Black throated finches big winner from Queensland's election result
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Gallant PVO rides in to defend Kristina Keneally's honour - with friends like that........

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It’s funny how the problems with New South Wales Labor during its many years in government under Premiers Bob Carr, Morris Iemma and Nathan Rees has all of a sudden become the sole fault of Kristina Keneally. That is, the final Premier over the 16 years Labor was in power, who took over when all was already lost.

Yes she took Labor to a historic defeat in 2011, but did anyone seriously think any other outcome was on the cards? Of course not. Yet now her enemies claim that she is the embodiment of everything that was wrong with that government. Never mind that she was known to be a strong ministerial performer in the years before she got the leadership.

Do we also blame Carmen Lawrence for the woes of the Brian Burke era in WA, just because she took over at the end and lost the election? Or Joan Kirner for the faults of John Cain’s Labor government in Victoria, because she did the same? Come on, a little perspective please people.

Of course federal Labor would have been mad not to promote its first and only female premier from NSW onto the frontbench. Madder still not to give her a leadership role as senate deputy — especially when the alternative (Don Farrell) was a bloke whose highest profile move in politics was acting as one of the three factional amigos who removed Kevin Rudd from the prime ministership in his first term. How did that work out for everybody?


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