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Help Professor Van Smirk achieve his goal to have this played as widely as possible

Van idiot

Help Professor Van Smirk out in his quest to have this audio replayed as much as possible!

The great professor is obviously a man of supreme intellect. He is smarter than anyone else and is a regular on the Channel 10 primetime flop, The Project alongside Brave Wayleed Aly.

He’s everyone’s favorite reformed lefty Liberal … in the league of John Hewson. 

The Professor is quick to “call out” anyone or anything he doesn’t agree with because he’s so much smarter than everyone else. He's a platinum member of Twitter’s army of leftist political bullies.

But it's important to take a quick look at his track record on this election:

The brave Professor told Channel Ten on Saturday night that Labor would win at least 80 seats.

“I see a Labor victory”, he said smugly to the nods of the panel.

Two hours later he was boasting that he called the election for the Coalition before anyone else. 

That's quite a turn-around. 

The expert political analyst wrote in The Australian on May 11, “the likeliest outcome is an ugly Labor win, forming minority government.”

On November 12 last year his expertise was again on show, “the latest Newspoll has once again confirmed the sheer lunacy of removing Malcolm Turnbull from the Prime Ministership…The polls suggest Labor could break its record 1983 victory under Bob Hawke, which delivered a 13 seat majority.”

This morning, Alan Jones on 2GB made the greatest of discovery. The Professor was so confident in his dominant analytical abilities that he made this comment in a podcast on April 15:

“There’s no way that Scott Morrison can win it and I’m happy to have that replayed time and time again to my shame if he does win it.”

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 Maybe time for the Great Professor to hand back his badge.