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"Bill Shorten pushed me into a bathroom, and I tried to fight him off"

Kathy Sherriff on the record, in her own words about the night Bill Shorten raped her

I just recorded a lengthy interview with Kathy - it's the first time I've spoken with her.

Kathy Labor to the bootstraps. She's a lefty. I am convinced she's not politically motivated.

She says she was raped by Bill Shorten.

Kathy says Shorten plied her with beer mixed with lime cordial and "handed out the spliffs".

They'd known each other for some months and Shorten knew Kathy was 16 - he was 19 or 20.

Kathy says Shorten violently attacked her.

Kathy is not going away.

Kathy is committed to getting justice.

The Pell case is the impetus for her current course. She's strong, fearsome and a formidable force of nature. This will not go away.

After the OPP and Victoria Police declined to bring Kathy's allegations before a court in 2014, Kathy was asked by police to gather further and better evidence that she'd been in company with Shorten around the time of the offences.

Kathy tells me her father recently found this photo.  Police did not have it - until this week.

I will post the contents of my discussion with Kathy during the day today. 

Kathy isn't motivated by the election, nor am I.  Regardless of the outcome, I'll continue to bring you news about Kathy and the ongoing damage from what happened to her.

Hear Kathy out.  She has an important story to tell about sexual offences involving children and how those offences affect people throughout their whole lives.

This is it, in her own words.

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