NSW Parliament discusses matter of "public importance" - Jihad's Ramadan
Labor's new (tee hee) leadership team


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Good one, thanks for posting this, Michael. So, we saw justice being done there. Unfortunately in Australia we see many examples of our just having a legal system rather than a justice system.

Michelle Two

I do love that Judge I see him come up on my FB wall all the time.. with heartwarming stories attached to the fines that are brought up to him..


...and if he was white he would have been crucified.

A great example of why the judiciary must be cleared of all lefturds NOW!!!


17 year old traffic offence!!!!

In Australia we have frauds that were committed by ex politicians which aren't deemed worthy of prosecution because they were committed too long ago according to WA police.

Why is it that the little people seem to get chased down but the 'people with powerful friends' do not?


That brought a tear to my eye. Good luck to him and what a great Judge.


Same, I find him a very interesting individual, he is always thoughtful in his deliveries, and beyond fair. Love it when sometimes interviews the children that come to his court with a parent.......did you see the one of the little girl that he got to stand next to him when he got her to deliver the sentence on her mother?

Julie of Geelong

What a great Judge.

Julie of Geelong

I hope that young man now does the right thing by that caring Judge and doesn’t let him down!!!!


What with Melbourne Africans and everything, my negro-fatigue level is now at 11, but this was a moving, redemptive moment that pushed all that to the side for a bit.


how good was that? Damn it... I did tear up a bit!

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