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John "Birthday Cake" Hewson endorses Sarah Hanson-Young

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Saturday, May 11, 2019
Former Liberal Leader endorses Sarah Hanson-Young
Professor at ANUs Crawford School and former Liberal leader John Hewson has endorsed South Australia Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young. 
Mr. Hewson, a vocal advocate for climate action, said, “Sarah Hanson-Young is one of the few in our Parliament who has a genuine commitment to decisive and urgent climate action - a leader when so many lag."
This follows former Prime Minister, the late Malcolm Fraser, supporting the South Australian Senator in 2013. Fraser backed Senator Hanson-Young's advocacy on refugees and human rights, saying "I’ve known Sarah Hanson-Young for a long while. She is a voice of sanity and decency and humanity in relation to asylum seekers. I admire the way she speaks out on the subject."
Senator Hanson-Young has responded saying, "I am incredibly grateful for the support of John Hewson, and his leadership on climate action. We are fast running out of time to act on dangerous climate change."
"This election is the most important of my lifetime. We only have a decade to take drastic action to reduce pollution before it’s too late. I want to leave a stable climate for my daughter and all our children.
"Apart from the impacts of climate change, South Australia also stands to lose huge opportunities to scale up our vibrant renewable sector, which would be a boon for jobs in the state. 
"I have always stood up for what I believe in, this election is no different. I want to get back to the Senate to work for real action on climate change, the future of the Great Australian Bight and the River Murray and to ensure we have a government that puts people before profits.
"With so much at stake this election, people are thinking beyond their traditional political allegiances and voting for genuine climate action."
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