinis not Burkas

If the septic tanks had nothing to hide Wikileaks would not exist!


Non of us know the truth about Assange, however I feel Trump might arrange for lenient treatment since he managed to expose the evil Clinton criminality and whether right or wrong, we have as a result benefited greatly. I feel that he has been punished enough and should be allowed to testify and somendthis saga. He problem is if my former Brits will protect him or in guilty fear destroy him?

Michelle Two

"Where ever you go, go with all Your heart" ... Sorry the Y got dropped when typing...

But always ask why and question everything looking for truth .. lol!!!
You don't really have to overthink as you clear your mind when you are in a peaceful state, as your inner knowing accepts everything and you don't get caught up in all the drama and bullshit.. which is how I have always lived steering clear of drama.. it comes with having control over my ego and processing a lot of energy, even when I wasn't aware I was doing it.. as I didn't even know I was psychic until back in 2013/14 not sure what year it was now..
The thoughts just pop into your mind with out even having to meditate or get into a peaceful state because that is your way of being when you are not in ego (or should be).. love and light xx


Hmmm..in almoist every image of the good lady she appears to be whistling
. Is she really all that cheerful? What song is it? or is she just call out to the paper boy.

cynical LN

I agree with your query as to why Payne is Foreign Affairs minister now. Maybe my cynical mind believes it could have come about because Morrison is Turnbull-lite and, therefore,(because Bishop resigned in a fit of pique due to her 11 votes debacle and left the parliament), he decided to appease Bishop by fitting Payne into the DFAT role due to her (Payne's) willingness to go along with the 'small l' liberal goals to try and achieve the UN/NWO agenda. Let's face it - Tony Abbott's outlook wouldn't have fitted their desired Progressive ideals at all, would it? Time will tell in regard to how genuine our Government's ideals are to truly do the right thing by the Australian people (including Julian Assange) rather than treat us like mushrooms.

Ron Barron

Has anyone noticed how the press is now calling Julian a "computer programmer" instead of a journalist? This is another tactic to better align the narrative that he is just a hacker. If you want to know something is wrong with the Justice system, ask yourself why millions are spent going after a publisher who revealed war crimes, and nothings been done against the war criminals.

Michelle Two

Wow!! that was uncanny I was just listening to the video you were watching and linked above about Frank Shurman and I'm now about 1.07 minutes in and he keeps mentioning "Turning a Negative into a Positive"..

Got to love how synchronicity and spirit work.. it amazes me all the time..
The messages will turn up anywhere.. Frank sounds like an old soul even in his youth, he was taught to find the positive in a negative situation..
His soul plan was to alert the the public that are still asleep, I'm not sure what lead you to watch this but so love how spirit is working and guiding you.. love and light xx

Michelle Two

The press or selected parts of it should never be trusted, but you do get a lot out of what they print and what they don't as to what or who they really work for..

They should be ashamed of themselves, but indoctrinated and well paid are they the activist/advocacy ones, but then they get the lead off the foundation news networks so are only repeating others..

Michelle Two

Here is a video about what was exposed on Wikileaks (top 10 things).. It just came up on my FB wall ..

Grey Coat

2 Gerard Flood,

Agreed !

& After The Euphoria & The "False Dawn" starts to sink in & a lot of People come to their senses (& sober-up) they will become aware that, yes we dodged a bullet with the ridiculous ALP, but then realise that we now have a rather Cowardly PM & His cohorts of a "Breed" of The Soft Leftist Philosophy,falsely presented as ("Middle of The Road") that will not confront The Real Issues (& have managed to skillfully dodged them),such as this & many,many more issues that should have been confronted by them.

Do we still have to suffer under 18c, "Massive & Big Australia" the slow drowning out of genuine Free Speech, continuing "Globalism", "The Big Foreign Land sell-offs",the false "Climate Change Policy"(with continuing Subsidies for so-called "Renewables" ,not even allowing in White South African Farmers who obviously are being Murdered,brutalised & oppressed & having their own Land Stolen from Them, by the "Black Majority Government (over there) while our own Government remains mute &... much else ?

Yep we dodged a bullet from The ALP ....but what now ?.. do in reality,
have now ? "Politicians" & other People who have gone back to sleep ?

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