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Julie Bishop campaigning for Julie Bishop

Julie Bishop is known as the Emoji Queen of Twitter.

She has a Twitter audience of 280,000 followers, an audience she accumulated courtesy of the Liberals.

So have a look at her Twitter page where you'd hope to find some ringing endorsements for her successor and the Party which put her there.

But there's nothing about the Liberal Party.  Not one jot, not one tittle.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 5.52.34 am

There's a promotion for the Walt Disney company, celebration of her footy team (that's right, she's more loyal to her footy team), stuff for charities she prefers and plenty about Julie Bishop.

And her top item today?  This vacuous piece of nothingness with a really famous guy who's on the television at Channel Nine.


Channel Nine got the guernsey because that's where Bishop will be on election night, as you can tell from this vaso-lens Julie extravaganza which you'll also find on Ms Bishop's Twitter feed.


Tony Abbott delivered victory for the Liberals in 2013.

Thanks to Bishop and her ilk, what a waste of 6 years.