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If you work for a Labor Government, better not make Bill Shorten look bad

Labor is making an example of this bloke as a warning to others.

They know it's wrong.

They know it's unfair.

But they're doing is anyway.

The risk to the campaign of a repeat performance is too great.

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The Queensland ports contract worker who tripped up Bill Shorten on Labor’s tax plan for high-income earners has been suspended and forced to find another job.

The 49-year-old experienced electrical engineer was told he was in breach of contract for speaking to the media after he was filmed questioning the Opposition Leader as he campaigned at the ­Queensland government-owned Gladstone Ports on April 23, The Courier-Mail newspaper reports.

The next day the worker’s pass did not work and last week his desk was packed up and its contents ­delivered to his house.

The father of three, who earned about $250,000 last financial year, had forgotten his lunch the day of Mr Shorten’s visit and became caught up in the media scrum ­during a free barbecue.

“It would be good to see higher-wage earners given a tax break,’’ the engineer told the Labor leader.

Mr Shorten replied, “We’re going to look at that”, sparking a political bunfight, with the ­Coal­it­ion accusing the Opposition Lead­er of deliberately misleading the man, given that Labor is targeting higher-income earners.


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